Finally! How to get to Brgy. Hindang

I’ve been trying to get someone to point me the directions on how to get to Brgy. Hindang for awhile now. I’ve mustered up confidence to write emails to people and offices just to get details on directions. Fortunately, I know the people who maintain the email address of Iligan City Tourism Office. So I was off Brgy. Hindang to visit the Hindang Cave and Falls after a 2-3 week planning for a Hindang Nature Hike with no progress. Imagine my excitement!
Brgy. Hindang is one of the 44 barangays in Iligan City, it is accessible through Kiwalan (map: HERE)by public utility jeepneys, habal-habal, or private vehicles. It’s one of those barangays in Iligan City that is located in the hinterlands. I was eyeing on this place because I knew that there was Hindang Cave and Waterfalls that is visited but not often enough that you don’t hear much from it. So, I wanted to get to know how to get there and find out for myself.

We started from the city proper to Brgy. Kiwalan, which is approximately 30-45mins taking the nat’l highway north bound to Cagayan de Oro City. Just tell the driver to drop you off at  the Granex main gate. Take the road that leads to the Kiwalan public market, a couple few steps from there, you will find jeepneys parked at the side of the road. 
The makeshift mini terminal is for the residents of barangays Bunawan, Kabacsanan, and Hindang — the barangays in hinterlands of Iligan City, the jeepneys has to be packed for it to take off, since there’s not much of them that travel on road. 
Sir Pat was nice enough to accommodate our trip on a Saturday with a vehicle to take us there and to be indispensably at our disposal — or something like so. But I will give you a blow by blow details on how to get there as we got off to ask the locals for it. 
The good thing about the vehicle we had was it was a pick – up truck. I got so excited to take pictures that I asked the driver to stop so that I may be able to ride behind — enough leg room, and a view without distractions. Good thing ma’am Binky and Jam came out with me. The bad thing was the roads are, uhhhhhmmm, how will I put it? half developed?! Well, there are parts ton the road that is cemented and the there are rough roads in between. I didn’t get it — really. But ma’am Bing explained that these are brgy. budgets that I guess is not enough to develop the whole length of the road.
This is simple living here. There are a few with private vehicles, but mostly people commute — on foot, on hilariously packed jeepneys, or in sardined in habal-habals. It’s a long drive and you get to cross 2 barangays to get to Hindang. The view is amazing. The road would curve and if you’re an observant, you’ll realize that you’ve been taking a road that weaves around the mountain sides.
It was a long drive but took us 1 day for both Hindang Cave and Falls — so the drive was all worth it. We had to visit both spots para makasulit. I would recommend this trip to anyone, but the trail for Hindang Cave it not for the faint-hearted. The reason behind it —is for another blog post.
+ Visit Hindang Cave: 6-8 clusters of cave after a 2-3 hour trek climbing up the mountain sides. 
*****Read: HERE
+ Visit Hindang Falls: 2 tiered waterfall with a water drop of 40ft. The water basin is ideal for swimming.
*****Read: HERE
1. Iligan City city proper to Kiwalan (Map: HERE, Time Travel: 30 – 45 mins)
*Jeepney (Fare: 14Php)
*Taxi (no metered taxi available, rate as agreed by passenger and driver)
*Private Car 
2. Kiwalan to Hindang: (1 – 1 1/2 hrs)
*Jeepney (Fare: 35 – 40Php)
*Habal-Habal (Fare: 50 – 60Php)
*Private Car
All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.
Photo Credits to Travel Jams & Adventures In Life
  • Anonymous

    Nice one!!!

    I've been in Iligan for almost 16 years but I have not roamed places though. 🙁

    I'm glad to see/read your blog and this inspires me to go back to Iligan and then roam places (do trekking, hiking, etc., etc.)


  • AJAY

    AMAZINGGG..!that's the first word i uttered on my mouth when i saw those picture (on Facebook). its really amazing "dili sya halata na iligan city" ^_^, in this way i came to realization about how grateful we are and how beautiful our God creator had made. All i can say, i am proud to be pinoy..GO ILIGAN CITY..hoping for the next updates and beautiful pictures. Kepp up the goood work, ur blessed coz you see those GORGEOUS natures which someone out there can't. GODBLESS and more power to your adventure..^__^

  • Ed

    glad that you're doing your own thing here! hope to tour Iligan very soon! pa tour ko hap! hehe

  • Hey Anon,
    Thank you.. Yes, Iligan City has a lot to offer.. We don't see that everyday.. I hope you'll be inspired to take on that backpack and discover Iligan City the way I and a few did.. Drop me a line maybe I can help you on something.. Thanks again..

  • Hi AJAY,
    Hehehehehe.. thank you.. You should take those photos instead of looking at them.. Believe me.. If you put yourself to it, you can experience it for yourself.. brave up and take on the adventurist in you..^^

  • Hello Ed(,
    YIKES! you're actually here.. and dropping a line! ahahahahaha.. Thanks.. It's a constant work in progress..^^ yes.. pls. drop me a line when you're planning for a visit here at Iligan City.. hope to meet you and Doi ( pud, very soon — i presume..^^

  • All the pictures are stunning and mind blowing. I am absolutely overwhelmed with the photography.

  • hello Hire Magento Developer,

    Thanks.. those were taken at the back of a moving pick-up truck.. I used a digital camera versus DSLR for that.. Point & Shoot ranged pix when on moving vehicle gives you good results anytime..^^ thanks again and glad you liked them..^^

  • Thank you so much…I hope you will be inspired to take on that backpack and discover Iligan City the way I and a few did..All the pictures are really heart touching.!!!!

  • hello Android Developer, Ive been slowly making my way around Iligan City, i hope to be able to discover even the lil nooks that deserves a visit.. thanks for the vote of confidence!

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    thank you very much for the information and pictures … now, we have ideas how to get there .

    i hope you will also post information about the other falls destination in Iligan city.
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