I Got a Pinoy Travel Bloggers Welcome

Pinoy Travel Bloggers is group of individuals with the same passion — to travel, take on an adventure, and to be able to share their experiences with others. If you go through each blogs, you will see their knacks and styles and you’ll find every one of them fabulous under their own spotlights. The group has  187 members, the time I became, and was included as one of them. 
NOTE: The Pinoy Travel Bloggers is by all definition of the name of the group. I need not say that one should be Filipinos with travels blogs because it is called such. For a blog to be considered a travel blog, it has to have 20 blog posts with a minimum 80% travel post.
Shout of thanks Josiah Sicad of Lakas ng Trip, who happens to have stumbled on my blog and requested Pinay Travelista to be on the PTB list. Many thanks to Pinoy Travel Bloggers for giving me the warmest of the warm welcome. 
Check out their links, get lost on their blogs, and read their experiences on the road. I may not be able to update the list below as I should but follow https://www.facebook.com/PinoyTravelBloggers to find their content there. =) Enjoy!



Albino Christopher Chua | http://wanderme.wordpress.com/
Aleah Phils | http://solitarywanderer.com/ | Twitter: @AleahPhils
Alex De Vera Dizon | http://rammmpa.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @_AlexDizon
Andrew Abella Dela Serna | http://www.yeahdrew.com/
Andros ‘Andie’ Novido | http://theviewingdeck.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @andoyzki
Angel Juarez | http://lakwatsero.com/ | Twitter: @theLakwatsero
Antonio Magno Carranza Jr | http://pusangkalye.net/ | Twitter: @pakaleklalawak
Ariane Campanilla | http://rakistangnars.com/ | Twitter: @rakistangnars
Audrey Rose Mecabalo | http://www.lagawan.info/
AudreyGladys Barok Tamayo | http://www.byahengbarok.com/ | Twitter: @byahengbarok
Avel Manansala | http://www.gensantos.com/ | Twitter: @bariles
Ayan Villafuerte | http://pinoydaysleeper.com/
Berniemack Arelláno | http://habagatcentral.com/ | Twitter: @habagatcentral
Bonzenti Panganiban | http://www.contourblog.com/| Twitter: @Bonzenti
Brenna Bustamante | http://philippinetravelogue.com/ | Twitter: @biyachessa
Catherine Iblan | http://seekingfelicity.com/
Cedric A. Solidon | http://www.galapinoyredux.com/ | Twitter: @csolidon
Christine Fernandez | http://jovialwanderer.com/ | Twitter: @advnturechrissy
Cristine Tabing | http://tinniewanders.com/ | Twitter: @tinniewanders
Darwin Miranda Cayetano | http://trackingtreasure.net/ | Twitter: @dmcayetano
Edcel Suyo | http://soloflighted.com/ | Twitter: @soloflighted
Edelweiza Mabalay | http://lifeinmanila.com/ | Twitter: @edelweiss_19
Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap | http://eazytraveler.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @eazytraveler
Eileen Campos | http://possiblypinay.com/ | Twitter: @possiblypinay
Elal Jane Lasola | http://www.elaljanelasola.com | Twitter: @dshadesofgrey
Enrico Dee | http://www.byahilo.com/ | Twitter: @byahilo
Eric Baroy Mahinay | http://www.viker.blogspot.com/
Estan Cabigas | http://langyaw.com/ | Twitter: @estancabigas
Ferdz Decena | http://ironwulf.net/ | Twitter: @ferdzdecena
Franc Ramon | http://francramon.com/ | Twitter: @franckxethee
Galwin Fabian | http://intrepidwanderer.com/ | Twitter: @intrepidw
Gay Mitra-Emami | http://pinaytraveljunkie.com/ | Twitter: @nomadwifey
Graciel Cecilio | http://www.pinayonthemove.com/ | Twitter: @gracehcecilio
Hazel Beth Gingoyon | http://www.indayguapa.com/ | Twitter: @indayguapa
Ian dela Pena | http://www.brownmantrips.com/ | Twitter: @ian_delapena
Isabella Rafols of Where-The | http://wherethetravels.com/ | Twitter: @wherethetravels
Ivan Briñas Cultura | http://ivanlakwatsero.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @ivanlakwatsero
Ivan Henares | http://ivanhenares.com/ | Twitter: @ivanhenares
Izah Morales | http://tripadora.com/ | Twitter: @tripadora & @izahmorales
Jaypee David | http://enjayneer.com/ | Twitter: @enjayneer | Instagram: @enjayneer
Jeffrey Jacob Ponce | http://jeffponce.blogspot.com/
Jennifer Valmonte | http://www.jennonthego.com/ | Twitter: @janujennifer
Jerome Baluyut | http://www.balintataw.org/ | Twitter: @supertikoy13
Jinkee Umali | htttp://calamba-online.com/ | Twitter: @jrumali
Joel Balance Catimbang | http://balance31.blogspot.com/
John Marx Velasco | http://www.marxtermind.com/ | Twitter: @marxtermind
Jojo Ayson | http://lakwatsero.me/ | Twitter: @lakwatsero
Jonna Baquillas | http://www.thebratpacker.com/ | Twitter: @TheBRATpacker
Josiah Sicad | http://www.lakas.com.ph/ | Twitter: @LakasNgTrip
Journeying James | http://journeyingjames.com/ | Twitter: @journeyingjames
Karen Cayamanda | http://www.kcgoesforit.com/
Karla Vanessa Redor | http://pinoytravelr.com/blog/ | Twitter: @karlaredor
Karlo de Leon | http://www.karlodl.com/ | Twitter: @karlodl
Kat Torres | http://excursionista.net/ | Twitter: @torres_kat
Katie B. Buenaobra | http://iwanderiwonder.com/
Kimberly Lim | http://www.indieescape.com/ | Twitter: @indieescape
Lakbay Pilipino | http://lakbaydiva.com/
Lisa Marie Mirasol | http://www.pinaytravelista.com/ | Twitter: @PinayTravelista
Lilliane Cobiao | http://www.wanderlass.com/ | Twitter: @wanderlass
Lovette Jam Jacosalem | http://www.traveljams.com/ | Twitter: @lovettejam
Marcos Caratao | http://ambot-ah.com/
Marcus Castle | http://panukad.net/ | Twitter: @markpaul
Marie Aileen Regina Dreyfus | http://www.thetummytraveler.com/
Marinelle de Leon | http://pasahera.com/ | Twitter: @pasahera
Melo Villareal | http://outoftownblog.com/
Mercia Racquel Along | http://momotkuyit.blogspot.com/
Micaela Rodriguez | http://senyorita.net/ | Twitter: @micamyx
Monette Fernandez | http://www.fliptravels.com/ | Twitter: @fliptravelsTWIT
Nicely Rom | http://travelingnicely.com/ | Twitter: @qtnice
Nikka Corsino | http://www.nikkacorsino.com/ | Twitter: @nikkacorsino
Nina Fuentes | http://justwandering.org/ | Twitter: @NinaWanders
Nina Gracia Sarmiento | http://solofemaletravel.net/ | Twitter: @prime_sarmiento
Noel Amo | http://batangala.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @batangala

Olan Fernandez Emboscado | http://www.olanology.com/ | Twitter: @olanemboscado
Pamela Esmee Siy | http://leavethecube.blogspot.com/
Pang Seguban | http://mybackpackdiaries.blogspot.com/
Patricia Mae Tan | http://manilaandbeyond.com/ | Twitter: @manilaandbeyond
Paula Anntoneth O | http://www.ponderingpaodaolei.net/ | Twitter: @paodaolei
Paula Peralejo | http://www.ourrestlessfeet.com/ | Twitter: @filipinadiver
Peachy Valderrama-Adarne | http://www.thewanderingpeach.com/
Philip Stanley Amigo Palisada | http://contrailsshareasyougo.blogspot.com/
Phing Travels | http://phingtravels.com/ | Twitter: @buxomglori
Pia C. Paguio | http://2girls1journey.com/ | Twitter: @2girls1journey
Pinoy Adventurista | http://pinoyadventurista.com/ | Twitter: @adventuristaako
Plif Damon | http://flipnomad.com/ and http://bananaroti.com/ | Twitter: @flipnomad
Pol Mangilog | http://pinaytraveller.com/
Prime Sarmiento | http://solofemaletravel.net/ | Twitter: @prime_sarmiento
Rain Amantiad | http://rainamantiad.com/ | Twitter: @rakistangnars
Remo Aguilar | http://hikersitch.com/
Regine Garcia http://betweencoordinates.com | Twitter: @IamRegineGarcia
Reiza Dejito | http://gin-diary.blogspot.com
Renevic Amago | http://renevicamago.com/ | Twitter: @RenevicAmago
Renz Bulseco | http://www.thetravelingnomad.com | Twitter: @renzybenzy
Rhuel Andrew Mercado | http://southernsabits.blogspot.com/
Robx Bautista | http://www.thetravellingdork.com/ | Twitter: @thecreativedork
Rogelio Gabiano Jr. | http://www.pinoytravelfreak.com/ | Twitter: @gabzki
Rojae Marie Braga | http://adventuroj.wordpress.com/| Twitter: @irojaeb
Roman Leo Reyman | http://romanleoreyman.wordpress.com/
Rome Espinosa Diwa | http://www.gesttoutopia.com/ | Twitter: @romepedia
Ron Cruz | http://www.fliptravels.com/ | Twitter: @fliptravelsTWIT
Roniel Magtoto Macatol | http://eatinghalfway.blogspot.com/
Ruby Batallones | http://antsybee.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @rubybatallones
Ruth Francisco | http://project7107.wordpress.com/
RV Escatron | http://livinginabackpack.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @backpack_life
Ryan Mach | http://www.pinoywanderingboy.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @wandering_pinoy
Sarah Garcia | http://saggi-space.blogspot.com/
Sharlyne Ang | http://kaladkaringpaa.com/ | Twitter: @rockerfemsha
Shawi Cortez | Cheap Travel for Women | Twitter: @shawicortez
Sherry Apostol | http://ispyphilippines.com/
Sinjin Pineda | http://www.libotero.com/ | Twitter: @thelibotero
Sol Victorioso | http://traipsingchronicles.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @sojournersol
Stanley Ang | http://leavethecube.blogspot.com/
Suzette Cuerpo | http://globetrottinglife.blogspot.com/
Teng Romero | http://tengturista.blogspot.com/
The Poor Traveler | http://www.thepoortraveler.net/ | Twitter: @thepoortraveler
Thots Urpiana | http://lakbaylente.com/ | Twitter: @incrediblethots
Tina Capati | http://www.tinathefrustratedtraveler.com/
Tina Corsame | http://www.viva-trips.com/
Traveler on Foot | http://traveleronfoot.wordpress.com/
Triccie Marie Dizon | http://www.skulgirltrx.com/ | Twitter: @skulgirltrxxx
Trina Joy A. Solidon-Mercado | http://southernsabits.blogspot.com/
Upper Viceo | http://www.offbeatwanders.com/ | Twitter: @upperviceo
Valerie Alla Teves | http://www.weekendhaven.com/ | Twitter: @weekendhaven
Vangie Montalbo | http://bangigay.wordpress.com/ | Twitter: @banggigay
Violy Vallester | http://vivisrandomramblings.blogspot.com | Twitter: @vivallester

  • Lai, we are happy to have you in Pinoy Travel Bloggers. We all share the same passion and we look forward to meet you and read about your adventures. Keep on travelling, keep on writing. More power to Pinay Travelista. 🙂

  • Yipee! Welcome! Cheers to more travel! 😀

  • Congrats on your inclusion in " Pinoy Travel Bloggers " . Your Iligan City related Blogs and the attention to detail in them really impress me.

  • welcome to PTB! nice to see more mindanao based travel bloggers in the group.

  • Josiah, Tina, Dong Ho: Thanks much guys.. It was nice to take me in on the PTB and it was so cool of you guys for such warm welcome..

    Bob NY: Thanks Bob, I got that same response too.. Ehehehehehe.. I guess the "detailed-freak" in me purposely served PTrav blog well..

    Thanks again guys..^^

  • Galing… congrats…
    Sana makasama din ako sa PTB darating na panahon..:)

  • wow! congrats lai! i'll be joining your awesome group someday… someday… hihihi… how's that for good vibes? :p

  • @ Tripper &Lovette Jam: weeeeeeee… Sana nga.. They might just stumble upon your blogs too..

  • wahaw ang dame!!!

  • Isa ka sana jan! Nde sana.. "DAPAT"! MagFB kana kasi! ang hirap kaya makipagkwentohan sa iba't ibang comment thread.. ahahahaha.. ayaw talagang tantanan?!^^

  • Ed

    welcome LaiMarie.! dami na! 😀

  • Hi Ed! thanks for the welcome………^^

  • hey! great blog you got here. 🙂 we'll meet sometime!

  • hopefully lakbay..^^ best regards and prayers to Janus..^^

  • Ang daming Pinoy great blogger!! Sana I can be one on you guys..hehe..congrats! nice blog sis.

  • oo Mitch, dami nah, and it keeps growing..^^

  • Wee…I love Pinoy Travel Bloggers! ^_^