Iligan City after all has 23 waterfalls for me to go around. This weekend, I got to visit, by accident, 2 of these in one day. One of the waterfalls in Brgy. Dalipuga, Iligan City is the Pampam Falls. Pampam Falls is 13kms away from the city, and another 15-20mins trek from the humble barangay to the location, this falls is a favorite hangout place for the locals. You can catch groups of teenagers, a gathering of families, and a few exited and playful children on its surrounding. It is a two pieced slabs of boulders, one on top of another where which the water glides down to. The water basin is not deep. Around 4-5ft. in depth, almost anyone can enjoy dipping on it’s cool waters.

The trail: Manageable; LOD: Easy, but we have to ask a local on taking us to the falls. We were,l actually, expecting a different one — Kalubihon Falls, but we took a different trail that led us to two of the three water falls in the area. — missing out Kalubihon Falls. But, two falls for one planned waterfall visit is not bad for the lost explorers. LOL.
We spent a few minutes on that falls before heading downstream. Alex had not had lunch, and had to just take it. That makes a window time for a  quick dip and a swim.
I got a hygro massage at that. LOL. The falling water was enough to give us  pressure on the back for a massage only nature can give.
Here’s a shot from the water basin, the closest that I could get. I had an interesting comment on Facebook regarding it’s shape..^^ Hmmmmm… What do you think? 

+ Visit the falls with a local guide, the trail is easy but you could, also, easily miss a turn and get lost.
+ You can visit both Pampam Falls, and Kalubihon Falls in one setting.
+ Bring your own provision if you’re planning on staying a bit longer.
+ Bring the essentials: Swimsuit and Camera — then again locals are not used to bikini-clad visitors. LOL! Any outfit will do.
+ Waterproof camera would be best, but in the absence of such, dry packs is must.
+ Pick up and carry your trash back to town and care after yourself.

A.1] City Proper to Kalubihon, Brgy. Dalipuga Intersection:
    2] Dalipuga Jeepney Line (Travel Time: 15-20mins)
        —> Ask the driver to drop you off the intersection for Kalubihon at Brgy. Dalipuga
    3] Take a Habal-Habal to The Kalubihon Elementary School
         Travel Time ~10mins
    4] Ask the locals for direction, better yet, ask to be taken to it.

        And do not forget to budget some food for your guides too!

B.] Taxi (No metered taxi available, passenger and driver agreement)

C.] Private Vehicle

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“In the woods we return to reason and faith. 
There I feel that nothing
can befall me in life–no disgrace, no calamity (leaving me my eyes), 
which nature cannot repair.”
– Michael J. Cohen
  • Ang cute ng PamPam Falls! Parang private falls lang sa pocket garden ng house 🙂

  • Hello Gay.. Oo.. super mini falls nito.. Yung tipong pwede sa bahay..

  • Ganda ng pic ng falls..:)

  • Anonymous

    nice one lai..keep it up!-yong

  • thanks yong.. I have a feeling that you're bound for a waterfalling session hap.. LOL! have fun Yong and Tonet

  • Anonymous

    wow.. grbe ka nice now lng ko know nga naa di nice place dra iligan hehehe tga iligan ko pwo wa man ko nka anha anang lugara uip..

  • Anonymous

    hala lai ka nice ba uip.. labon cge ko huna huna wer nko i suroy ako mga classmates here sa cdo.. wa ko ngtuo nga naa di ni hehehe

  • @Anon: Hello! Oo.. gadhan nice sa iligan.. makalingaw.. there are after all 23 waterfalls.. I really hoping to visit all of them *fingers crossing* *grins*

  • I am an Iliganon and I used to go to dalipuga kung asa gapuyo ako friend but I really can't give myself a time in visiting the falls…
    maybe some other time, I promise.

  • daming nice spots to visit in Iligan..^^ hope you get to travel more on your backyard..^^ literally.. hikhikhikhik.. see you on the roads.. **tap me ha..

  • Dae

    I was born and raised in Iligan City and I've never heard of this beauty. I feel like such a failure =(

  • ulawa nako ui wa jud ko kabalo ana nga taga Iligan kong dako. ehhehe.. Pagmakaanha ko Iligan, ako jud ni adtuun.. 🙂

  • Awww.. Please dont feel that.. Di naman natin alam ang lahat na kung anong meron tayo.. Let us look at it as something we can look forward to visiting.. =)

  • You should! i hope you will enjoy it there.. =)