Our first stop was at the 2nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade, LAD, PA at Brgy. Ma. Cristina. I was my first time to venture to that road and that camp. You might wonder why we even visited the place well infact the Fam tour was about the Iligan City Tourism Triangle.  So was I. We were greeted and welcomed by Col. Aldred L. Limoso, and was sitted in an outdoor setting which they call the Pagari Park.

The reason why we came and made a visit here was because we wanted to know the peace and security situation in Iligan City for it’s residents, visitors and tourists. We are, after all, advocates of peace within Iligan and that outside of it. It was only around 15-20min. talk. Mostly it was about how safe Iligan City is, and the goal of the 2nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade for a peaceful and welcoming Iligan City for it’s visitors and tourists, alike. Even these men, most of then Tagalogs, finds Iligan City beautiful — enough to invite their comrades and friends to the city. And why wouldn’t they? Iligan City and much of Mindanao has everything it can boast for. 
It was this topic that brought up on the perception some people have about Iligan City or any city/province in Mindanao and the Mindanao stigma media has placed on it. Being a resident in Iligan City, I’ve grew up with a nagging frustration of being, constantly, asked if Iligan City is a war, violent and unsafe city as media has made it  perceived to be. 
To educate:
This is Iligan City. 
A lone city belonging to Region 10. It once belonged and was a capital of Lanao del Norte but after it was considered a lone district and city, it stands on its own — Explore Iligan City, 9200! It is highly urbanized and was called the Industrial City of the South and known as the City of Waterfalls.
This is Mindanao.
The second largest island of the 7, 107 islands in the Philippines. It has 94, 630 square kilometers and is larger than 125 countries in the world. It is divided in 6 regions and further subdivided in 26 provinces.
Why the emphasis on size? Because Mindanao is greatly MISUNDERSTOOD. In a very large island, a conflict at one of it’s provinces is considered to be  a conflict in the WHOLE Mindanao.
To expound:
Which is partly true and party false. You can say it is true since both provinces belongs to both large island groups, Mindanao and Luzon, respectedly. BUT, with all due respect…
To explain:
The large island groups, that is Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao has their own provinces unique to their own. But let us not forget that these provinces are unique to themselves and are identified as individual, with but only fraction in a part of a whole. When negative news regarding a province in Mindanao, people would always think Mindanao in general.
Please enlightened me how it is considered as that.
It was Aristotle who said that “The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts”. Mindanao is more than just the provinces in it. Just because one is in trouble doesn’t entirely mean that the whole Mindanao is. On that philosophical view, it does not mean that the whole is “greater” than sum of it’s parts but that its is more than merely the sum of it’s parts.
I would like to ask for a few or more or whichever to review your geography,
if it is not too much to ask.
The talk was done prior to the tour they had set up for us in the camp. It was enlightening and paradigm shift at that. I always knew at the back out my mind, how people can prejudge a place from what was broadcast, written or shared. But I was really glad to know, straight from these men, that Iligan City is a safe place. 
I know that! — I only wanted a solid confirmation from the ones that guards this city.


Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, 
deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard
  • I understand your sentiments. pareho mo sa isa ka blogger jud nga naglagot. the years of painstakingly change the peace image of mindanao will just be gone in seconds because of the media. how i bet media men needs to review their geography

  • Hi Sis Arlene,

    "how i bet media men needs to review their geography" that line made me laugh.. I do hope so to.. Kulang nlng, mu.inggon ko.. "if you wish to rebut please review your geography.." but then again, there — i said it. LOL..

    It's a constant battle.. I to want to share what I believe people will enjoy but the stigma is unforgiving…

  • You are now media. 🙂 Online netizens and new media will help craft the view about Iligan and Mindanao. Go felow IBSian! LOL

  • Hello Fleire,

    Oo, a new media we are! Ang hirap lng to untangle the stigma on Mindanao.. but hopefully, Mindanao-based bloggers will do well on selling Mindanao..

    and kudos IBS!!!

  • Anonymous

    I have the same sentiments. Dami kong friends who ask if safe ba yung Iligan dahil may gulo na naman daw Mindanao. Nakakinis na nga. Am glad you wrote about this stuff, i to read stuff like these. I can convince people to visit my hometown with post like yours. thanks pinay travelista!

    -Apple Kaye

  • great post lai! 🙂

  • @A.KAYE: Thanks kaye.. hope to hear Mindanaoans take on the challenge to better the perception on Mindanao by others to help our cities/provinces..

    @Lovette Jam: Thanks Jam!

  • I hope to tour some parts of Mindanao din next year =)

  • @Cristian:weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… Tawi-Tawi?! pweeeeeeeeeeeeezzz.. kasi, sama ako hap — if ever! LOL!

  • Re: the emphasis on size, hear, hear! 🙂