Iligan City GOT Pinay Travelista a new domain & more..

Yes! Literally — ILIGAN CITY got me a new hosting and domain, for free! Yeeeeey! I chanced upon the My Iligan Blogging Contest launched at Maayong Iligan Blog by the Chamber of Commerce Industry Foundation Iligan Inc. last June 1, 2011. It was the CCIFII PR campaign to project a positive image of Iligan City, as well as promote it’s product and tourism potentials. Last August 22, 2011 Maayong Iligan posted the finalist for the entries of the blog contest, I was one of them! On the Iligan Blogger Society Launching and Induction of Officers last July 30, 2011, the winners for the My Iligan Blogging Contest was announced and awarded:

PinayTravelista: 1st Prize
Entry: i HEART iligan city
P2,000.00 Cash Prize, plus
1 year Free Domain Name
Business Plan Webhosting
1 gig space
20 gig data transfer

PurpleSlipperz: 2nd Prize
Entry: My Home, My City; My Iligan City
P1,200.00 Cash Prize plus
1 year Free Domain Name
Professional Plan Webhosting
500  mb space
10 gig data transfer

Travel Jam: 3rd Prize
Entry: My Home, My Love, My Iligan
P 800 Cash Prize plus
1 year Free Domain Name
Personal Plan Webhosting
200  mb space

4  gig data transfer

Each winners also received gift certificates from Jasmine Spa and products from Morning Daisy Goat’s Milk Soap. All domain names and webhosting prizes are courtesy of  SED Web,, and

Thank you CCIFII and Maayong Iligan! and to your super generous sponsors..

This is a pre-enjoying-the-prizes-won moment because I need you’re help too.. I’ve been asked a few times by and from the sponsors/organizers on my details and what new domain on which I would to take.. Honestly, I am at lost on what new blog site to create and manage — the niche and how to make it grow.. I have aCoFFeeSToRYToTeLL as a personal blog, where mostly rants can be thrown in on to.. So I still don’t have any clue with what to do with the new domain and hosting..^^ 

Any wild, wise or any thoughts on what to do with it anyone?

Mask Me In Smiles

Three different festivities fast approaching. 
Each different from another. 
Each unique to the place it is held and 
each giving off different energies from the people who celebrates it.

 If I were to choose from Hermosa Festival in Zamboanga, Lanzones Festival in Camiguin, and MassKara Festival in Bacolod?

I would love to go to any of these. 
But I, honestly, turned like a kid just watching those colorful photos of the smiling masked performers. The photos I’ve seen and the blogs I’ve read about other people experiences about it are awesome — with that, the MassKara Festival had won my heart!

PHOTO CREDIT: Google Images: Masskara Festival
Every October 1 – 19, Bacolod City, the “City of Smiles” celebrates the MassKara Festival with her goodness of life — through food, dance, music, sights, and festivities… This years theme is “Celebrating the New Icons of Bacolod.” It would be nice to fly to Bacolod City and experience the vibrant festivity this City of Smiles has to offer!

Why do I want to experiencejoin the MassKara Festival?
Well, because….
… …of the three, it’s Bacolod City that I have yet to visit, and I want to have that first hand experience everyone seems to be ecstatically talking and blogging about! Best of all, it’s accessibility in air, land and sea travel makes in a travelers must stop spot!
… …I wanna check out the food, it’s people, and the colorful ensemble the performers wear! Nothing beats their upbeat, lively and happy masks and energetic dance moves. I, definitely, believe I need that, these days… 
… …and lastly, I want to be  in a mass or multitude of smiling faces, to be smiling from ear to ear sooooo much — that it would hurt so bad but I would be laughing and enjoying every single bit of Bacolod! LOL!
Right now, I’m so wrapped up with work, and getting stressed from here and there, that it would be nice to get a break from the hustle and bustle of my routine.

Why don’t you experience MassKara Festival, Hermosa Festival and Lanzones Festival this October. Airphil Express flies daily to BACOLOD, ZAMBOANGA and CAGAYAN DE ORO from Cebu and Manila. Visit to book!

No Strings Attached Versus Friends With Benefits

Two hot and similar themed movies fights it out on a promotional battle as each ups on the other. Friends with Benefits took an upper hand when Screen Gems released their trailer days before the Paramount Pictures released the No Strings Attached trailer.

Both movies center around a girl and guy who are friends and decides to turn their platonic relationship into sexual one for convenience. Both relationship progress and naturally headed out into complications when the guy falls for the girl and decides they want more in the relationship.

Your modern romantic flick with a twist, I guess. I saw one, and then I must see the other one. Which of them I like more? Hmmmmmmmm… It may be the same theme but each is different in their own rights. It’s like having coffee, you have different choices to choose from — even though it’s just coffee. And since I have time in my hands, am off to movie marathon after another and then some coffee.

ILIGAN CITY | Diyandi Festival

Iligan City opens September with an Opening Salvo every September 1 of every year since 2004. It was on that year that a resolution was passed, and approved to establish Diyandi Festival as the tourism name, and identity of the festival of Iligan City. This city celebrates the feast of patron saint Sr. San Miguel on September 29, and goes a full month of September with merry making, and events happening every street corner.
Welcome to Iligan City, a city of culturally diverse people, and the home of the Majestic Waterfall, Ma. Cristina Falls! Every September we party, and celebrate diversity through showcasing our history, traditions, and modern day interest by, and with Iliganons of different walks of life. The festival is fitting to it’s definition, which is to “celebrate”. Banderitas are hanged on the main streets, bringing festive colors in the city sceneSo when September sets in, Iligan City is in full celebration until the end of the month.
OPENING SALVO | September 1
This officially opens the month-long Diyandi Festival. It will be attended by city officials, and will also unveil the theme carried by the Diyandi Festival for that year. Welcoming guests, and visiting, and some rounds of production numbers will be given, and shown o give a taste of what will be happening for the whole month of September.
PAGKANAUG | September 20
Nine days before the Feast Day of Sr. San Miguel, a novena is said everyday, and has long been a religious practice by Catholics. Nine days before that, a traditional ritual of Pagkanaug (to transfer down), is practiced by taking the image of Sr. San Miguel from it’s pedestal located at the side of the altar. Devotees of Sr. San Miguel crowds, and packs the St. Michael Archangel Cathedral to witness it. It marks the start of the 9 day novena, and ends on the Feast Day on September 29.

Kasadya Street Dancing is one of the main attraction of the Diyandi Festival. It is merry-making, and dancing on the streets before throngs of people, and judges strategically located on the along the long route from the Port area, to the Buhanginan Hills. It will be at the largest open amphitheater of the country — Anahaw Amphitheater that the contingents battle it out on the showdown to win the top winning spots.

MS. ILIGAN | September 28
The gates of the MSU-IIT, and the doors of it’s Gymnasium will open for thousands of spectators cheering for their favorites for the Ms. Iligan. The coronation night will be a spectacular event for these ladies as they vie for the crown of Ms. Iligan, and be the ambassador of beauty, and goodwill for the whole year. 

FIESTA | September 29
A procession is done at 7AM, where the image of Sr. San Miguel is taken to the streets in procession. Devotees would join in the procession, chant, and fiercely shouting “Viva! Sr. San Miguel!” that is very contagious, even onlookers would join in. After the mass at the Cathedral, you can go around town, as people celebrate Fiesta in their houses inviting family, and friends inside.
Happy Diyandi sa Iligan!