Yes! Literally — ILIGAN CITY got me a new hosting and domain, for free! Yeeeeey! I chanced upon the My Iligan Blogging Contest launched at Maayong Iligan Blog by the Chamber of Commerce Industry Foundation Iligan Inc. last June 1, 2011. It was the CCIFII PR campaign to project a positive image of Iligan City, as well as promote it’s product and tourism potentials. Last August 22, 2011 Maayong Iligan posted the finalist for the entries of the blog contest, I was one of them! On the Iligan Blogger Society Launching and Induction of Officers last July 30, 2011, the winners for the My Iligan Blogging Contest was announced and awarded:

PinayTravelista: 1st Prize
Entry: i HEART iligan city
P2,000.00 Cash Prize, plus
1 year Free Domain Name
Business Plan Webhosting
1 gig space
20 gig data transfer

PurpleSlipperz: 2nd Prize
Entry: My Home, My City; My Iligan City
P1,200.00 Cash Prize plus
1 year Free Domain Name
Professional Plan Webhosting
500  mb space
10 gig data transfer

Travel Jam: 3rd Prize
Entry: My Home, My Love, My Iligan
P 800 Cash Prize plus
1 year Free Domain Name
Personal Plan Webhosting
200  mb space

4  gig data transfer

Each winners also received gift certificates from Jasmine Spa and products from Morning Daisy Goat’s Milk Soap. All domain names and webhosting prizes are courtesy of  SED Web,, and

Thank you CCIFII and Maayong Iligan! and to your super generous sponsors..

This is a pre-enjoying-the-prizes-won moment because I need you’re help too.. I’ve been asked a few times by and from the sponsors/organizers on my details and what new domain on which I would to take.. Honestly, I am at lost on what new blog site to create and manage — the niche and how to make it grow.. I have aCoFFeeSToRYToTeLL as a personal blog, where mostly rants can be thrown in on to.. So I still don’t have any clue with what to do with the new domain and hosting..^^ 

Any wild, wise or any thoughts on what to do with it anyone?
  • PS. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.. Formal ko ano?! Sooo not the Pinay Travelista look.. LOL!

  • ang galing! pangarap ko din ung mag change domain. Congrats po!

  • Wow, congrats! Jacko's! Jacko's! Libre!

    Ang hosting, one year free lang pod?

  • that's a new domain… di ko pa alam what domain to get, what blog to form out of the rubble of ideas Mitch

  • @Gwapito: OMGosh.. na.shy ko slihight that you've stooped by here.. LOLs! NOOOOT.. Awp.. ahahaha… Oo.. 1year lng na xa free.. I still dont have any idea what to do with it..

  • hehe, dami pumapasok sa isip mo noh, syang naman kc ang privilege..maybe something that could associated your personality as iliganon..di ko lam eh, something that you really must like..

  • Hello, I just drop by to say I gave you an award..Here, you can view it.. Cheers!

  • hello Mitch.. so nice of you to extend you award to 15 others.. thanks for putting me up the list..^^ much appreciated!

  • Wow Galing…Congrats po… 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on being First Place winner. Your Iligan Blogs are most interesting and informative. " Pinay Travelista " is an easy name for tourists and visitors to remember.

    Iligan City & Pinay Travelista

    Simply Amazing !

    Bob New York

  • wow congrats naman!

    yung blog ko mukhang habangbuhay nang blagspat haha

  • @Tripper: thanks po..^^
    BobNY: thanks Bob, I heard you're bound for Iligan City.. Hope to see you and have some chit chats with you..
    Christian: hikhikhikhik… maaga ko kasi itong nabili ung domain.. okay din naman that ull buy your domain eh.. your readers will be redirected to the domain when it's set..^^ hahabol na rin ung ranking and stuff mo dun..