In celebration of the beautiful Philippines, the Department of Tourism, together with various artists worked on Pilipinas, Tara Na (Philippines, Lets Go), supported by Smart Communications and Perceptions, Inc. There were three versions of the songs, and finally, the videos are out for the public too. Here’s sharing and hoping to encourage you to travel and get to know our beautiful homeland. 

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Tayo man ay iba-iba,
diwa’t puso ay iisa” – Pilipinas, Tara Na

  • Love it! wala bang Pilipinas Rock!!! hehe. How about the Choose Philippines launched by the Abscbn, it is nice also. I am simply proud!

  • hi Mitch! Super nice ung vids and iba't ibang version of the song.. I like the idea of inviting people to take on travelling talaga.. Daming magagandang tanawin sa Pinas.. And you get to learn something out from every lakad you have.. Its gaining a new perception of the world we live in.. Super humbling ung experience..