Tired and fast asleep — it was a dreamless night for me, as it has always been. But I slept knowing I will be able to see Lake Apo in my own eyes, and not through someone else’s lenses come morning. It was like Christmas morning.
I woke up to the sound of Ate Arlene’s footsteps on the wooden floor and I quickly got up walked straight to the balcony and stood at my place a couple of seconds — stationary. I wanted to call out to Alex and Ate Arlene but, somehow, the cat got my tongue. I was left speechless!

Timeless Place at Lake Apo got me silent!
And it was a good first impression, and I was without words. What a sight it was to take first thing in the morning. Grabbing our cameras, we headed off to the banks and each had a moment or few for themselves. I look loads of pictures and videos of Lake Apo at sunrise.

After that, we had “pampa-init” which is just coffee or any plain hot beverage you prefer to start your day. Filipinos get that habit. I thought this was breakfast, as I was used to pampa-init = breakfast at home. Here, and maybe by some, they actually take hot drinks before the have breakfast. This was another excuse to get me to sit down and just stare out at the lake and the slowly rising of the sun. At one point, I thought of my mom, I should have pestered her to come along with me. She would have love the place, as I did.
We then ran upstairs (well, I did *grins) to get changed and hit the waters! The spring water pool is free flowing. I thought it was as cold, as the Timoga Spring Pools of Iligan City, but it was fairly tolerable and I love swimming, cold or warm safe waters does not bother me one bit. 
We had a full meal breakfast at the floating cottage after the swim. Some talks about how Dr. Alfonso’s plans in preserving Lake Apo and protecting it by proper environment management and farm practices.
The tree house of the young members of the family is tucked at a corner, this playhouse is good for any kid to play and let time pass by.
We then got on the kayaks and weaved through the serene waters of the lake. I had to hand it out to Alex who was excellent in paddling, ofcourse, he was trying to bump into my kayak to scare me out of wits.
A video of us Alex and I, Ate Arlene was on the floating cottage taking photos and videos of us.
And yes! After a couple of turns, Dr. Alfonso gave me a quick jet ski driving instructions and before I knew it — I was making ripples on the waters. I was taught how to maneuver the jet ski back to the floating cottage and Dr. Alfonso got off and ask, “Okay ra ka kung ikaw ra isa?” (Loose Translation: Will you be okay on your own?).
The answer was yes! I took the courage and drove the jet ski mad. LOL! For someone who does not know how to drive a bicycle or motorcycle — I guess I was not bad at it. 

*Don’t let the comfort of bed tempt you. Wake up early for that nice sunrise.

*I need not remind you again to bring your swimsuits for a nice swim to start your day.
*Have breakfast on the floating cottage, bring a book if you must.
*Bring your water-proof cams or cases.
*Swallow your fears and face the serene waters by kayak, canoe, or jet ski.

“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, 
and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.” 
– Samuel Johnson
  • I so I so like your pics! I don't have anything of those. U should give me a copy of our swimming shots. we are all pretty!

    ^^ Balik ta ba!

  • Ahahahaha.. OO bah.. I wanna go back.. Hopefully gadhan tah..^^

  • So we should drop by Dr. Alfonso's residence pala for this amenities ano? This is indeed to boost the tourism in this City…..

  • Kuya Bon, you should contact Doc Alfonso.. I.add mo sya sa FB account niya.. He would love to accommodate and welcome you… And definitely a boost on Valencia and Bukidnon' tourism! Ganda dun.. Serene and relaxing talaga..

  • Dr. Fe Briones-Alfonso

    Hello Lai!

    You're such a powerful writer! I love reading your blogs. Your pictures with perfect shades and formatting added value to Dr. Almer's timeless place. Thank you so much for sharing. Your site has that wonderful taste and content! Nice tips too! Congratulations!

    Good luck on your venture! You're tops!

    Dr. Fe Briones-Alfonso

  • The first photo is beautiful! I've been to Bukidnon twice and I'm so in love with the place. I haven't been to Valencia though. I should go there and check out this lake next time.

  • hi doc!

    ^^ yikes! you got me there.. Ehehehehe.. Thank you also for welcoming me at Lake Apo and in your home too.. Will visit more often.. I have yet to visit more of what Valencia offers.. Stay safe and God bless you and the whole Alfonso and Lake Apo family..^^

  • There's a lot of reasons to love Bukidnon.. You should visit Valencia too and stop by Lake Apo.. This place can really work wonders for the wandering soul.. Happy travels..