On Travelling and Plastics

Taking travelling a little bit greener is much easier than you think. Using less plastics on travels are helpful and less bad conscience bearing when travelling.

Here are some useful tips to travelling green by just dishing out the unwanted plastics:

Go green when shopping I always pack a foldable bag with me for the just incase — “somehow” my things don’t fit back in the bag. LOL. I’ve been using this helpful travel shopping bag I got as one of the prizes I won from Possibly Pinay. I get to fold it and secure it with the attached tab and fastening — keeping it in its’ folded shape. And when buying those pasalubongs, you can ask for no plastic bags if you don’t need it for packing. I would just ask the baggage counters to not pack it in if I have a bag with me or a car waiting outside.

No to Sachet-Package Products. My toiletries, if I can help it, does not have any products packed in sachets. I hate that. I have these shampoo/conditioner containers for my travelling kit and all I’ve been doing is refilling them with the products I used.  It’s a good thing that we purchase family sized products because I really don’t see the whole essence of sachets. It only lessens the space occupied in your bags but it is not environmentally, and even not economically friendly.

No or Less bottled water. The secret to it is bringing a water canister with you. Just fill it up and it will actually save you some but just doing that. And if you must buy bottle water and if only you can, buy the large bottle, and use that for the whole travel time.

No to drinking straw. When eating out, ask for a glass instead of a straw. It may add up to the washing up of dishes but that versus the longevity of the plastic straw in our landfills of anywhere else, makes extra dishes load way-better-less-evil. 

Recycle. If you can’t help it and when you’ve accumulated plastic bags or bottles. Learn how to recycle. Fold the bags neatly because you might need them when your pack you stuff back.


There are too much plastics in the world today. Do yourself a favor and get rid of it.”

FOOD | Lemon Cake

I had a slice of  Lemon Cake at /KCC Mall Food Court, General Santos after a long day travel from Iligan City to this city. It was the only cake I saw and I needed to get one for a distant birthday celebration for Dr. Tisoi..^^ Here’ saying sorry for not going to Cebu when we said so. Soccsksargen Blogfest and Philippine Blog Awards 2011 is too good to pass.
About the cake, not bad. Really not bad. Moist and not too sweet. Mr. Gwapito liked the icing and the rest of the guys took more than just a forkful of it.
Happy birthday Tisoi!

MARAWI CITY | MSU Marawi is Like City Within a City

Mindanao Sate University is on proud seats of education at its’ being one of finest in the Southern Philippines.  With 8 campuses in the country, MSU System has a wide scope of courses offered with regards to the geographical location of a campus. The main campus is at Islamic City of Marawi, which I finally got to visit.
I was fortunate enough to visit this kinda like a city within a city and get to see how life was inside the campus of MSU – Marawi from a visitors perspective. I only heard stories, and descriptions of MSU-Marawi until finally mid last year I was able to visit it with few blogger friends. They have mosque, museums,  hotel, dormitories, and a business district fit for anyone visiting or staying in the campus.
Ofcourse, I had to see their gardens. A botanical garden quietly sits at a corner loads with flowering and nonflowering plants. 
MSU- Marawi has a long strip of road they call the business district. It has restos, cafes, salon, grocery stores, and even cellular shops. That is why I would call it a little city within a city.  We had late lunch at one of the shop along the business district during my first visit there. It was full-packed with families, group of friends, and colleagues over  meals and good talk. The WiFi connection is pretty fast given most of the customers are online at the same time.

* Dress appropriately. Maranao, within their culture, follows a decent dress code. Not everyone is open to changes and the evolution of form-fitting and skin-baring clothes. It is best you keep covered to blend in.
* Be open. To everything. And to all impossible.

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To awaken quite alone in a strange town 
is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.” – Freya Stark

MARAWI CITY | Meeting the Islamic City

Visiting Marawi City was a first for me. And I was adamant about the trip hearing some negative publicity about this Islamic City, but I was to find it out and about it as I go  around this charming Summer Capital of the South —  for myself.
Marawi City is the provincial capital of Lanao Del Sur. It was once called Dansalan, the provincial capital of the undivided Lanao, when Lanao Del Norte and Lanao Del Sur was still one province from 1907 to 1940.
Predominantly Muslim in population, 99% of the population in Marawi City are Muslims and uses Maranao dialect as the medium for speaking. However, inhabitants can speak Tagalog, Cebuano, and English. 
I gave my brother little details to where I was off at Marawi City. Mainly, because I went to the streets when what he really said was just go around the MSU-Marawi campus. There, I spilled the beans. *wide grins* Marawi City and it’s people are just the usual city and people you see and meet in your travels. New, different, and I could tell how deeply embedded their culture are to these people. 

 We passed by the C&D Centerpoint. The cool blue facade mall, they said, is packed with cools stuff but we had other things in mind.
So we went to the local market at the downtown Marawi, the Padian. It is a long strip of  pathways beneath an old building. They have colorful Malongs, veils, clothes, shoes, textiles, and dry goods. In as much as I would have love to take some long shots of the place, all that we could do was take photos of what is displayed. But shopping here is a very interesting activity and haggling, a must, can get you great deals for an already cheaply priced goods.

Our first stop was the Ma’ahad Marawi Mosque. We had to ask permission to take a shot. We were told that the reason why people sometimes get offended is that, it is not usual for them to have a strangers going around taking pictures. Understood. So, it was best that we ask before we shutterbug around town. I fully respect that, so most shots were that of facades and architectural structure — the best paparazzi way that I could do.
And then we passed by the Islamic Center Mosque. The dome is like a crown on top of a cushion. And it is a work of art sitting at street corner. Located strategically at the center of the city, people get to go there for prayer from workplace, or when running errands. Taking the pedicab, we were on our way to check out of what remains of the Carmelite Church where the late Pres. Corazon Aquino supposedly stayed during one of her visits at Marawi. But the pedicab driver took us at a secluded area to a Christian Church that he thought was the one we were referring to. That short trip was long for me. And I prettily got scared easily, I still could not shake off the nagging fear, I guess.
So we cancelled the Carmelite Church trip for another time since it was  late and we had one last stop before heading back home. With only less than an hour to spare, we headed off to the New Capitol Central Park. 
The dark grey sky threatened an early setting of darkness. I felt really safe at the Lanao Del Sur Provincial Capital, partly because it is guarded and fenced, and mainly because they welcome tourists and travellers up and about for good shots.
I didn’t feel the need to ask permission or to worry if someone would come up to me because I may have offended them or their practices. And lastly, Richard | Pinoy Turista had called earlier and they were expecting bloggers  to visit the place. *grins*

The Capitol Mosque is a  stand out. Even with grey skies on it’s background, it stands massively at the corner — in GOLD. The dome is plain and not elaborately decorated than the other mosque we saw, but it is breath-taking. The larger the center dome is, the large the prayer hall inside this architecture for worship.
Thanks to Doc Wendell Glenn | Journeys and Travels for the spontaneous invite for a Marawi trip, to Richard | Pinoy Turista for being the tour guide, and  Alexander | Iligan Inquisitor for the regular company .


* Dress appropriately. Maranao, within their culture, follows a decent dress code. Not everyone is open to changes and the evolution of form-fitting and skin-baring clothes. It is best you keep covered to blend in.
* Do not wander off when darkness sets in.
* Bring your cameras but also understand that they might not welcome shutterbug as easily, always ask permission and discretion on your photos.
* It would be nice if you get to tour around with a local who knows the place all too well.
* Be open. To everything. And to all impossible.

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Make your character good for the people
~Prophet Muhammad

MARAWI CITY | The Dining Room

When looking for a place to eat when you visit Marawi City, it is best that you should be at the MSU – Marawi campus around meal time. During my first visit to Marawi, our guide, and also a good friend, Richard, took us to The Dining Room for some good food, and more importantly to get connected online.

Located at the business district of MSU – Marawi campus. It’s colorful interiors screams updated look amongst the neighboring shop on the street. It sits at a nook, and everyone seems to pack the place up for food, and chatter.

It has free wifi connection, and it was pretty fast connection considering almost everyone is connected, and busy with their gadgets.

Students, colleagues, and businessmen takes most of the seats up. It can be a bit loud if you are looking for a quiet place. But you get lost on the mix of Maranao, Bisaya dialects, and a mixed of Filipino along the background music played.

Must try is the Moist Chocolate Cake they are known for. The moist chocolate cake is invitingly dark and sweet. I’ve asked several friends who are casual visitors of MSU -Marawi for educational or business functions on what to food to try out. They pointed the moist chocolate cake of The Dining Room. I made a mistake on ordering Durian Shake to go with my meal though.  I must admit that the durian shake I had over powered the taste of the cake. That was a bad idea but the sweet tooth did not fail me.
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Eat dessert first, Life is uncertain” -Anonymous 

GENERAL SANTOS | Blogfest Soccksargen 2.0

Everyday and blogger is born, and the emergence of blogs and social media is prepping up to a hype level and now is the best time to embrace it!
(ENTER: Blogfest Soccksargen 2.0). On it’s second year, after the the successful Blogfest Soccksargen 2010, the presentors Gen.Santos.com, GandaEverSoMuch.com, with the Soccksargen Bloggers brings a better and bigger gathering of bloggers, online media and social network enthusiasts in Southern Philippines.
And as if that is not enough — it will be a road trip together with Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. !

Reasons to Join In Blogfest Soccksargen 2.0:

1] BLOGFEST. I’ve been new to joining in on blog events and so far, I’ve been loving the talks and learning I got from them. Definitely looking forward, specially with the roosters of speakers lined up for the event! I am also excited to meet bloggers I only know online.
2] PHILIPPINE BLOG AWARDS 2011 (Mindanao). Because it’s a first for me. And I got nominated *hiding a squeal* and I know people who are nominated as well.
3] FOOD COMA. A term I got from Eileen | Possibly Pinay, when you reach the I’m-too-full-I-knew-I-should-have-not-ate-but-food-was-too-tempting result. LOL. I dream awake of Sashimi Night! I know, I should watch my weight, LOL, I just watch it — literally! LOL. And General Santos is the TUNA CAPITAL of the Philippines! How and why else could I say no?!
4] TRAVEL COMPANY. It will be our first to travel in a large group. It used to be just Arlene | Joys In Life, Alexander | Iligan Inquisitor, or Xy-Za | Purple Slipperz and I. Now majority of the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. core group will be on the road together. So go look for interesting travel buddies to keep you up company on the long travel.
5] ROAD TRIP. I don’t need to expound on that.  It’s a long travel, and we’re hoping to have fun and to stop by and visit places along the way.

Philippine Blog Awards 2011 | Nominated & Four Feelings Felt.

 I, honestly, did not see it coming!
But I was dancing like crazy after reading the news online, that I wished my siblings was with me. I was REALLY, REALLY, REALLY tired from duty, got mad about something, and I was already not calling it MY day. 
And then, I got the news that I am one of the Nominees for the Best Travel Blog for Philippine Blog Awards 2011 for the Mindanao leg. I did not buy it. But when I read the list of nominees at GenSantos.com — it kicked both reality and wits out of me — seeing my name on it!
I thought it was a prank, for crying out loud! LOL!
The Philippine Blog Awards is an annual recognition of the best and brightest bloggers in the country. And for this year, the PBA 2011 (Mindanao) will be held the evening after the Blogfest Soccksargen 2.0 at General Santos.
Ofcourse, I’m going. I am totally excited, since, it will be the first road trip with majority of the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. core group. The first meet with some Pinoy Travel Bloggers, my first Blogfest Soccksargen 2.0, and Philippine Blog Awards — and be nominated in it.
And  I, honestly, did not see this coming!

So for someone who just tried travel blogging for a challenge and actually finding the thrill and the love for it. For someone who once read and followed top Pinoy Travel Bloggers like a stalker would. *in all good and geeky stalking kinda-way, that is. LOL* And for someone who has to find some strength and courage to get out of the box and half-listened and then ignored the nagging fears. To be nominated, REALLY, with all HONESTLY is a feat on the humble start of Pinay Travelista.
Here’s the sudden wash of feelings I felt after the shock phase I got:
WARNING: Too personal, it might get mushy.. LOL!
1] I thought: They will go or have went THROUGH my blog?! —EMBARRASSMENT said hello.
I could feel the less than 5month old Pinay Travelista blogger in me. It’s like blood rushing through my face and a blush only the screen monitor could see. Ironic for a blogger right, whose voice is out there, and yet hides behind her blog, right? I knooooow.. *wailing*sniff* But I can not help it. 
2] After a few page refreshes [see?! ]: I was honored and I met JOY!
Like the time when my sister Audrey | Maldeetuh Ramblings and I had tried to hide giggles and laughter, so much — it sounded like rumbling. And our papa had threatened us a good spanking because he thought we were having a cat fight or something. LOL! That kind of joy! The one that can’t be contain! Because I felt like Pinay Travelista was TOO young to be on that list. But she was. And I’m happy that she she is.
3] I was quiet: Then.. .. .. I was visited by HUMILITY.
Xy-Za | Purple Slipperz must have had a vote of confidence to nominate it, I thought. And maybe, just maybe, there’s something more to just my love to share the experience on the road and adventures. And that there may have been more nominated blogs on this niche. And even when I felt I am a just the “gulo-gulo” finalist, for Pinay Travelista to be recognized even as such — I guess, I am on the right track. Which humbles me, and that makes me wanna better myself in this craft. Not just better it, but to take this on and make a difference in the little that I could. I’ve always believed that there’s more to travelling, and blogging — there’s also you and someone reading the post. I believe you owe it to them to not only share your experience through your blog but to sow little somethings through what you’re writing. It is never just writing. There is always more to us putting words together, and I find it romantic like that.
4] and, finally, EXCITEMENT came!
Because IBS have been planning this for the longest. As soon as we wrapped up Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011 being the lead proponent for the event, we danced around for the big travel break ahead! And I’m looking forward to the Blogfest, Awards Night, and Sashimi Night! And now, this hyped up my excitement more, to be one of the finalists up for the Best Travel Blog (Mindanao) spot. FAT chance, I know. But I’m too happy to be nominated to even dwell on that.
Congratulations to all nominated blogs!
To get that email notification to confirm nomination was — Hmmmm.. Really???!
To fill up the nominated blog confirmation email — Why not, chocnot.. … …
To be one of the finalist — .. … … .. .. no freaking way!
Ofcourse! I only said that to myself so no one else could hear. LOL!
Congratulations to all other Philippine Blog Award 2011 (Mindanao) Nominees
My cheers for your nominations goes to fellow Iligan Blogger Revilla | Adventures In Life for Personal, 
Marie Irene | Mindanaoan for Lifestyle , 
and fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers Wendell | Journeys & TravelsRenz | The Geek Travels

MARAWI CITY | Maranao Culture Educated at Aga Khan Museum

Bolos Kano or welcome is what greeted us on my first visit at Marawi City for an afternoon trip. We were at the Aga Khan Museum on the grounds of the mighty Mindanao State University – Marawi campus, the main campus for the whole MSU educational system.
The first stop was the repository for Maranao and other Moro artifacts. Aga Khan Museum is one stop to educate one of the Maranao culture — and I was happy to undertake, despite nagging fear.
A massive Kulintang sits at the entry way of the museum showcasing the musical heritage of Maranaos. It is a musical instrument composed of rows of small horizontally-laid gongs that functions melodically with other musical instruments like the suspended gongs and drums. It was on 2005 that the ancient song, Darangen Epic of MaranaoPeople of Lake Lanao, was selected as Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO,
Named in honor of King Aga Khan, the museum has many cultural materials and a collection of indigenous arts, native tools and weapons used by the Muslims.
Aga Khan Museum, MSU Marawi: Miniature Torogan
A definite highlight for the museum is the miniature Torogan. Torogan are the artistically designed ancestral houses of the upper class Maranaos. I am hoping to see a preserved Torogan one of these days.  If History lessons serves me right, there should be no larger houses than that of the torogan of the Datu or the highest title holder of the tribe — for this signifies rank, prestige, and wealth.
Known for their colorful weaving and wood and metal crafting, the Maranaos shows the fine taste of good artistry and skills.
The Okir or Okkil is the range of folk motifs, geometric forms, that is prominent in Maranao artworks. Found in wood and metal carvings, and clothes —- the intricate the design, the higher the prestige has to the one who bears it.
Clad in expensive silk, the Maranao women is styled in decently covered colorful clothing. Lining up on a corner shows the different ways Malong or tube skirt is used by, both, Maranao men, and women. It is traditionally used as a garment, akin to the Sarong used by the people in Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia.

The Battle in Marawi Painting
I was very  lucky to not only go again MSU – Marawi and learned more about their culture. I also went around the Marawi City streets to chcek it out myself. And so I end this post with the Battle of Marawi. Here are people of different culture, speaking in a  foreign-like dialect to my ears, but they once fought the same colonizers my ancestors have fought to hold on to a land that has always been theirs. The painting is not as vivid and colorful as the Maranao culture — that it is. In fact it is gloomy, dark, and grey as I see it. But, maybe, that is because it depicts the same mood it was for the Maranaos then. But looking at it from a few feet in distance, the lush vegetation of the land and the brightly colored landscape, beyond the battle, shows how promising the land of Marawi was and is. The very reason why its’ inhabitants has fought and shed blood for it.

* The Aga Khan Museum is a collection of Maranao culture. It is best if you have ample time to go around it.
* Bring your camera ofcourse.
* And oh! Aga Khan Museum is located at MSU Marawi, Marawi City, the Summer Capital of the South. So bring something to keep you warmed up.

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Pinay Travelista’s first try on Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival.

An entry to PTB November 2011 Blog Carnival 
hosted by Olan Emboscado | The Travel Teller 
on the topic “Mindanao Bliss“.

There were three stages of the Battle of Marawi. the first was in 1639 when the Spanish joint military and religious expeditions was launched against the Meranaos, under the command of Capt. Fancisco de Atienza and Fray de San Pedro to colonize Lanao area and Christianize the Muslim Meranaos. the expedition was unsuccessful.

The second stage took place in 1891 when Gen. Valeriano Weyler led the operations with 1, 242 heavily armed Spanish and Filipino soldiers against the Meranaos. 

Gen. Weyler captured Fort of Marahui defended by Datu Amai Pakpak and his followers in surprise attack at dawn on a Muslim holiday (Ashora).

The third stage was in 1895 when Gen. Ramon Blanco relieved Gen. Valeriano Weyler as governor-general of the Philippines.

After years of planning and preparations, on March 10, 1895, Gen. Ramon Blanco and his mighty Spanish Army (5,00 heavily combined Spanish-Filipino soldiers) marched toward Marawi. After heavy bombardment of Fort Marahui and hand-to-hand fight between the Spanish-Filipino soldiers and the Meranao defenders/fighters armed only with brass cannon (laila/lantaka), kampilans, spears, and krises, the Spanish finally took possession of Fort Marawi. ” 
Dr. Mamitua Saber (Founder, Aga Khan Museum)

FOOD | Guyana Chestnuts

 My cousin Dave was really amused at the marketing strategy of this product, the Ian’s Nut’s: Guyana Chestnuts. These comes in peeled and unpeeled packs, and are fun to munch on when you’re at the Dahilayan Adventure Park, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. I tried looking for this at Pasalubong centers but couldn’t get any. So if by chance you get to have an adventure trip at the Dahilayan, don’t forget to get one or a couple of this for home.

And I still cant get over the seriously catchy logo they have on the packs.

The Guyana chestnut, is also known as the Malabar Chestnut from the provision tree, money tree or Saba nut. It is a native to tropical parts of Mexico and South America, where it grows in sunny, stream-side locations. It can is also cultivated in gardens and can be grown in pots as a patio and it must be protected from freezing. The trees produce green pods that are 4 to 12 inches long and packed with edible seeds, which can be eaten raw, roasted or fried.

My cousins were up for it because it is high in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and low in fat. It is one heathy nuts to snack on.

* Get some for home or for pasalabong at the Dahilayan Aventure Park.

FOOD | Bibingka

Food is a quaint essential element in travelling. Since you have to know the places you need stop by to and the restos/cafe/bars you to visit and the  food specialty such a place offers — and you just get THAT NEED to get there and take a sample for yourself. Other times, the road just surprises you, when at a corner you will find a romantically charming stall that is heaven to your already dried up taste buds and angrily growling stomach. You get the picture, right?! Here’s to Food Fridays and a happy travelling stomach to that!

Enter.. .. .. .. the Philippine Rice Cake: Bibingka.

Of all the food that I’ve encountered, had eaten, or raved about — why BIBINGKA?! Why ofcourse, this blog is aptly called Pinay Travelista, so let me introduce you to one of the Pinoy food you’ll find on the road, markets, and the humble kalenderias. It is traditionally sold, and eaten during the Christmas season but this type of rice cake is so in demand that you can get this the year round — almost anywhere.

Bibingka is made of rice flour and coconut milk or water. Other ingredients can vary greatly, depending on the place or the specialty twist of the shop, but the most common secondary ingredients are eggs and milk. There’s a traditional preparation that is very time-consuming that uses  terra cotta container lined with a single large section of a banana leaf. Placed over preheated coals and the rice flour and water mixture is poured into it, taking care not to spill it into the container itself. Then another piece of banana leaf is added to the top and covered with more preheated coals. Best served hot, it gives off a charm on the distinctive smoky smell of charcoal and burnt banana leaves.
There are lined Bibingka shops at the highway at Manticao, Mis. Oriental (Map: HERE). If you happen to travel from Cagayan de Oro to Iligan City, stop by the highway when you see stalls lined up at the highway. They serve Binbingka and other food and drinks 24H and you can get freshly made Bibingka.

*This one goes great with cold Coca Cola drink or hot coffee.
*Get some for the road and for home as pasalubong.

Pinay Travelista’s Seven Blog Corners

“The goal is unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and to create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again” – Tripbaseblog

1] I was Just Enjoying the Place — Honest!

When you find yourself in a beautiful place and you had a blast of a time with friends or family for company, it will show when you share it to others. This post reminded me of my granny’s favorite memory of me as a kid: I woke up to knock and enter my parents bedroom early in the morning, saying to my Papa ” Ni adto mi sa daaaaako kaayo nga balay! Nga gadhan kaayo’g suga!” ( We went to this biiiig house! With so many lights in it!) in a toddler’s story telling tone and voice. That was Sunday thing with my granny and I, taking me or my siblings to some places for merienda or just an afternoon out. When she told me that when I have grown up, I realize that it was in me to enjoy and be verbose about life — people naturally radiates to that. I became both serious and bubbly ever since.
My most Popular Post: Tinago Falls

2] The Needed To Share My Voice.

Pressing matters and issues are not my forte to share. I don’t want to talk about them because I get frustrated when all I can do is talk and do nothing. I need to feel I am making a difference. When Pinay Travelista was merely 2months old, I had to ask my blogging friends if it was smart and if it was tame enough to not spread sparks. It did not generate enough comments, people still did not know who I was — I was a newbie, and I felt my voice did not matter —  or so I thought.. Until I saw how much this post was shared to my networks networks. That was enough for me — for people to hear my voice and for them to know that someone is speaking out for them too.

My most Controversial Post: Restructuring the Mindanao Image

3] Making a Better Person Out of You

People always thought that travelling is a luxury, for some it is a necessity. A constant drive to be somewhere and to see new places and learn from it. At a point you shake off the tourist in you and travel like nomads do. Travel to the unknown land, like it was yours for the taking, and basks in the wonders in it. Somehow the place would just speak to you to teach you about life that can not be learned from books, and never be capsuled by anyone else. You realize more of yourself and the passion in your heart. And you want to share that to others. I wanted to go around injecting little snippets of information and a few causes for and from the people I met and the places I’ve been to. I feel that I owe it to them.

My Most Helpful Post: Spelunking at Hindang Cave

4] Rooting Out for a Spotlight

You win some. You loose some. The post that I wanted to be catapulted to stardom. LOL. I was new at being adventurous after all. I was trying to prove to the people around me that klutz that I was, I am capable of doing the outdoor adventure. Of the Hindang Series, it is this post that did not generate enough attention than the rest of the parts did. And I am okay with that.

A Post I Feel Didn’t Get Attention It Deserves: Ambitiously Trekking the Hindang Cave Trail

5] A Little Box of Wonder

This is a travel blog, and I was amazed how new it was then but generating traffic like super! When I checked — PBB Fever! I was surprised on how a simple posts regarding the audition instantly draw people in —-they werere really, really, really in to it. Like really! Until now, this post had made it at the top 10 Most Visited Posts in All time View. The wonders of reality television.

A Post whose Success Surprised Me: Pinoy Big Brother S4 Auditions at Iligan City

6] Because This is What I do.

I woke up one day to see that my posts have been generating readership, and it’s not just about me and sharing what I do to family and friends anymore. I thought, if I could talk about something important so lightly, maybe I could touch a few hearts and make converts out of them. I told myself, I could do only so little from my keyboard keys but it could do well if it means helping the environment by sharing  some tips for a eco-friendly travel to others.

The Post I Am Most Proud Of: Packing Smart and Eco-Friendly Way: Pack, Unpack Repack

7] Wearing My Heart on My Sleeves (or on my shoulders)

Travelling and blogging is never a burden. It’s when you feel you’re being watched and criticized by your every move — every word for this matter. It got to me, I felt that the traffic I was generating for a newbie was just beginners luck. That I did not cut it out like the rest. I wasted the whole September on two post that did even share a bit of me — it showed. My comeback post was, asking had someone stolen my mojo. It was my heart asking, and doing all the blogging.

My Most Beautiful Post: Who Stole Pinay Travelista’s Magic?

This SEVEN LINK CHALLENGE was sent to me by my sister of Maldeetuh Ramblings. It has been a sitting project for awhile because I have yet to be comfortable sharing more of me than my usual travel series. Here is a difficult task. Nominating only 5 people who will have fun going through their posts and sharing the seven links to their blogs, when what I want is to share this to a few more:
*Alexander Singcol | Iligan Inquisitor
For the travel bestfriend (ayan! B1 at B2 na tayo okay?! LOL) I have fun sharing life and troubles with. Thanks for being patient with my super bubbly self and my random out of this world life’s inputs (Maswerte yung lovey-doo mo sayo). You get me and I’m thankful to be travelling safe with  you.
*Xy-Za YapePurple Slipperz
You need the break. Here’s something to get your mind off things. I know it might sit on your to-do list for awhile but you will have fun going about it. 
*Wendell Glen Cagape | Travels & Journeys
The first Pinoy Travel Blogger I went travelling with at first meeting. Meeting you was like meeting the rest of “me’s” in the travel blogging world. I am still amazed as to how brilliant you are when it comes to posting. The travel bloggers without backlog. I like that. I strive to be that.
*Mitch Jumawan | MitchOT Spots
Mitch, the name out of the blue commented on a blog post and ever since she has been quiet a reader on this blog. Thank you for sharing the Pitong Ako, hope you’ll like going about this too.
*Alvin Gale Tan | 7101 Reasons to Love Pinas!
I kept on asking him if he’s a travel blogger because I like the concept of his blog so much. I met this guy at Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011 at Iligan City and I’ve been going through his blog ever since. Here’s crossing fingers that he will go out for some adventures more often than he does and to enjoy going through his reasons for loving Pinas for this challenge.

Cheers to travelling and blogging!