MARAWI CITY | The Dining Room

When looking for a place to eat when you visit Marawi City, it is best that you should be at the MSU – Marawi campus around meal time. During my first visit to Marawi, our guide, and also a good friend, Richard, took us to The Dining Room for some good food, and more importantly to get connected online.

Located at the business district of MSU – Marawi campus. It’s colorful interiors screams updated look amongst the neighboring shop on the street. It sits at a nook, and everyone seems to pack the place up for food, and chatter.

It has free wifi connection, and it was pretty fast connection considering almost everyone is connected, and busy with their gadgets.

Students, colleagues, and businessmen takes most of the seats up. It can be a bit loud if you are looking for a quiet place. But you get lost on the mix of Maranao, Bisaya dialects, and a mixed of Filipino along the background music played.

Must try is the Moist Chocolate Cake they are known for. The moist chocolate cake is invitingly dark and sweet. I’ve asked several friends who are casual visitors of MSU -Marawi for educational or business functions on what to food to try out. They pointed the moist chocolate cake of The Dining Room. I made a mistake on ordering Durian Shake to go with my meal though.  I must admit that the durian shake I had over powered the taste of the cake. That was a bad idea but the sweet tooth did not fail me.
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Eat dessert first, Life is uncertain” -Anonymous