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 Maayong Iligan in this season of giving.
Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. is humbly requesting your generous help for the victims Bagyong Sendong of Iligan City.
Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc.  is accepting donations in kind for the victims of Typhoon Sendong in the city. We encourage the following items for donations: canned goods, noodles, bath and laundry soaps, toothpaste, rice, used clothings, slippers, and cash donations.

DROP OFF POINTS for different LGU’s and NGO’s in Iligan City:
  • St. Michaels’ Cathedral
  • DXIC Radio Station
  • City Hall 
  • Rizal Park 
  • Calda Pizza Iligan City Branch 
  • Post Office
  • Paseo Drive


DONATE VIA XOOM (for International Donors)
1. Login to Xoom.
2. Use Send Money feature.
3. Email us for the recipient details
DISCLAIMER: ONE FOR ILIGAN Campaign by Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. is ONLY accepting donations thru PAYPAL, UNION and BPI BANK ACCOUNTS stated above, and personal delivery or hand-over to official IBS, Inc. members.. Any money/cash transactions to other accounts goes through other volunteering groups/organizations not accounted for by Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc.
Your Donations will be read and shown at:
Daghang Salamat.
You can contact the following point persons for your donations and other inquiries.
LISA (LAI) MARIE MIRASOL | Pinay Travelista
(IBS, Inc. Web Content Manager)
ALEXANDER SINGCOL | Iligan Inquisitor
(IBS, Inc Board of Trustee Member)
For more Updates on Iligan City status after Typhoon Sendong:
Daghang Salamat Sa inyong dako nga kasing-kasing..

PASALUBONG | Cheding’s Peanuts

Besides the colorful and vibrant personality Iligan City has, it is also known for the simple yet tasty pasalubongs in the Philippines. Meet Chedings Peanuts of Iligan City — the pride of the city and toastiest toasted peanuts in town and of the country. Chedings Peanuts has been in the business for quiet some time now. And anybody who happens to know somebody from somewhere visiting Iligan would always ask for Chedings Toasted Peanuts as a pasalubong.

A pasalubong is a Filipino tradition of something for welcoming someone back — a homecoming gift.

Cheding’s Peanuts started out as a small business from a Chinese married to a local from the place. It was not even the main product they sold at that time. But people came back and asked more peanuts. And from one generation to the next, Chedings Peanuts became the go-to peanut shop in the city.
The peanuts does not have any preservatives added to them. That is why the shop is particular in packaging and the shelf life of the products. What I really find most creative is the packaging of peanuts in brown paper bags and then plastic covers to keep them moist free. It has been like that before, until now. Having something from my childhood days, that is still around, and has not changed, is something quiet comforting.
To date, Chedings Peanuts has a variety of peanut products for everyone. Their products is a mainstay from family gatherings, social events, reunions, to any milestone events. Visiting the shop has become more often routine for me these days, since I bring and/or send my thank-you’s to gracious host/s or company/ies during my trips — out or within the city. *grins* 
Original Toasted Peanuts – “Perfectly toasted peanuts I can’t get enough off
Banana Crispy Hot Peanuts – “Sweet and hot with added crunch to it!
Sugar Coated Peanuts – “The sugar and the peanut is well-balanced that I could down a whole pack.
…..but am up for any treat from Chedings any time. 
“No man in the world has more courage 
than the man who can stop after eating one peanut.”
Channing Pollock

FOOD | Delecta Diner and Cafe

Was out for an afternoon with a good blogger friend Alexander | Iligan Inquisitor and we set out to have a meal at Delecta Diner and Cafe at Iligan City. It is a recommended spot on where to eat when visiting Iligan City. It was Alexander’s first time to check out and try the food of the place, and I was excited for him to try out the food. This used to be a family spot for me during my childhood days. I grew up having Sunday lunch at Delecta with my granny, meals for special celebrations, and family bonding time here. It was closed and was out of service for some time and when it opened back up again, my siblings, mama, and I could not let every opportunity pass. After all, it was just a few steps away from home.
The place is a bit small for a diner that caters to a throng of crowd. It’s always packed around the meal time. Ofcourse we had to go there late at the afternoon for some early dinner out. 
The Fruity Garden Salad with viniagrette is a fave. I have to share this generous serving size since I know I am up for a great meal ahead of me.
I had Sate Babi (Pork) which is three generous serving piece of  grilled marinated meat skewered  on a stick. Sate Babi is an Indonesian style take on our Filipino Barbeque. I personally like the taste and the tenderness of the meat. It still retains that juiciness and for something of great portion size to be grilled, the meat is not at all dry.
Alexander had the Grilled Baby Back Ribs. Which, I might say, is a popular mainstay on the menu. I would have loved to order this but the portion size was too big for me to take on. The meat is tender and slids right off the bones and Alex had his way with it — quiet and enjoying it all to himself. Midway through the meal he apologized for being so, saying he found the meal good — good enough to take his words away. 
We had Delecta Coolers to go with what we had. If my taste buds serves me right, it is a twist and their take on tropical juice drink. With a bit of lime and watermelon, and bits of pieces of watermelon, slices of apple, oranges, and more that makes this concoction a must-have.
Delecta, from its facade to its interior and even to the dishes served has evolve but it still has that homey charm to it. It still gives me that comfort it always had when I was little, having Sunday’s lunch with my granny there. Aside from good food and nice ambiance, the staff is warm and accommodating  — making you feel welcome and enjoy the Delecta experience more.
* Visit the diner early. The place can be packed and you might find it hard to find good seats or any seats at all. And since most of the time it is full-packed — you might have to wait for a while for your food to be served. Best to order an entree, or appetizer.
*Try the Callos, Ox Tongue in Tomato Sauce or their Special Kare-Kare too. Wait! I have not had any meal from this place. So order anything off the menu, and you sure will have a gastronomical delight on it.
* I’ve been dreaming of Durian Hopia. But it seems that I always have a bad timing when I stop by their shop. It must be really good because it is always sold out.
* Check Delecta Diner and Cafe Menu HERE

* Check out more of the photos HERE.

Gen. Aguinaldo St. Ext. Palao, Iligan City
“He who comes first, eats first”
Eike Von Repkow

GEN. SANTOS | Philippine Blog Awards 2011 Mindanao Awards Night

I was looking forward to my first ever    Philippine Blog Awards 2011 Mindanao experience, and my blog happens to be nominated for the Best Travel Category. And ofcourse — to meet fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers, Sir Avel Masala , Olan Emboscado | The Travel Teller, and Renz Bulseco | The Traveling Nomad. It was a surprise to see Berniemack Arellano | Habagat Central again, and Nina Fuentes | Just Wandering was there too. I use to just read their blogs and exchange comments with them at the Pinoy Travel Bloggers/Bagets group — and I was excited to just meet them.

Here are the list of the Philippine Blog Awards 2011  Mindanao Winners:

Beauty & Fashion: Chamimay on Flats |
Food & Beverage: Eat’s Terrific |
Lifestyle: Lessons Of A Dad |
Personal/Diary: Anything Goes.. |
Photoblog: Lantaw |
Technology: Geeky Faust |
Travel: The Travel Teller |

With Olan Emboscado | The Travel Teller who won the Best Travel Blog for PBA 2011 Mindanao! 
Woot! Woot! We just meet earlier that day, and eto na yung photo I had with him! Ahahahahahaha.. Hope to travel with you and other PTB’s too. Congratulations again Olan and to all Philippine Blog Awards Winners. Cheers to great blogging!
More Photos:  H E R E

GEN. SANTOS | Soccsksargen Blogfest 2.0 Experience

Maayong GenSan! the greeting we received as we arrived at General Santos City after cramming up and tying the loose ends after closing the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011 organized by Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. With some of the Iligan Bloggers and I, were up for a trip down south to participate and in full support for the Soccsksargen Bloggers for the Soccsksargen Blogfest 2.0 and the Philippine Blog Awards 2011.

I, for one, wanted to experience how it is for the Sox bloggers to host an event — with these, by the way, the funniest and most entertaining  blogging society and we were in it for a treat!

Soccsksargen Blogfest 2.0 

Apologies for getting this post out too late. But I keep on going through my photos over and over again and seemed to get stuck there. That was how a great of an experience it was for me – I kept going back for the memories through the photos. I was super entertained every minute of it.

It was interesting to know how a foreigner could fall in love with a place and would call it his home. Mr. Bob Martin certainly fell for the Mindanao charm and settled in Philippines. He took us back to the time where internet in Mindanao was still “primitive” and we were all laughing at the memories of it.
Mr. Manolo Quezon III asked “Are you blogging for readership or for making a change?”. It really struck me as we gain readership, I believe at some point you get to use that to your advantage — and by that I mean, blogging for advocacy. After all, people read your posts and gets to follow you. You owe it to them and to yourself, and to the Highest Being that you use that purposely and productively.
We “become broadcasters in a sense” as was said by Mr. Jack Madrid. As we use social networking platforms to share and express our experiences, thoughts and opinions, and a little to so much of ourselves online. Before internet was a READ ONLY content, which has now evolve to READ and WRITE as Web 2.0 emerges. Soon, he says, the internet may become READ/WRITE/EXECUTE because the possibilities is endless.
And the host city, Gen. Santos City Mayor, Hon. Darlene Custodio took the spot as she shares the Computer Literacy Program that establishes computer laboratories to public elementary and high schools within the city, which really impressed me. This will provide adequate computer training services for public schools to attain sociological balance between the rich and the poor, in terms of knowledge and skills in information technology. Need i say more? I was speechless! This, indeed, will level out the plain for the products of both public and private educational institutions in these terms.
Photo Credit: Alexander | Iligan Inquisitor

Raffy Tima from the GMA Network came and shared the Think Before You Click call for responsible use of social media. Online everything is but a click away and it has the power that could make or break the person. But as they say, “with great power comes great responsibility”, use that “power” to an advantage and benefit for others that needs it all to well. Use it wisely.

I was most looking forward to the famous Mae Paner of Juana Change, who takes on current issues and deliver it straight below the belt for the people that needs the  finger pointing. Bold, frank, insulting, and honest, her videos are must watch and are mediums to change the corrupt system in the government, institutions or any issues that needs probing. 
Sir Abe Olandres of YugaTech Philippines gave an interesting show of the must-have gadgets a blogger should get and the specifics these should have. His job, I believe, would never fall as job, given that he gets to use the latest gadgets in town of which his critique on them are sought for. 
United States Ambassador to the Philippines Harry K. Thomas, Jr. gave a message through a video for all the participants of the event before Deputy Press Attache Ms. Cynthia Cook gave her talk. Bloggers has a role when it comes to spreading the information online. They have acknowledge that power and has maximize the potentials of social media networking through bloggers in their cause and events.
Aileen Apollo of Philippine consultant for Google, Inc. introduced the Google + and it’s outstanding features. Google + allows people to “share what matters with the people who matters the most”. 
Flow Galindez talked on blogging for advocacy. With his Red Whistle and World Wide Fund for Nature campaigns encourages bloggers to hone in on their skills in sharing and spreading words and actions with blogging as their mediums to contribute to change.
I had a blast at Soccsksargen Blogfest 2.0! I’ve learned a lot from the talks of the speakers and was super entertained and welcomed by the Sox bloggers! Cheers to you all for the success of the event!
“Write in white heat. To write in the heat of eat and to edit in cold blood.”
-Manolo Quezon III