Was out for an afternoon with a good blogger friend Alexander | Iligan Inquisitor and we set out to have a meal at Delecta Diner and Cafe at Iligan City. It is a recommended spot on where to eat when visiting Iligan City. It was Alexander’s first time to check out and try the food of the place, and I was excited for him to try out the food. This used to be a family spot for me during my childhood days. I grew up having Sunday lunch at Delecta with my granny, meals for special celebrations, and family bonding time here. It was closed and was out of service for some time and when it opened back up again, my siblings, mama, and I could not let every opportunity pass. After all, it was just a few steps away from home.
The place is a bit small for a diner that caters to a throng of crowd. It’s always packed around the meal time. Ofcourse we had to go there late at the afternoon for some early dinner out. 
The Fruity Garden Salad with viniagrette is a fave. I have to share this generous serving size since I know I am up for a great meal ahead of me.
I had Sate Babi (Pork) which is three generous serving piece of  grilled marinated meat skewered  on a stick. Sate Babi is an Indonesian style take on our Filipino Barbeque. I personally like the taste and the tenderness of the meat. It still retains that juiciness and for something of great portion size to be grilled, the meat is not at all dry.
Alexander had the Grilled Baby Back Ribs. Which, I might say, is a popular mainstay on the menu. I would have loved to order this but the portion size was too big for me to take on. The meat is tender and slids right off the bones and Alex had his way with it — quiet and enjoying it all to himself. Midway through the meal he apologized for being so, saying he found the meal good — good enough to take his words away. 
We had Delecta Coolers to go with what we had. If my taste buds serves me right, it is a twist and their take on tropical juice drink. With a bit of lime and watermelon, and bits of pieces of watermelon, slices of apple, oranges, and more that makes this concoction a must-have.
Delecta, from its facade to its interior and even to the dishes served has evolve but it still has that homey charm to it. It still gives me that comfort it always had when I was little, having Sunday’s lunch with my granny there. Aside from good food and nice ambiance, the staff is warm and accommodating  — making you feel welcome and enjoy the Delecta experience more.
* Visit the diner early. The place can be packed and you might find it hard to find good seats or any seats at all. And since most of the time it is full-packed — you might have to wait for a while for your food to be served. Best to order an entree, or appetizer.
*Try the Callos, Ox Tongue in Tomato Sauce or their Special Kare-Kare too. Wait! I have not had any meal from this place. So order anything off the menu, and you sure will have a gastronomical delight on it.
* I’ve been dreaming of Durian Hopia. But it seems that I always have a bad timing when I stop by their shop. It must be really good because it is always sold out.
* Check Delecta Diner and Cafe Menu HERE

* Check out more of the photos HERE.

Gen. Aguinaldo St. Ext. Palao, Iligan City
“He who comes first, eats first”
Eike Von Repkow
  • kakai

    kare kare mn akong nahan sd dnhi lai 🙂

  • This certainly looks like a place I would like to go on my next visit. Thanks for the links to the additional pics, especially the menu. As there are so many things on restaurant menus there that I am not familiar with, your pics will give me a chance to really see what is on there long before I visit again.

    It seems there are so many nice places to eat in Iligan I wish I had time to try more of each time I visit. This year I caught up on a few of them that I had known about for quite some time as well as some of my favorites from previous visits. It looks like you have given me a good one to try in this blog about Delecta ! Thanks.

  • OMG. I love love Delecta. fave place in town. It's a bummer im already in Makati BUT when I go home I'll make sure to eat there.

    Should've tried their Spicy Shrimps, Osso Bucco.

    Hay, Delecta Coolers, I MISS YOU.

    PS Sayang wasn;t able to join all the conventions. Im also a member of IBS. 😉

  • Definitely! The wait is long though.. You have to visit the place during the not too busy hours..

  • Yes to Spicy but No to Shrimps ako.. >< but I love the Osso Bucco too!!

  • Anonymous

    hello po… will they open a branch at ayala centrio? pwede po mag ask ng email ad nila? thanks

  • Anonymous

    Yes, soon at Centrio this coming Novermber.