So here it is.. After a few drafted posts and some I-don’t-know-if-this-is-okay self talks, is this blog post about love, and love and the roads for this Travelista.. And since the backpacking prince charming is still in his quest around the world, I call to my heart.. 

Dear Reader,

There was a time that I doubted his existence. When I felt like he only existed in fairytales, books, or in movies — ideal, moving, but fictional. I grew up reading books my papa would say “your thoughts will be clouded by idealism” but he was too late, I was already wearing my heart on my sleeves.
Twenty-something years into existence, a few heart breaks and crying spells — I am still unwilling to give you away. I am still the girl who sits by the window, playing with her fingers, letting her thoughts fly, and whispering, “he will come”. I often wondered who he is, how he will be, and how it feels to be around him. But as time passed, roads traveled, and a better know of myself — I know that somewhere somehow he too knows I exists. So I quit thinking too much about he who I will end up with. He will come and I leave it  entirely to faith.

“To he who I will end up with..

Story tell. I have far too many coffee cup shots because I love coffee and more so, the words that flows along with it. I like it sweetened black, but in the absence of such, instant coffee would do as long as you promise me an interesting conversation to go along with it.

I want to see the world and learn from someones eyes, to see it from another angle and standpoint — to know bits and pieces of the world from someone else.So just let the moment be that moment, and leave it as it is.

It might be that one shot to get me to fall in — chocolates with you!

Fun company. Life can be dauntingly serious at times. Take me out of it and be that someone I can truly be my goofiest self. I don’t need an imposing figure and neither do I need a heedless joker around. I am easily amused and without effort entertained — a bit of humor throws will tell me that you will be the toast to my butter. I will have some great laughs and find a great company in you on the road. I need that someone to to fill the empty seat beside — I knew from the start that solo travelling is not my everyday cup of tea.

Plan limitless. I know, right? But to go off is not limit yourself and be bounded by norms. That the possibilities are endless and that it is ours for the taking, we just have think about how to get about and around it.

I will love that you-know-what-love-and-works-hard-to-get-it side of you. After all, adventures are not only limited to adrenaline highs and most of them is a synchronized dance of planning and light bulb moments in action.

Grow. Some of life’s lessons are not found in books, some of them are littered on the roads we walked on, swimming in the current of waves, and scattered on the clouds in the skies. So, look at where your steps takes you, stop and check the waters you’re swimming,and glance up to the skies once in awhile — let your experiences infiltrate your dreams and overwhelm your waking thoughts. Travelling is not only about getting there and back, it’s also the trinkets of wisdom you bring home from it.

Dream Chase. I hope you are seeing the world as I do. Grounded in reality but packing up your bags and chasing after dreams. How “so-alone” solo travelling may be, someday it will be rewarding. (coughs up)

I will come into the picture and makes sense that I am the missing element to the frame , and, ofcourse (exclaims!!), (whispers) you in mine (and shyly grins).

We may pen beautiful words, have nice pictures, and seen and been to beautiful places — but it would really mean more, to the stars and back, if one of these days we will have each other to share it with.

I can not wait to meet you, fall in love, and stay in love with you…

… because I know, reality I will be more interesting that happily ever afters’ on the books.”

Until he comes along, I have this ready to go packed bag I learned to do from my sisters. I will take the world and what it throws at me. See through the eyes of a child and see the bared and naked beauty of travelling. I will share what I can, do what little I could, and help in whatever way I know how. Because one of these days, he will come into that picture but until then my unpaired backpack will be okay standing by itself at the corner waiting for the backpacking prince charming to place his beside it.

Your Letting-the-world-show-me-how-to-love-until-he-comes-to-show-me-how-to
β€œHe liked her; it was as simple as that.” 
― Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song
Pinay Travelista’s putting up her heart on her sleeves for the Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival.
An entry to PTB February 2012 Blog Carnival hosted by Lauren Gaile | Epic Potato

  • Anonymous

    Oo! Grabe kaseryoso kay si heart ang kastorya?!?!?! Ahahahaha! Nice post Lalai

  • Ahahahahahahahahaha.. I thought the same way!!! Ba't kung kausap ko si heart serious man ko.. chos! Ahahahahahaha.. I can't shake it off man jud oip, you read the other letters i did right? enough said. Ahahahahahaha..

  • langga, enjoy the freedom that you have now. for when he comes, as much as he would be awesome, some of him is rubbish, too.

    take it from someone who have dealt countless of rubbish for a taste of awesome. harhar. πŸ™‚

    P.S. you write well, Lai <3

  • ….hmmm…ug nganong magsige ug hulat lage, what if gahulat ra pod to sya? maghinulata ramo?

    bitaw Lai while the guy is not yet around just enjoy the moment being single, life is very different when you have that someone beside you…

    Life is not a race we all know so we have to take time enjoy every part of it…

    by the way feeling nako teen-ager paka while reading your posts—hehehe

  • like a candy you have to unwrap it from its wrappers.. you just don't get the sweets as it is.. tsk.. then again in the end may reward naman! ill be up for that..^^

    thanks rain.. this is one different sounding post.. but oh well..^^

  • ahahahahaha.. because i was not programmed that way Lex.. if there's a me out here, there's a high possibility that there's a he out there.. and I hear the universe cheering me on on that note.. ahahahahaha…

    Even if I cant wait to meet that guy who I will spend the rest of my waking up years, am happy that I get to enjoy the waiting (and all the perks along it ofcourse!!) as much as I can..

    yucks! ngano wura mn og teenager?! Ahahahaha..

  • This is such a good post. Really like it.

  • hahahaha! blags na dayon ko teh… murag teenager ka daw… unsa na lang tong naka-draft sa ako… maygulai! magpuyosilovette. nitalaw ug publish… =p

  • hoooooooooooooi!!!!! you are sooooooooooo unfair!!! Ipublish na kaya nah!

    Ahahahahaha.. I was checking my site and grading it.. It says that my writing style is for college level daw.. which is not good if I have to think about readership in general.. buti nlng that sounded highschool-ish..

    wait?! ahahahahaha.. kilig aside, i still totally failed..

  • Anonymous

    I love it ma'am Lai! – hazel

  • When you already find the "he" of your letter to heart, let us know. But definitely I will decline to become as your godfather when time comes. We will prefer as your humble visitors and supporters. Hanep! Grabe bai. Believe nako, nimo ba. Balak-non man d i.:-). Mao d i ning Epic Potato.?

  • thanks

  • thanks hazel..

  • Si kuya Bon talaga! Ahahahaha.. Okay lang.. Wla pa naman si "he", may panahon pa that you might just change your mind.. =P

  • thus convincing me that travelers are the most interesting people. kakatuwa ang mga ganitong sulat.

  • thanks dong ho, i guess.. =P

  • haha. ok lang ang pagiging serious and emo. nice and honest post lai! hope you find him na. πŸ˜€

  • When I first read it, I was confused whether to continue reading or to stop. But it was the first time I have seen you so romantic. I was curious and I kept on scrolling down craving for more.

    I salute you ma'am for making this passage on waiting for your "romantic" traveler…..

    Yaw kabalaka muabot ra na siya. Just look to your left and right, You don'tknow,it might be one of your friends waiting for your reply. XD

  • Nice one Lai!

    Yes, lai, continue believing in your prince charming. He does exist. If you are meant to have one, he will come. Ako sauna, inig ask nila ngano wala pa ko uyab, ako answer kay, gi-andam pa sa Ginoo. 'Cause then, I believe so much there is someone for me and I don't need to look for him 'cause in God's time he will find me. πŸ™‚

    Og sa dihang gi-assign si Pat sa amo office. O diba, he found me? hehehe…

  • Ahahahahaha! Glad you found her Ed!

  • Thanks Aiah! Hey! i thought you're doing homework? Hmmmm… But thanks pa rin..

  • Ahahahahaha.. Lagi.. Excitingly waiting on how my love story will unfold.. Chos! =)