6 Things Women Say and What it Means To a Girl Who Travels

I saw this photo quote about 6 Words Women Use in social networking sites and thought of giving this a twist — the Pinay Travelista style. Okay. I do not just go around speaking the first words that pop in my head, but someone suggested that I should write without thinking. I honestly, do not know how well that would go — so I must apologize as early as now, but what the heck!

I have to rearrange them to my liking, though. Photo credit to Karen Veloso, my trusty mate in trying to find the keys that holds the answers to the questions about life (READ: My everyday girl talk medicine)

FINE. A word to end an argument, or when you both are trying to decide or is on to something and time is running out or someone’s not just into an witty combat. Usually uttered when she’s  right, you guys need to move on to another topic, and you need to shut up, or she can make it a very uncomfortable travel with her.

Do not underestimate her inner mean-girl, she can make your life miserable for the next travel days. But she will try to calm her inner demons, let it slip, and try to perky instead. The girl who travels knows that nothing spoils a trip than a sour grape that leaves a bad taste in the mouth, she forgives quickly, and does not dwell on petty things. So do not, by all means, push it, mister. Just because she ended the argument by letting you point the directions, doesn’t mean you’ve already taken over the reigns.

THAT’S OK. To buy some thinking time before deciding how and when to let you  pay for your mistakes.
Okay. this sounds like, the girl is a wildcat ready to dig her feline nails in you. But it’s not that really. The girl who travels knows that traveling with an extra emotional baggage will dampen the whole if not parts of the experience. Here’s the thing. Sometimes something pisses us off, but it is okay to let it go because we know (by instincts) that once you get burnt by the rushed decisions you made, the power reigns will be back on our hands. Let us admit it, between couples there seem to be the power struggle even beneath the calm water surface. The girl who travels lets you get off the hook for travel sake, just make sure you won’t get bitten by your own, uhmm, evil minions?

NOTHING. The calm before the storm. It means you have to be on your toes because arguments begins with nothing usually ends with “Fine”.
The answer to a probing question when a guy finally finds something off with her actions. She says this to brush off the case and let whatever little things that bothers her get into something bigger. Yes, we do not always get into fights just because. Ask what it is, and understand her argument. Try not to feed fire with fire. Because the girl who travels will swallow little nothings just so you it won’t spoil your trip. So when something is really off, ask her nicely, and talk it over. It’s not like she can read your thoughts and that you could read hers, so if you guys do not have secret superhuman powers like that — initiate a conversation.

LOUD SIGH. This means you’re an idiot or on the way to being one, and she wonders why you guys are still standing at where you’re at, when you can be somewhere else other than being stationary and bored.
She needs only a fraction of time to stop and take a rest, she would rather be moving. For her, rest is sitting by the beach watching the sun go down, laughing with the locals at the sari-sari store during your soda break, or on the bus on transit where she has a window view, and your shoulder for a cushion. But when done with the tired look in her eyes, grab her backpack, and let her take a mandatory break. The girl who travels knows not when to take a rest when her restless soul is on the move, she will appreciate the sweet break even if she refuses to, and her gives this “I’m okay, let’s move on” lines. Remind her that she is no supergirl, give her a breather, and be a gentleman. 
GO AHEAD. Is a dare, not a permission — she thinks that you should NOT do it. But if you have to, give it your all.

The girl who travels does mean what she says. This could be a warning call to not test the waters with her. It means that you should not push through with whatever you are thinking. But if you must – give it with your best shot! And because she is out to experience the best things life can offer, when said with a big smile on her face when you’re standing off a cliff ledge — it means she knows you’re capable of taking a jump, she’s trying to check how high your courage-and-guts-meter goes, and she would love to see you try it. She would put up a front, and dare you for any stunt, and would not back down if you throw the dare back at her. For the girl who travels knows what fun is. Indulge her.

5 MINUTES. If she’s packing her bag, or getting dressed for a trip, she means 5 minutes.
A girl who travels will not wait for anyone, even you. She would make sure that the train will not leave without her. So when she says 5 minutes she means 5 minutes or even less. She will run for the bus with you, and actually find that amusing and would heightened her excitement because time for her is a quintessential element in her travel — respect that. But leave a grace period for her, because a girl who travels may run for the bus, but she will also stall enough to get herself made up for you. After all, a girl who travels is, uhmmm, still a girl. Besides, it’s you that we are trying to look good for  — so zip it!

So what I am trying to say here is that the girl who travels, thinks and acts as any woman would in a given situation or circumstance. The only difference is both of you travel together — and no one wants to have a bad travel experience. Though, I will have to give a full disclosure: that not every girl who travels will fit the above description, after all, these are unique individuals that has a zest for life beyond the boundaries of her familiars.

They (a collective unnamed of know-it-all people) say, to really get to know someone, you have to travel with them. But to really go beyond the just-the-surface-of-company’s-sake-travel-buddy? I would have to say, travel with them for longer periods of time. Why emphasis on time? Uhm, like wine it gets better with age — like any relationships be it platonic or romantic ones, we get to know the real person the longer we spend time with them. It would save us the trouble deciphering words, as if there’s always a secret code hidden in them. 

“If you like her, if she makes you happy, 
and if you feel like you know her—then don’t let her go.” 
― Nicholas Sparks, Message in a Bottle

ZANORTE | Dipolog City and the Hudyaka 2012

A fellow Pinoy Travel Blogger (PTB), Chino | Juanderful Pinoy, who was on a road trip with Christian | Lakad Pilipinas, gave an open invite to the group for those who wants and could join the Hudyaka 2012 Festival at Dipolog City. The Hudyaka Festival is a celebration of the whole province of Zamboanga del Norte which now popularly known as ZaNorte. How could I just let this pass, I have not graced this part of Mindanao. I was looking forward to checking out how one province merge in one celebratory mood for the festivities. And because it was cool of the Seven Hundred One team led by Jan Michael Benson and our trusty mate, Thirdy to initiate the invitation and hosting of Pinoy Travel Bloggers to this event.

Together with Jam | Travel Jams and Xy-Za | Purple Slipperz, who are also Iligan-based Pinoy Travel Bloggers, set out for road trip to met the rest of the PTB’s Hudyaka at Dipolog City. We were looking forward to the road trip since we will be trying out the new ocean fast ferry with Iligan – Oroquieta route. Unfortunately, that did not go so well – which led me to point out, why I travel early.

As if misfortune had not stopped there, I found myself not feeling good by the late afternoon during the 6-7H transit on the road. I forgot to bring my eyeglasses with me, that made window seats a torture. To add to that, I had a light breakfast of cupcakes, and I was not into getting lunch while on the road. So, I just grabbed egg crackers and a bottle of water (smart move, right?!). What was I thinking? Or why was I not thinking.

Note to Self: Cupcakes, no matter how cute and yummy they are will not cut out as a travel prep food. Please get some decent and heavy food for the stomach.

This was what was waiting for us. Uhm. Okay, not exactly that picturesque image since we got there when it was already dark. But the Restreto was where we stayed at Dipolog City. It was warm and inviting, and the crew were very accommodating. I was impressed by the way they handled the guests, despite the fact that we lingered late at the cafe to work, and do stuff online. Together with ate Karen | Karenade, I was lucky to get a room with strong internet connection, but being with the rest of the guys is better than being cooped up inside the room.

The food! The food was heavenly. We were treated to a day of food bliss. These are some of the few food spots in Dipolog should visit and wonder where you can eat. Try the cool treat of the best halo-halo I’ve tasted (yes! yes! yes!) at Julie’s Halo-Halo and Refreshments, the tender meat, marinated in sweetly spiced bagoong — Binagoongan Pork at Big Joe’s, and the Spanish Sardines Pasta served by our host from the RBR. This was food coma!
Dipolog has a lot of interesting places to visit. From the 3, 003 steps at Linabo Peak, the Galeria Indolencio, the famous Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Cathedral, the Boulevard of Broken Dreams just a few steps from St. Cruz Marker, and the 3 figures of the P’gsalabuk Circle that massively stands — are some of the few places you can check out and visit.
But we were there for the Hudyaka 2012! The celebration of the cities and municipalities of ZaNorte. Showing the best on the lands and on the seas of the diverse province. I could play with them in the city streets, not minding the rest of the people as I take a spot and sat there and was awed by their upbeat, and lively performance. The celebration did not stop there, it went on until the wee hours!

I must say these guys really do know how to party!

The Hudyaka 2012 ramblings has just started. 
Keep updated on how 6 travelers met, and experienced 
Dipolog City and the Hudyaka 2012 together!

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The Provincial Government of Zamboanga del Norte | Gov. Rolando E. Yebes | Provincial Tourism Officer Atty. Patrick Ivan Ang | Hudyaka ZaNorte 2012 Chairman Atty. Flynt Concha | Mediatrix Homes Inc. | Rural Bank of Rizal, Inc. | Big Joe’s | Dipolog Design Team | Seven One Hundred


“The healthy being craves an occasional wildness, a jolt from normality, 
a sharpening of the edge of appetite, his own little festival of Saturnalia, 
a brief excursion from his way of life.”
 – Robert Maclver 


Why I Travel Early

We were very excited to take on the Hudyaka 2012 invitation. 1.] It was a festival of the whole ZaNorte province — all the cities and municipalities in one festive dance of merriment, 2.] another excuse to be on the road, and 3.] we really wanted to try out the new Iligan City – Oroquieta City ocean fast ferry.
Oroquieta City is where my mom hailed from, and when I told her I’d be off to Dipolog and will be trying out the new route, she was excited for me. After all, it means lesser travel time for us during visits to her hometown. And my grandparents death anniversary is around the corner, she may want to take this route herself.

Unfortunately, the 12 noon scheduled 1H and 30 mins. trip from Iligan City to Oroquieta was cancelled.

Reschedule it or have it cancelled totally and get a refund. — we did not have the luxury of time!
Here are the reasons why I travel early:
..and if you decide to join me in my trips, you would not wonder my my biological clock is set every 4-5AM for my everyday wake up call.

Delayed, and cancelled flights and trips.
Force majeure is a chance occurrence in which neither party has any control — an event described in legal terms as Act of God, and with that, it is hard to point at anyone for the blame. And sometimes, there’s nothing else that you could do when the voice from overhead speaker announces a late arrival of your plane. So I always put a considerable grace period and leave the itinerary lose for the transit day.
Less Traffic.
There are less vehicles on the road and pretty much a smooth ride — a moving vehicle heightens up my excitement! <– redundant! IKR?! But that’s exactly my point. Because it means I’m getting somewhere.  And beating the commuters is my top priority. I’ve been pushed through a bus window to save seats during my preteen days during hectic travel times when my mom would take us back to her hometown a lot of times. I think I have had enough of that. And I do not think it is a pretty sight for a 20-something year old female to climb into a bus through it’s window. Hmmmm.. (Actually considering) I think, I could still make that work. LOL! 
Daylight Time.
My rule of the thumb when I travel by myself — is get there by the earliest possible time I could, with daylight. Navigating around to find a  decent place to stay in the evening is pretty difficult. You might end up taking an accommodation just because it was the first, and closest thing you could find. And because I want to go around a place before calling it a day, maybe catch the sunset  there that would be good for my whole trip.

Early Birds Always Gets a Solo Chirping Act.
LOL! I do not know if that made sense. It’s just that I feel like there’s too much to do than waste it on sleep. As long as I have a good 4-5H sleep, I am good to go the next morning. Actually 4H is already a luxury for me. Waking up early, I get to do things on my own or with a few other people who feels the same way. I have never regretted waking up early, but I did, more than a few times, for staying in late.
So prior to purchasing the tickets, I had to air something out.  If I had my way of things, I would have preferred traveling early, even it meant early wake up call, and more time on the road. That got me a title from travel buddies, Jam & Xy-Za — I was a slave driver. LOL! I beg to differ. I guess, it’s because I look at travel like life itself — I only get one chance at it. I would never know when I get to do another adventure on the road. So, I use what I could, and stretch it out like a pizzaioli would with a pizza dough — to develop the gluten in the dough (???), and to achieve desired size. Let’s just stick to what is desired, I guess.


{ Sole Diaries } Solo Side Trip

Dapitan City
Post – Hudyakka Festival 2012
June 2012

Sometimes everyone needs to veer off their paths, and do a spontaneous short side trip! When you find yourself between travel high, and the impending visit of reality’s routine — just before you’re greeted with the familiar pot-travel depression — you run, somewhere, anywhere. Lengthen your time, stretch out what you could, and pack in how new experiences as you can. Maybe it is that feeling that I am okay to not wait on anyone, and just go off. Even if it means just me, and my backpack on the road.

Feeding My Love Affair | A Traveler’s Guide To Spending Diet

From the start (only He who knew when), I knew I could never work in an office — I would get bored with paper works, be uncomfortable in corporate attire, and the office work routine will be the end of me. I knew that I need to be interactive with my line of work, be it human, animals, plants, or with the dynamics of community building. I need to see progress in lives of the living.

That is my ideal profession.

But for now, my reality is:

I write. Professionally? No, that would take mastery and skills, and I would have to be regarded in that field. But I do write for a living though. 
I manage. Seriously? Yes, what started as a virtual assistant position has turned to project and team online management only a day after being hired because boss thinks I’m better off doing that. Today I’m working on setting up this project and team management online account for the employees of a  school smartphone apps based in Australia.
My only confession? I was not “programmed” for these. I am, kind of, a biologists, and soon to be nurse. I have yet to take that exam, and render my service to care for the sick. My calling has never faded one bit — I know one day I’d be doing code blue in my pristine white uniform. But right now, I am in a field of work that technical skills online, and my knack for word weaving has saved my pockets from running dry.
GOLDEN RULE: Draw a line of spending — and for crying out loud, I know it’s hard, but stick to that!
Here’s a Short Guide to Spending Diet:
Smart Shopping.
Take what you need and leave those that you want confined in your thoughts, under your bed in your head  and keep it there. Admit it. You have more than enough of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, make-up and other stuff. If you have 30% from your total wardrobe that has not been used (at least once) in 3 months — girl, you’re hoarding. Which bring me to another point that would be good for fund raising.
Garage Sales.
Carry the clothes and let not the clothes carry you. You can dig up great finds from garage sales, and at cheaper priced tags. And if you happen to be in dire need of a large amount of sum to get a travel project going — host one yourself. Bring out all the unused clothes and bid farewell to them, and let the new owner do them justice.

Couchsurf. Hostel. Tent Up.
Learn to use your charms and work up that couchsurfing contacts. These are people who understands your lust for the roads because they themselves has that one too. Hostel and other backpacker’s lounge are a welcome. Be open to these kind of accommodations, if you’re pretty adventurous on that, you might find interesting experiences along the way. For outdoors, you can bring a tent with you, saves you the trouble to find a decent and cheap place to stay. A minimum fee would be required, if not at all free — ask around, and smile when you do so.
Say Hello To Sari-Sari Stores and Local Vendors
This could be difficult for someone with a sensitive stomach, but nevertheless, you will be fed, and it will be a lasting satiety until next mealtime. Ask the locals where they eat and how they find the food there. 
Low Cost Hydration
Bottle up for the long term. Get yourself a water canister for the road and refill it when you need to. Not only do you save ~10Php or more, you lessen your plastic bottle use. But if you must buy a bottled water, get a 1 or 1.5L. A lesser evil than getting a couple of plastic bottles that will soon be inside garbage bins anyways.
Help Mother Earth breathe more easily – walk. It  lightens up her load from a lesser carbon footprint off of you, and it saves you a few extra change for something else. It is good exercise for the heart, builds stronger relationship with whoever you’re with, and is good for the environment. 

I am a single, female traveler, I can work anywhere I want as long as I have a decent internet connection with me, a laptop, and a coffee filled cup to keep me awake. It may not be what I intended for but for the love of travel, I found another alternative to feed it other than day jobs most people have. I would like to say that I am doing okay. I, honestly, do not have much. But to fed my love affair for the roads, it’s people, culture, and the better person I get myself from it — I just have enough.


“The struggle for existence leans to where favorable variations 
would prevail and others would perished.”
– Charles Darwin

CDO – Iligan – Ozamis – Oroquieta – Dipolog | Transportation Guide | How Get There Directions

This is a CDO – Iligan – Ozamis – Oroquieta – Dipolog detailed travel directions on how to get to these cities, and make do of a smooth travel along Northern Mindanao. There I was looking forward to a long weekend with Pinoy Travel Bloggers who were invited to witness the Hudyaka 2012 at Dipolog City. There were supposedly 10 slots available for bloggers but only 6 people came and celebrated Hudyaka with the locals.
But to get there, we have it to ourselves to get there on time for the busiest part of the month long celebration. Both Chino | Juanderful Pinoy, and Christian | Lakad Pilipinas were doing an early head start as they would do a long, and epic road trip from Manila to Dipolog. Yes. The good thing about their long bus rides and RORO trips in between is that they get to have side trips along the way.
Based in Iligan City, I traveled with Jam | Travel Jams, and Xy-Za | PurpleSlipperz for only half a day road trip to Dipolog City, to meet the rest of the people I’ll be meeting for the first time, and spend Hudyaka with them. Though it was a short road trip for me — I got sick along the way, tortured by with too much sight-seeing during the bus rides. But this is one route I would like to recommend for the many side trips you can have along the way.



Directions, and How to Get There Details for Iligan, Ozamis, Oroquieta, and Dipolog City:
*** Fares may change depending on approved rates:
**POST DATE :June  2012
**RECENT UPDATE :September  2013


1] a] Daily flights to Laguindingan International Airport, CDO
::: From Manila Travel Time
   Flight: ~1H 20mins
   Ferry: ~30H
::: From Cebu Travel Time
   Flight: ~30mins.
   Ferry: ~16H
1] b] Scehduled Ferry to Cagayan de Oro Port
::: From Manila Travel Time
    Ferry: ~30H
::: From Cebu Travel Time
   Ferry: ~16H

2] Laguindingan Airport – Iligan City | North Bound Bus Terminal
:: Shuttle Rate: 50Php Pax
Bus Rate: 85PhP
Travel Time: ~1 hour

3] a] Laguindingan Airport – CDO | Bulua Terminal
:: Shuttle Rate: 100Php Pax
Travel Time: ~1 hour

3] b] CDO | Bulua Terminal – Iligan City | North Bound Bus Terminal
:: Non- Aircon Bus ~40Phph Pax
:: Aircon – NonStop Bus ~ 85PHP Pax
Travel Time ~2H

***CDO-Iligan and vice versa bus fare is presently at 85Php.

::: Private Vehicle
Travel Time: 1H 30mins
::: Bus to Ozamiz City via Mucas
Take the bus at North/South Bound Bus Terminal of Iligan City
Travel Time: 1H 30mins
Fare: 95Php

::: Ferry / RORO
Travel Time: 30-45mins
Ferry Fare: 20Php/child or senior
300Php/private vehicle, driver is free from ferry fare
Terminal Fee ( Ozamiz Passenger Terminal only) 3Php
*** Metered taxi available
Flag down rate: 40Php
*** Rela/Pedicab
Fares: Regular 10Php

1] Daily flights from Manila, Cebu, and Davao – Ozamiz City
::: From Manila Travel Time
Flight: ~1H 20mins
Ferry: ~35H
::: From Cebu Travel Time
Flight: ~30mins.
Ferry: ~14H

2.] Bus to Oroquieta City
Travel Time: 1H 30 mins.
Fare: 65Php (Non-Airconditioned Bus)
90Php ( Airconditioned Bus)


::: Private Vehicle
::: Bus to Dipolog
Travel Time: ~2H 30mins
Fare: 125Php (Non-Airconditioned Bus)
145Php ( Airconditioned Bus)
Fare: 7-10Php

EN ROUTE | Torture On The Way To Dipolog

Here’s a visually impaired travelista after 5 hours or so on the road looking at the moving scenery. A plastic bag as a barf bag between the legs, a view of her feet, the back of the seats, and / or anything that is not moving.
Window seats becomes a torture when you forget to bring your eyeglasses. 
I could make out the print on my shoes, the texture of the carpet, the wrinkles on the plastic bag, and the bright red polish on my nails. My vision was never too much of a  bother despite the stubborn streak of not wearing my prescribed eyeglasses. What I do know is that I can not stare and let my line of vision wander too much on moving objects for too long. But I was too tired to tell myself, too engrossed with the scenery, and too lost in my thoughts.
So yes, I left my eyeglasses at a table top somewhere back home, and I vomited up inside a moving bus. I am not proud of myself. My cardiac sphincter has failed me. It could not hold the minimum content in the insides of my stomach. On my way back, I’ll try to sleep my way the whole trip — if only I could, that is!

What’s your mini travel tortures?

We have met the enemy and they are us!  ~Walt Kelly

PHL360 Diaries | Confession of the Secret Agent Entry

Out of the blue, I was asked by a fellow Pinoy Travel Blogger, Ron Cruz if I was interested in a travel project in the making. So, okay, I do not know the guy, I should be listening to the warning bells ringing, but there wasn’t any, and I am not 5 years old anymore that was told to not talk to strangers. I do read his and Monette Fernandez‘ blog — Flip’n Travels, I guess I knew a “bit” of him. I did not have any prior online interaction with him, but here he was, like some old friend from way back, and asking how things has been for some introduction. If you ask me now, it was a pretty lame introduction for both of us, since we never introduced ourselves at all. He was a PTB/Bagets, I guess that was the go signal. The idea and the project concept he brought to the table was something I could advocate for, if not help realize. I told my myself — this is nice, butterfly-in-the-stomach-exciting,and he and whoever he works with are crazy – I liked that, and the third one really closed in the deal.
Here was how I got into the team that drew the circle:
Ron Cruz: hey Lai! how are you?
Lisa Marie MirasolEi.. hi ron.. okay here except for minor problem on internet connection after electricity came up from the scheduled curtailment.. 😛
Ron Cruzahhaha… nasa iligan ka ba ngayon?
Lisa Marie Mirasolyeps.. currently sa iligan.. at kapitbahay ng pldt na nagloloko.. ahahahaha..
Ron Cruzhahahah i have a request sana
                 we are producing a series of webisodes, like reality travel series. 
                 eto yung trailer http://vimeo.com/37085178
                so two travelers + two camera crew and we are short of one team member for ****** — a *****. baka naman you can help us hehehe. Will you be interested?
Lisa Marie Mirasoli can not access the vid eh.. ill get on it when connection is fixed wukie.. as for the ***** member.. it would be an honor if schedule allows it.. kelan bah ung sched for this ron? do you guys need a heads up for ***** or something?
Ron Cruzhindi pa napapagusapan ng producers. send ko sayo details, it will be in april
                april **** what’s your email?
Lisa Marie Mirasolapril.. hmmmm.. ron, when do you need an answer? i need to consult a online calendar schedule kasi and its a struggle going through it on phone.. can i get back on you when i get my connection fix? sometime tomorrow perhaps.. 🙂
                  its pinaytravelista[@]gmail[.]com
Ron Cruz:  sure sure, let me know if you’re ok with it, though we cannot ****hehe. but will cover for all travel expenses, accommodation, and food for ***** days. and ***** hehe.
let me know so that we can send you the concept summary
Lisa Marie Mirasolhey ron.. I’ll be focusing on a prep for a major goal am doing by July.. but ill be able to get the days free and a sort of break for me.. hahahahaha.. dont have work for April pala.. just revamping the Iligan bloggers and another site.. So I am now jumping around for this opportunity to help you guys out.. no biggie on **** thingy.. Though you must send me whats expected of me and what you guys need, that way I can ****.. Other than that, I’m glad Phl360 is ******..

I got the email of the show concept, cast, and crew details — now, being new to the travel blogosphere, I must say, I felt like the small fish in the sea entering a secret blue hole that is  PHL360! With these other unique and colorful creatures — I’m Nemo-adventure-thinking right now, sorry for that. LOL! From the crew — I only get to meet Nina Fuentes | Just Wandering from the Philippine Blog Awards [Mindanao] 2011 — a quick “Hi and hello! and if you’re in town, let us do a Binondo food trip” short, and sweet meet-up. The rest were happy voices and loud laughter meetingst over Skype sessions — and in always a very welcoming mood. Everyone in this team seemed to be almost in sugar high most of the time. These are crazy people ( in the most darling way of complimenting them) that I would want be with.
Enter the secret agent status — but only for the briefest of time. Before my name, with photo, and “happy pill” description was up on the PHL360 site at www.PHL360.com. Great. I was actually happy being the secret agent – but no. Protocol. I guess? And, with that, I guess no secrets too great to keep can be selfishly kept.

PHL360 Diaries is a series of entries on personal accounts on  experiences on PHL360 Web Travel TV with the Team PHL360 and the PHL360 Travelers, by which this author could attest that even by a self-made-kinda-light-bulb-moment-conclusion “that these guys are wrapped in awesomeness” is — an understatement.
PHL360 | Web Travel TV



Life is a box of sweets.
I could say chocolates but if you just came in from Camiguin, a box of sweet buns is a pasalubong welcomed cheerfully. In one of my first few visits of the island, I brought home the same pasalubong for my mama and from then on, I knew any tasty tinapay would do the trick. My mamas kryptonite is tinapay, and what better way to go home from a out-of-the-blue weekend lakad bringing Vjandep Pastel ng Camiguin.
I guess for most of us, it is mostly like that. Sinusuyo natin yung mga magulang natin after going off somewhere. Well, mostly, the case for me. Whenever I’m on the road, I still do check my phone every once in a while to see if I get any messages from her. None. Which concludes that she must have gotten use to the idea that I run off somewhere but would still find my way back home without her having to worry.

PASTEL is actually a Spanish term for cake. Pastel is a tasty, soft bun with filling inside. It is a common treat for the affluent Camiguingnons of the time, especially during special gatherings and occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, fiestas, Christmas and the likes. Now they have 12 varieties of flavors available, like ube, chocolate, and durian to name only a few. But I have to say that yema (custard) filling will always be my favorite.

Maybe the reason why my mom likes me visiting the island is that i get to bring home this treat. She swears that a box of Pastel from Camiguin is tastier than the ones from their outlets elsewhere. Oh well. My mom just got back from her Palawan trip, and I kept finding reasons to just send her a messages just so. I don’t want her to feel alone, if ever she does. Not that she ever will. But I send her messages still, and that maybe she might do the same when I’m on the roads alone. LOL.

Anong kwentong pastel nyo?
“Count your blessings by thinking of those whom you love.”