PASALUBONG | Carabao Milk Bars

Every time I pass by Maramag, Bukidnon. I make it a point to stop by the Philippine Carabao Center. First because it’s a long stretch of highway of all greens, and if you’re lucky ( though, schedule, and not luck more has a way with it) — you’ll see what small moving dots of blacks are indeed Carabaos! I won’t get back into that detail. I get to go off my topic most of the time. Second, they have these milk bars that are just milky, and creamy that you would forget your name, especially on a hot day.

This other time, I stopped by for some treats here with some Iligan bloggers. We had a long road trip, and was on our way to Lake Apo again.
Alexander and I got one for ourselves, and another one for Jeffrey. He asked me if I could pay for his as I was on my way to the pay counter. He held on his, said he’d wait by the front, and started eating. I made a few stops on some coolers, to check out other products, and as soon as I got to the counter I paid the bill. 
It was a hot day, and I asked I could just carry the milk bars, and not have them packed in plastic bags. We were going to consume it anyways. And I was already wiping a corner and was ready to tear it off with my, uhm, teeth. We halfway consumed the frozen treats by the front of the open shop, when I looked at Alex, and asked who paid for his milk bar. Like all serious, and oh-my-gosh moment. And when we turned around, the ladies at the counter were laughing at us, because they overheard my tone of, “WHO PAID FOR YOUR MILK BAR?!” He answered, “You. I asked you too.” I was like, “No, I did not”, and I looked at the poor milk bar eaten halfway, and a bit melted from the hot weather — still not paid for. Ahahahahahaha..

So, okay. I did not forget my name, but I did forget something else. Which brings me to a point. Never ask anyone to pay something for you, and not let them carry the stuff to the pay counter. Like seriously. Especially not like milk bars on a hot day along the Maramag, Bukidnon highway with carabao’s dotting along their long stretch of property.
Because when you know how exactly this taste like, you might forget to be all blogger-mode for the moment. This was already bitten into carabao’s fresh milk bar, when suddenly I remembered I needed a photo for it. The last time I had them, I also forgot to take a shot. This was not helpful. But oh well.
We had seconds, even after the incident with Alexander, and his half-eaten-not-paid-for-yet milk bar. Ahahahaha.. I still get the laughs, every time. And yes, I also have bitten on the package before the shot. So I need not share further the love I have for these milk bars. They come in several flavors, but I’m a sucker for milk, and chocolate. I want them no other way than that. If home was only a few minutes away, I’d bring these  milk bars for my siblings. But for long transit, you can buy other milk products  on the shop.
Alexander will give me a bad stare, and the glare at me the whole time for blogging this one. But I’ll just laugh it off because I’d be reminded of this scene, yet again. So he will probably just shrug it off anyways. Ahhahaha.. Milk bars will always have some story behind them. Now, what’s your milk bar story?
+ Check out other milk products they had.
+ Contribute to the local economy, take a few more for friends back home too.
+ Ask to have your purchased goods not be packed in plastics bags when you see it fit that they don’t need to.
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Every Travel Started With a Dream

Every planned travel started out with a dream – Start dreaming!

Maybe you have been traveling since you were young, or fell into travel and adventure lifestyle by accident. Either way, it started as wanting to go someplace we have heard, read, or only dream of.

Travel is a verb. It conveys action, and it has to be rooted somewhere. Dream, and start there. 
Some of us gets the better part of life, to travel because work or marriage allows or requires it. Many with school trips, or family and/or friends on an outing. We may be young, or just young in hearts; some with enough time, or most trying squeeze in more with less time; a few may have enough to spend, fewer may have to work hard for it.

Your wallet size or financial status is not directly proportional to your dreams. So dream, because no one is too old, neither too young, or too good for it. Whatever disposition you are in right now — allow your thoughts to wander with books, magazines, shows, movies, blogs, and stories about travel shared, or told. Be nice to yourself, and let it remind you to allow yourself to feed your restless sole soul. 

DIPOLOG CITY | Restreto Inn

We arrived at Dipolog passed 7PM already on the 7th day of June. I was sick from the travel for traveling without my eyeglasses on, having a light breakfast, and passing up lunch as well. Ack! My travels have been carelessly thrown in these days.

Our host party had sent us a message to have ourselves checked – in at Restreto Inn and Cafe. Located at Brgy. Minaog, this accommodation is nearest the exit of Dipolog City to Dapitan City. It is the first barangay inbound Dipolog City, and closest to the Dipolog City Airport.

This used to be a 24H shop by the gasoline station fronting the Isuzu car shop that is now turned into a guest haven for visitors to this city. We found young families along with us during our stay here. It offers free breakfast and meals should you find your lazy bones melting that you would decide to stay in.
It still has a cafe up front with open and in-closed sitting areas. It opens at around 8-9AM for guest and closes at 9PM. Though a few guest would linger in the cafe longer until the wee hours to get some work on online stuff done where the wifi connection is the strongest.
Photo Credit to Purple Slipperz
It became our instant office/working station. We had to wait for both Christian and Chino, who were still on the roads. It was a bit tiring from the transit but 3 ladies who makes a living online battle it out with time, tiredness, and sleepiness to get some work done for the day. I shared a room with ate Karen, who happens to have remembered me from my highschool years. It turns out she was one of those post graduates in law school handling highschool students during MSU -IIT Noble Debating Society (MINDS) debate sessions . I  debated during those years but I never got into that society, highschool debate rounds got the good out of me with gastric ulcers that by the time I studied at MSU – IIT for college, I was made to promise not to get too much involved with it. I did still debated though — just for some kicks.

It was nice to meet someone from way back even if I barely remembered her. I always blame that on bad memory. It was a nice to share nice room with someone you’re comfortable with! And talk about nice rooms. We had clean and neat rooms that was spacious enough for both of us. The Wifi connection was not a problem and I was still able to connect during the wee hours to get some stuff done and some few chat sessions with a friend. The services of Restreto was impressive, they tended to our questions, and needs. They even helped us out when Chino got sick and they got him something for his tummy. Needless to say, we were happy to have stayed here. Clean sheets, hot coffee spelled a home away from home. 

If you’re driving in from Dapitan City, Restro Inn is on the first barangay when you enter Dipolog City.
Restreto Inn
National Highway Minaog, Dipolog City, 7100
065 908 2731
Coordinates: 8.602376,123.348731

The Provincial Government of Zamboanga del Norte | Gov. Rolando E. Yebes | Provincial Tourism Officer Atty. Patrick Ivan Ang | Hudyaka ZaNorte 2012 Chairman Atty. Flynt Concha | Mediatrix Homes Inc. | Rural Bank of Rizal, Inc. | Big Joe’s | Dipolog Design Team | Seven One Hundred

The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.”  ~Henry Boye

Pinay Travelista — Magpapahinga?

Wala akong lakas na loob na magblog in Filipino. Pero nga dahil kaarawan ko ngayon, wala na kayong magagawa kung hindi basahin ito at sumakit yang ulo niyo sa baluktot na Filipino ng isang Pinay Travelista. Ahahaha.. Now balik tayo sa kung anong dapat kong sasabihin. May NEWS ako —- Good News, Bad News, at Good! Good News! Kasi sa buhay hindi dapat pantay ang good at bad, dapat lang na mangingibabaw ang kabutihan sa kasamaan — be it sa isip ng tao, sa kanyang gawa, pananalita, at sa buhay as a whole. Dahil kahit nga ang pessimism ay para ring  reverse psychology ng optimism. Tinutulak tayo nito para gawing makabuluhan ang buhay — yun nga lang, ang lungkot at gloomy lang ng araw mo dahil negative vibes yung tumutulak sayo to be better — to do better. Kaya kahit magmumukha kang clown, be optimistic, umuulan ng kulay ang buhay  pagganyan! Ang nice kaya ng araw na super makulay. Kaya eto nah!
Good News! First time na may give-away dito. Para ito sa Birth Month Craze Celebration ni Pinay Travelista pero dahil birthday ko pa ngayong araw na ito, saka ko nalang sila i-uup, sa birthday na mismo ni Pinay Travelista when she turns 1 year old na! Fitting lang noh na kasing birth month ko yung blog ko! Ang ipamimigay ay mga travel-related stuff na I would recommend you could use. Hindi ako magaling gumawa ng contest mehanics kaya I’ll post them up as I go at bahala na kayo if you would like to join and get a chance to win the items. Abangan niyo na lang ha. Promise, hindi ko kayo ipapablog or what, uhm, pero nice sana if may magtratranslate ng Chinese Cinderalla to Filipino — tumpak yun! Mamahalin kita ng sobra at makakalimutan ko na may iba pa palang sumali. Ikaw na ang tatanghaling winner! Ahahahahaha! Eto na naman ako, pasensya na ang hyper lang yung utak ko ngayon.
Bad News!na good naman talaga. Magpapahinga na muna nga ako sa kakalakwatsa! So Pinay Travelista will be doing back posting ng mga travels ko na hindi nyo pa nabasa or alam man lang. Ang dami ko palang kagagahan na ginagawa sa mga trips ko! At ngayong kumportable na ako i-share, mababasa niyo na yung mga blooper moments ko! Kasi nga mag 1 year old na nga itong blog na ‘to, hindi ko naman akalaing tatagal ‘to di ba. So ilalabas ko na yung mga editor’s cut na story angles, problema niyo na yun if magugustohan niyo or maiinis kayo sa akin. Ahahahahahaha! So yun na muna yung ipopost ko kasi meron akong dapat gawin by December na dapat bigyang pansin at halaga kasi dito nakasalalay ang aking kinabukasan. Salamat sa isang tao na iniksian ang buhay ko ng naging kaibigan ko siya, “Oo! May bukas pa ako, ang lakas mo mang-asar ha! =P Tantanan mo si Pinay Travelista, or ipapadala ko yung cute butterfly minions na nakakamatay-ang-sweetness para guluhin lang yang buhay mo.” <— Hindi yan threat. Ganyan lang talaga kami. Carino brutal ang tawag diyan at dahil digital yung pagmamamahal ko sa taong yan, brutal din ako digitally. Ahahahaha.. 
Good! Good News! Hindi naman ito pamamaalam talaga. I never say goodbye when I only mean to say “see you later”. Ang hirap mag-goodbye sa isang tao, o bagay na nakagisnan at gusto mo naman makasama, maka-usap, mabasa, o makita muli, diba? Kahit na I’m parking my backpack up at the corner, I’m actually scouting for a new one too. Pagkatapos ng December-life-changing-event na yan, I’ll be saying hello to the roads again. I’m not sure kung gaano ako katagal sa daan, but alam ko na may hihintayin akong milagro while I, literally, get lost finding my way around the beautiful Pinas. Wala pa akong plano jan — kung ilang araw– 2 or maybe 3 months, magkano yung budget, anong route, or what. Bahala na si Batman! I’ll be throwing in what I’ve been carelessly doing for a few months now, planned spontaneous travel. Mabuti na rin na merong Pinoy Travel Bloggers and PTB Bagets ang magiging inspirasyon at guide ko para hindi ako mawawala sa daan! Sana I’ll get to meet you guys on the roads, or kung gugustohin man travel with me in parts of the journey para hindi naman akong magmumukhang loner, at — boring at lonely kaya sa daan for solo travels.
Akala ng ibang tao, I had life all figured out. Ang totoo diyan, I only figured out enough on what there is for me, and to at least try to be brave when taking the roads just to get there. Honestly lang, natatakot ako for this. Sino ba namang hindi matatakot — but God willing, the universe will conspire for success. ***Edited: Para lang pala ang sad ng note nito noh? But really it’s not. Takot lang ako — oo! Like soooo super! Naging honest lang ako — oo! Huba’t hubad yung kaluluwa. Huwag niyo na akong tanungin ako anong meron sa December! Ah, basta! =) 6 months is an awfully long, long, long time. And the months on the road will be so damn suicide for me — but I can not do just nothing for 2-3months wait period. Somehow I know this will be all worth it! =) 

P.S. Unang post in Filipino, kahit man lang Taglish, I think okay na yan! =P
P.P.S. Unang post din na wala man lang piktyur!
P.P.P.S. If tinapos mo ‘tong basahin — gosh! Ang bait at ang tiyaga mo naman! #FreeHug