Every planned travel started out with a dream – Start dreaming!

Maybe you have been traveling since you were young, or fell into travel and adventure lifestyle by accident. Either way, it started as wanting to go someplace we have heard, read, or only dream of.

Travel is a verb. It conveys action, and it has to be rooted somewhere. Dream, and start there. 
Some of us gets the better part of life, to travel because work or marriage allows or requires it. Many with school trips, or family and/or friends on an outing. We may be young, or just young in hearts; some with enough time, or most trying squeeze in more with less time; a few may have enough to spend, fewer may have to work hard for it.

Your wallet size or financial status is not directly proportional to your dreams. So dream, because no one is too old, neither too young, or too good for it. Whatever disposition you are in right now — allow your thoughts to wander with books, magazines, shows, movies, blogs, and stories about travel shared, or told. Be nice to yourself, and let it remind you to allow yourself to feed your restless sole soul. 
  • Helpful tips indeed!
    Do you have the same passion when it comes to traveling and photography because I believe they cannot separate to each other.

  • yeyeng

    helpful lai! nice!

  • When I first saw pictures of Jollibee, Tibanga location in Iligan City from my home half way around the world, I had a dream to be sitting in there eating burgers and looking out of the windows watching things like Jeepneys, Trisikads etc. going by which are things I had never seen or experienced before. Two years later after a lot of saving and planning I was able to do exactly that !

    This article describes exactly whhat I experienced in discovering what another part of the world that I had never been to before is about. It really did start out as a dream.

  • Thanks Mitch.. Photos are the closest you could capture, and visually share on every travel.. I guess i just try to do it that way.. Ehehehe..

  • Yeng! I have a plan! Uhmm… Not a PLAn plan, but a plan… Ahahahaha.. Will fix the details on it muna..

  • Really love the Jollibee story you shared Bob.. And I could see from your facial expression how it must've been for you to actually realized a dream of traveling to Iligan City. your love for Iligan is that like any local, true, and loyal.. Hope to see you again on your next visit.. My apologies that sometimes I can not get back on messages.. take care Bob and til then!

  • There was a time that I actually believe that you have to be rich for you to have the chance to travel. But thankfully, I come across helpful blogs like Gael's and James and from then on I was inspired to save up just so I could fulfill my dreams of traveling as well. Their blogs help me to realize that it was possible to travel even if you have a limited budget and the important part is to believe in your dreams!

  • Oo.. The popular misconception on traveling.. You do not have to be basking in riches to enjoy the perks of wanderlusting.. Those two blogs are concrete definition of that.. We have to start somewhere talaga, and most people do not get it — it starts with dreaming..