Be Flexible & Spontaneous

Be flexible and spontaneous with your plans, and be okay with that.
It is ideal to at least plan ahead. Only a few handful brave travelers set off to nowhere without a single plan in mind, and really do get away with it. But we are not molded in that same manner. So if you do not braved up for that kind of adventure — it is okay. Be confident on how you want things to push, or move along through. You need not be the perfect cookie cut-out of someone else’s travel style.
Here’s to remind you that no matter how foolproof your structured plans, and itineraries may be — there’s a general room for error that is a requirement needed to be applied. Be open to changes in itineraries, failed travel plans, or mishaps along the way — some of the best travels are the spontaneous ones.

ILIGAN CITY | Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0

When August arrived, I was already setting eyes on September. It is hard to plan any travels within that 2 month frame. As soon as September came — it became a busy month, and literally partying on the streets of some sorts somewhere in the city. Meet Iligan City, my hometown, that celebrates it’s festive fiesta for the whole month of September.
Diyandi Festival is the month-long celebration of the feast of Sr. San Miguel, the patron saint of Iligan. It was never always called Diyandi though. Last 2004, a resolution was passed and approved establishing Diyandi Festival as the tourism name of Iligan. One thing about Iligan is that, it is a hodge podge of culturally diverse people — so, it is a cultural celebration at that!
It has been a busy midyear for Iligan, and Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc., invited bloggers from blogging societies to join us for five days on the peak of this one month celebration. Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0 is the first year run of a waterfalling activity of the City of Majestic Waterfall. Hitting 5 waterfalls in 5 days, and sandwiching food trips, and witnessing events in between — it will be draining, but definitely one experience to go for.
It involves trekking, swimming, more swimming, and even more  trekking, (an exaggeration but you get the picture right?) and the some adventure rides, some tours in the city, and cap it off with gastronomical feasts. It is, definitely, right up my alley. Working on the itinerary was a headache! How do we maximize both time, and logistics without having to compromise experience? Fit it all in 5 days with this flexible itinerary, setting expectations for some strenuous days, required physically fit participants, and promised to deliver a great way to Discover, and Experience Iligan!

Trying out Firmoo Sunglasses

I never travel without sunglasses with me. Most of the time I am outside, and the sun’s glare can be harmful to the eyes that I always sport sunglasses on. Sometimes I travel with them, and forget to bring my prescription glasses in process, and that was a travel discomfort learned the hard way. Sunglasses can be helpful, especially during my migraine attacks that would usually last for days to a week. Given I do not let that stop me from enjoying the outdoors, sunglasses are helpful.

Blogging friends shared that Firmoo launched it’s Free Eyewear offer to first time buyers, and I decided to try and signed up for it. I had difficulty on tracking the package though, but the customer service sent an email to remind me that the package has arrived at the local post office. Sadly, the local post office in Iligan City is not as efficient on timely delivery. The email notifications I got from Firmoo was helpful for me to stop by, and pick up the package that has been sitting there for a month.

“This is a pair of unisex acetate full frame eyeglasses. These adorable frames are modern takes of aviator frames. They are a little smaller than the traditional aviator frames, however more suitable for daily wearing. Proper size of the frames are compatible for single vision and progressive lenses. It will be perfect whenever you are reading a book, watching TV or driving a car. Total weight of this gorgeous frame is only 18 grams, adding extra comfort to have it on your face. Colors are available in matte black, black inside with clear inside, black outside with blue inside and stripes in brown and clear. These classic frames never go out of fashion.”

Lightweight and Perfectly Fits.

I had doubts at first because it is REALLY lightweight at 18 grams. Some of my sunglasses are a bit heavy than the one I got from Firmoo. But the fit was perfect for my face, and that the weight actually makes it less straining on my nose bridge. My friends who got their prescription glasses on the online shop says that the lightweight eyewear actually feels as if they are not wearing their glasses at all. Which sold me out because I am browsing over the online shop to get me a pair for my prescription glasses.

Modern Styles.

I was excited to pick this one up for their modern take on the aviator shades. The frame, and lens size is not too big for my face and it does have ample coverage from the glare from the sun. I’m loving the frame, and it;s stripe design, and the fit is just right for me — I’m getting the same one for with my prescription. I think it would be just cool to have it as my prescription glasses, but I have to visit my doctor for that one first.
Eye Protection.
The frame I got is not for sunglasses, so they asked me if I want it in a shade. I wanted it for my prescription glasses at the first place but, I honestly forgot how impaired my vision is. Yeps, I don’t keep track of my I prescription, I let my doctor do that. So instead, I got to choose the color ( blue, brown, grey, green and purple) and the correct shade, or percentage in 20%, 40%, 60% or 80%. This one I got for 60% in brown. They offer different types of lenses depending on your preference, and the strength of your prescription.
Online Ordering.
It was my first time to order eyewear online.  Firmoo made it easy for their customers. There are selections of variety of eyewears on this online shop. And it is complete with frame dimensions so as to help the buyers choose the perfect fit, and size.
It came with a sleek black soft storage pouch, a leather-covered hard case, a cleaning cloth, and a glass repair kit and extra screws. 
Here’s the maintain method Firmoo recommends when using their product:
Use ultrasonic cleaning to shake out the dust
Twist off the screw, take off the lens and use professional cloth or paper to clean
Do not use cosmetics. It is easy to make the eyeglass frame fade
Gently folding the eyeglass frame from the left
Do not take off eyeglasses with a single hand. It is easy to make the eyeglass frame deform
Do not put the eyeglass frame under the sunshine for a long time
Cover the eyeglasses with cloth when you do not use and put into the glasses cases

If you want to give it a try, just try the FIRMOO FREE Eyewear for first-time buyers! 
Disclamer: An honest review for a sponsored product for Firmoo Global Optical Online Store.

FOOD | Getting Sloppy with Iligan’s Best Burger House

I have eaten mostly everything off their menu and I apologize for not having shared how much I’ve enjoyed my gastronomical adventures here. Well, yes, it’s Friday, and what best way to introduce this year young and hip burger house in Iligan City  — Flamoo Flamed-Grilled Burgers!
Most of the time, I come by alone, tired and famished, and waiting. I do not know why I am always decently on time nearly most of the time — that I have to wait. But sometimes, waiting can really be a drab when you’re hungry, and the smell of cooked meat whiffs in the air. Rarely do you find me eating by myself, unless on the road, because food for me is best served with nice company. But, I must confess, that even the colorfully printed dress, and cutey flats I wear could not mask the “ungirl-like” appetite I have, if society will have a way to describe it, with Flamoo’s cozy-spaced interiors and warm service really welcomes me enough to get me to eat by myself comfortably.

Flamoo is now gaining popularity as Iligan’s best burger house. Located at the grounds of Calda, The Strip, this offers a nice hang-out for family on the weekends, teenagers on late afternoons, and some night get-togethers for yuppies. I guess, I love the idea of The Strip being a large open field for children to run around, old friends to get together, and big families to have bonding time. I would say, Flamoo sits invitingly, and fits perfectly well at a corner of this big spacious lawn. And when the natural lights dims out, and the stars peeks out, it is when still hot burgers, and really cold beer marries well together with laughter trying to fill up the space to no avail.

My high school classmate once sales-talked me about the types of burgers and sandwiches this establishment have, and before long, I’ve been going thru finding the best on the menu for my taste buds. My favorite so far is the Sloppy Burger, and their Grilled Crab, and Mango Sandwich drained with their red iced tea in funky tall glasses. As Flamoo turns one this year, here’s sending my warm greetings of a great one year! Sending you good vibes for the much appreciated help during the times, when Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. held temporary HQ at The Strip on the months when TS Sendong hit our good city, and because your service and good food never failed my satiety!

To more burger patties to shape, sandwiches to grill, and more people to welcome! Happy year old Flamoo Flame-Grilled Burgers!