Be flexible and spontaneous with your plans, and be okay with that.
It is ideal to at least plan ahead. Only a few handful brave travelers set off to nowhere without a single plan in mind, and really do get away with it. But we are not molded in that same manner. So if you do not braved up for that kind of adventure — it is okay. Be confident on how you want things to push, or move along through. You need not be the perfect cookie cut-out of someone else’s travel style.
Here’s to remind you that no matter how foolproof your structured plans, and itineraries may be — there’s a general room for error that is a requirement needed to be applied. Be open to changes in itineraries, failed travel plans, or mishaps along the way — some of the best travels are the spontaneous ones.
  • "Some of the best travels are the spontaneous one". Sometimes it's so stressful gumawa ng itinerary kaya minsan I'll just make a simple draft, without too many plans on it and just go where the wind blows na lang. I've done that twice already and so far naman nageenjoy din ako ng sobra. I just excitedly think of the surprises that will come my way, be it good or bad.

  • ditto! it's nice to have a sense of adventure sometime and let go of a detailed plan.

  • Yeah! Spontaneous' a lot better than detailed plans. Thanks for the thought. =)

  • Cannot agree more. I'm nothing if not spontaneous or well, random haha!

  • true that! Masnakakaenjoy yung walang plano.. I guess because you know that anything goes eh.. And halos lahat nalang ng na.eexperience mo surprises you nga talaga! To more happy travels to you then!

  • Hi Killerfillers, Athena, and Drew! right you on guys! di naman ibig sabihin na hindi masaya ung makaplano.. but I guess there's the element of surprise when you do this spontaneously.. and you get to appreciate, even the little stuff more! =D