Dear Marawi,

I heard a lot of stories about you. Some good. Some bad. Some really bad. Twenty-something years old  already, I came to face my fears of the roads.  I have to be honest, you’re one of it. I have to be frank in saying that maybe it is because I feared you from the stories I’ve heard. Those, and the nagging thought that maybe I might visit you in an unfortunate circumstance during, what we would call —  “isolated incidence”. And brush it off with “Just your random incident with the rebels, or of other kind“, like lint on a sleeve of an expensive shirt. I would not want that. Not for me, or for anyone else.

Twice I visited you now. And twice you never failed to teach me that difference, and acceptance is a married concept. Maybe it’s that. Maybe that is what I am now betting on. That there will always be difference that makes a place unique to it’s own, and I have to accept that. You’re beautiful, you know. You’re beautiful — your people, those streets, and some run down buildings, brightly colored mosque, and the richness of your culture, and tradition. I like it just like that. You had me when you taught me what Bulos Kano meant. Thank you for being nice to me at the time of those visits. I hope all visits will be like that — nice, enriching, and safe. Sometimes, it is better to be proven wrong, than be sorry to you say that what you thought about a place was right all along. 
Yours, Pinay Travelista

Directions, and How to Get There Details for Marawi City:
*** Fares may change depending on approved rates:
       POST DATE : October  2012


1] a] Daily flights to Laguindingan International Airport, CDO
::: From Manila Travel Time
   Flight: ~1H 20mins
   Ferry: ~30H
::: From Cebu Travel Time
   Flight: ~30mins.
   Ferry: ~16H

1] b] Scehduled Ferry to Cagayan de Oro Port
::: From Manila Travel Time
    Ferry: ~30H
::: From Cebu Travel Time
   Ferry: ~16H

2] Laguindingan Airport – Iligan City | North Bound Bus Terminal
:: Shuttle Rate: 50Php Pax
   Bus Rate: 85PhP
   Travel Time: ~1 hour

3] a] Laguindingan Airport – CDO | Bulua Terminal
:: Shuttle Rate: 100Php Pax
   Travel Time: ~1 hour

3] b] CDO | Bulua Terminal – Iligan City | North Bound Bus Terminal
:: Non- Aircon Bus ~40Phph Pax
:: Aircon – NonStop Bus ~ 85PHP Pax
   Travel Time ~2H
***CDO-Iligan and vice versa bus fare is presently at 85Php.

  4] Iligan City | North Bound Bus Terminal (Tambo) – South Bound Bus Terminal (Camague)

        :: Free if you are riding a bus from CDO.
           Get off at the South Bound Bus Terminal (Camague)
        :: If you drop off at the Bus Stop or at 
North Bound Bus Terminal (Tambo): 
            — Take any jeepney line bound for the city proper 
            — Ask the driver to  drop you at Zoey’s Cafe ( Gen. Aguinaldo St.)
                      Fare:  7.50PhP
                      Travel Time: ~15 mins.
            — Take another jeepney (Bacayo or Buru-un) line
            — Ask the driver to drop you off at South Bound Bus Terminal (Camague)
                     Fare:  7.50PhP
                     Travel Time: ~15 mins.
   5] Iligan City | South Bound Bus Terminal (Camague) – Marawi City | MSU -Marawi Campus
        :: FX  / 10 pax
                     Fare:  70PhP pax
                     Travel Time: ~45 mins.
        :: Jeepney
                     Fare:  50PhP pax
                     Travel Time: ~1.5 H

  • Nice to read this letter type of post. At first I was hesitant to join my colleagues to go this part of the region in Mindanao but I dont have any choice when your job dictated you to do such responsibility in researching some documents in the Office of their Registry of Deeds. When I saw "her", I was amazed with the scenic view along the road especially the "Lord of the Rings" sight in the left side of the road at the ascending road. How beautiful it is that Marawi is feared by everyone. If I will be told to go back there, I would love to do it again and visit "her".

    Nice Lai. Kumusta?

  • hi kuya Bon!!! eto lublob sa trabaho and yung something Im preparing for.. but okay lang din naman.. I hope you're okay and doing fine too! Oo.. Ganda ng Marawi.. I like din yung daan a few minutes before you enter the city.. Sana nga lang pwede magstop for a bit for the view.. Ganda!