MARAWI CITY | Transportation Guide | How Get There Directions

Dear Marawi,

I heard a lot of stories about you. Some good. Some bad. Some really bad. Twenty-something years old  already, I came to face my fears of the roads.  I have to be honest, you’re one of it. I have to be frank in saying that maybe it is because I feared you from the stories I’ve heard. Those, and the nagging thought that maybe I might visit you in an unfortunate circumstance during, what we would call —  “isolated incidence”. And brush it off with “Just your random incident with the rebels, or of other kind“, like lint on a sleeve of an expensive shirt. I would not want that. Not for me, or for anyone else.

Twice I visited you now. And twice you never failed to teach me that difference, and acceptance is a married concept. Maybe it’s that. Maybe that is what I am now betting on. That there will always be difference that makes a place unique to it’s own, and I have to accept that. You’re beautiful, you know. You’re beautiful — your people, those streets, and some run down buildings, brightly colored mosque, and the richness of your culture, and tradition. I like it just like that. You had me when you taught me what Bulos Kano meant. Thank you for being nice to me at the time of those visits. I hope all visits will be like that — nice, enriching, and safe. Sometimes, it is better to be proven wrong, than be sorry to you say that what you thought about a place was right all along. 
Yours, Pinay Travelista

Directions, and How to Get There Details for Marawi City:
*** Fares may change depending on approved rates:
       POST DATE : October  2012


1] a] Daily flights to Laguindingan International Airport, CDO
::: From Manila Travel Time
   Flight: ~1H 20mins
   Ferry: ~30H
::: From Cebu Travel Time
   Flight: ~30mins.
   Ferry: ~16H

1] b] Scehduled Ferry to Cagayan de Oro Port
::: From Manila Travel Time
    Ferry: ~30H
::: From Cebu Travel Time
   Ferry: ~16H

2] Laguindingan Airport – Iligan City | North Bound Bus Terminal
:: Shuttle Rate: 50Php Pax
   Bus Rate: 85PhP
   Travel Time: ~1 hour

3] a] Laguindingan Airport – CDO | Bulua Terminal
:: Shuttle Rate: 100Php Pax
   Travel Time: ~1 hour

3] b] CDO | Bulua Terminal – Iligan City | North Bound Bus Terminal
:: Non- Aircon Bus ~40Phph Pax
:: Aircon – NonStop Bus ~ 85PHP Pax
   Travel Time ~2H
***CDO-Iligan and vice versa bus fare is presently at 85Php.

  4] Iligan City | North Bound Bus Terminal (Tambo) – South Bound Bus Terminal (Camague)

        :: Free if you are riding a bus from CDO.
           Get off at the South Bound Bus Terminal (Camague)
        :: If you drop off at the Bus Stop or at 
North Bound Bus Terminal (Tambo): 
            — Take any jeepney line bound for the city proper 
            — Ask the driver to  drop you at Zoey’s Cafe ( Gen. Aguinaldo St.)
                      Fare:  7.50PhP
                      Travel Time: ~15 mins.
            — Take another jeepney (Bacayo or Buru-un) line
            — Ask the driver to drop you off at South Bound Bus Terminal (Camague)
                     Fare:  7.50PhP
                     Travel Time: ~15 mins.
   5] Iligan City | South Bound Bus Terminal (Camague) – Marawi City | MSU -Marawi Campus
        :: FX  / 10 pax
                     Fare:  70PhP pax
                     Travel Time: ~45 mins.
        :: Jeepney
                     Fare:  50PhP pax
                     Travel Time: ~1.5 H