Why Our Types of Travels Change

Stepping back and looking at how my travels last year went, I must admit to find a big difference: I threw in more careless carefree trips up my block. I occasionally got spur of the moment — spot a destination, roughly estimate an overall budget, check if travel fund has enough on it to get me by, mental-list must visit spots, and then set off. How I did I ever became so careless carefree?!
Early half of 2013 though, I’ve been more comfortable in slow paced travels. Going off, and taking charge of my time, and how long I stay at a place. I find comfort in longer stays, and less hurried transits from one destination to the next. I go for really comfortable accommodation than I’m used to when I still have enough budget for it. I honestly can not say that those are smart moves for someone who works to fatten both her savings account, and travel fund at the same time. But if something feels so good at  the moment, it can’t be that bad right? There have been slight, and obvious differences on how I looked at travel now, and how I pursued it before. So why do travel types changed?

Grew In or Out of It. Is when planning is innate, and somehow you woke up one morning, and forgot it under the sheets. When you just want to  see pass the planning stage and just want to jump from destination dreaming to actually being there. Yes. A few of you may have felt this too. When you’ve been travelling for so long or when traveling becomes second to breathing, sometimes the passion is still there minus the Mrs. Strict Planner, Mr. Packing Guru, or Ms. Detailed OC voices constantly speaking. Or it could be the opposite, when you realize that you’re want more security and self-assurance by kicking out that carefree habit, and start off a planned trip with well-researched, and spotless itinerary.

And Better Our Skill. Somehow. Getting inspiration for travel are open  goods for the picking. The same that you find in exotic charmed market of lined up vendors. We learn from what we read, what we were told, and from our own experiences. We learn to lessen up our load, and do a not-more-than 7 pound carry backpack, or subconsciously just grab the essential outfits with calmness when asked to pack for only 5 minutes for a spontaneous trip. To dress, and impress, and let not traveling kill our inner fashionista’s, or to pack a month trip for less than 10 pound pack. We tend to shed off our skin for a new one after each travel — like a snake would  when molting because that is just how it goes. It’s because we learn from previous trips, and it betters us in our travel decisions, and routines.

Silently or Openly Challenged Self. Our type of travels never stagnates and collects grub in a puddle. It is moving — it is intangible and reflects the kind of people we are. So we once in a while — amp it up.  Sometimes we just challenge ourselves to lengthen our trips, and/or intensify our experiences with adventures. Challenges ourselves to conquer mountains when we thought we could not do, or take on a month long backpacking, when we’re used to weekend trips. Sometimes travel is pursued to test one self, and one’s capacity, and ability to conquer more than the four walled rooms we have.

Finding Comfort. And when the routine seems to be too much to handle we allow a more subdued atmosphere, and force ourselves to relax. To find comfort by lessening physically draining travel adventures, or booking  expensive hotel room for restful nights. We call up travel agencies for package tours because  having someone take care of travel details can sometimes be less stressful. Admit it, that in as much as our type of travels reflects our personalities, sometimes we throw in something far from what we are so used to in our travel routines. Hey! Don’t let anyone tell you there’s something wrong with that. Anyone who does, does not know what they are talking about. Mostly.

Grew Up and/or Status Changed. That the passion is there but our lives, routines, and priorities have changed. Sometimes, we set our priorities to a future life that we would like to have. And everything else fits in as if the pieces were just waiting for a mold for it to take shape. And a few would be blessed to be married to travel when finding a better half loving travel equal if not surpasses their own. Our backpacks may changed to luggage of half full of children’s clothes and toys, some can be more of business trips, or finally that long term backpacking dreamt of, or this time planning travels, and packing is now with another person in mind. All these simply because our travels has change because our lives have.



Though our types of travel may change, it does not change the fact that we just love to travel. Whether it may have changed from backpacking, to glampacking, from mountaineering, or beach bumming to packaged tours — just remember that travel is not a generic cardboard box you get from somewhere. It is different for everyone, and definitely comes in different forms in one’s lifetime. What I am saying is be comfortable on the travel pace you have, and the kind of trips you prefer at the moment, and always welcome changes in perspective. Like our personalities, our travel styles are unique to one’s own, and change in perspective, and outlooks is not bad if it means growth.

LAGUINDINGAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT | Transportation Guide | How Get There Directions

When Laguindingan International Airport opened, and received it’s first inbound domestics flights last June 15, 2013, commuters have been hesitant as to transportation arrangements that would accommodate them. Laguindingan International Airport, contrary to what most people believe, is not located at Cagayan de Oro City. It is located at the Municipality of Languindingan that is now that the entry and exit for air travel for Northern Mindanao Philippines.  Here is a detailed guide on how to get to, and from Laguindigan International Airport if you’re going to or coming from it’s neighboring cities — Cagayan de Oro City, and/or Iligan City.

List of Laguindingan International Airport Transfers

Post Dated: August 2013
Recent Update: February 2016

Magnum Express 199PhP/Pax  Rate
0917 7712255
Email: magnumexpress_cdo@yahoo.com
Schedules:   3:30 AM – 8:00PM (CDO – LIA) ; one hour interval
Location:     Magnun Express Terminal, Main Entrance Lim Ket Kai Mall, CDO | Booth at LIA’s Arrival Terminal
City Drop-off Points from LIA: Kauswagan (Savemore); Lim Ket Kai Mall (Magnum Terminal); Centrio Ayala Mall; Agora bus Terminal

Baggage Allowance: Passenger is allowed to bring only one carry-on, and one luggage with no weight restrictions. Balikbayan boxes, or packages large enough to occupy one seat is allowed, and is charged with rate equivalent to one person or what is appropriate.

Laguindingan Airport Express | LAX 199PhP/Pax  Rate
0917 710 1529
Location: Centrio Mall, CDO | Booth at LIA’s Arrival Terminal
Drop-Off Points: Centrio Mall, CDO

Baggage Allowance: Passenger is allowed to bring only one carry-on, and one luggage with no weight restrictions.

CDOTransco 130PhP/Pax
LIA – Iligan City
( Commuters Drivers & Operators Transport Cooperative)
0942.447.555 | 0923694.6442 | 0942.280.0004 | 0943.620.0417 | 0943.628.2572
Schedules:   3:00AM (First Trip) Iligan City- LIA
Location:     Petron Tibanga near H30 | Booth at LIA’s Arrival Terminal
As of the recent revision, I am not sure if this shuttle/van transport that ferries passengers directly from Iligan City to Laguindigan Airport and vice versa is still operating.
Baggage Allowance: Passenger is allowed to bring only one carry-on, and one luggage with no weight restrictions, packages, or balikbayan boxes may be charged depending on size.
Super 5 Airport Shuttle & Transport 115Php Bus Fare + 50PhP/Pax for Airport Shuttle
Schedules:   4:00 AM  First Trip Iligan – LIA
Location:    Buses at Iligan City Northbound Bus Terminal or Bulua Bus Terminal | Booth at LIA’s Arrival Terminal
Baggage Allowance: No specifics.

Note: All Super 5 Bus Passengers from Iligan City, and CDO are prioritized of the Airport Shuttle. Just inform the bus conductor that you’re bound for Laguindingan International Airport. The bus will drop passengers off at the Super 5 LIA shuttle terminal, and their airport shuttle awaits the passengers, and drives them to the airport vicinity.

Rural Transit Bus115Php Bus Fare + Taxi Fare at Taxi Bay at the highway
Schedules:   4:00 AM
Location:    Buses at Iligan City Northbound Bus Terminal or Bulua Bus Terminal
Baggage Allowance: No specifics.
Note: The bus will drop passengers off at the taxi bay at the highway. It is near LIA, and taxi awaits the passengers, and drives them to the airport vicinity. As of this writing, I do not know how much the taxi from this taxi bay to LIA costs.
Location: Further outside the LIA’s Arrival Terminal (one has to walk a bit out of the parking area)
Note: I can not say for sure how much a taxi would charge for a CDO-LIA or vice versa, or an Iligan – LIA or vice versa transport. Flag down rate is still at 40PhP, and then the rate would depend on the distance covered by the vehicle. Other taxi drivers charge passengers per agreed price. You can also ask if they can directly take you to CDO, or Iligan City for an agreed price. For Iligan City bound passengers, rate can start at 1,500-2,000PhP.

+ For CDO – Laguindingan International Airport & v.v. commuters:
  • You can check the vans that transfers passengers to Laguindingan International Airport at their stations/terminals.
  • If you’re planning to take the bus, you can take different bus lines at Bulua Bus Terminal, but the Super 5 Airport Shuttle prioritizes their bus passengers. I suggest you take the Super 5 bus line.
  • If you just flew in, and your destination is CDO, you can take any van as it will take you within CDO city proper. Choose which van drop off points will be near your destinations.
  • If you just flew in, and your destination is the neighboring place of CDO, you can take the airport shuttle – bus line. It will drop off passengers at Bulua Bus Terminal, and from there, you can take the a Agora Bus Terminal bound jeepneys found inside terminal.

+ For Iligan City – Laguindingan International Airport & v.v. commuters:


***You can take different bus lines at Iligan City Northbound Bus Terminal, both Super 5, and Rural Transit has their own Airport Shuttles that prioritizes their bus passengers.
***NOTE: From Iligan City, you will take the Super 5, or Rural Transit bus, and be dropped off at their terminal at the national highway where the shuttle will pick you up. From the Airport, the shuttle will only take you up until the their terminal at the national highway where you will wait for one of their buses to accommodate you.
*** Super 5 bus lines has new, and clean bus, and I love this bus line for their strong marketing skills, but I have a problem with their bus intervals, of which they (most of the time) wait to have all bus seats filled before going. For a traveler, this can be very frustrating to be told of a 15 minute interval, only to check your watch that it’s has exceeded that. I suggest you do an early head start to make sure you get to your flight on time. Unfortunately, as of this updated writing and revision, I have not yet tried the Rural Transit Bus – Airport Shuttle transfer.

***Rate will be the same as you travel from Iligan City to Cagayan de Oro City. A bus stop is intended for all other bus lines (except Super 5) where Taxi wait. No shuttle/vans are available at this bus stop.
***Flag down rate is still at 40PhP, and then the rate would depend on the distance covered by the vehicle. Other taxi drivers charge passengers per agreed price.
FOR CDOTransco:
***The only transportation that directly ferries the passenger from the airport to Iligan City. Vans are small (multicab vans) but they do not wait out for the all the seats to be taken. This one is ideal for large groups, or travelers with balikbayan boxes, or large baggages. You can ask to pay for the whole van to take you to Iligan City, and also ask them to take you to your home/office address to help you with your stuff.
***For travelers new to Iligan, I like that CDOTransco would drop the passengers off as far into the city proper at Gaisano Mall, or take you to your home/office address for large group/families.
***Please contact the numbers above for bookings & reservations
+ For traveler’s who are  planning trips within Northern Mindanao:
Please check out  destination posts HERE, these might help you on your travel destination around Northern Mindanao.