ILOILO CITY | Getting To Know Iloilo On Foot

Went to Iloilo City without any definite itinerary. Good thing I was travelling with a blogger friend who invited me to join his trip when one of our other friend could not join him. He came in prepared with his own well-planned itinerary which I was glad that he did. Here is a quick and useful travel guide around Iloilo City: Continue reading ILOILO CITY | Getting To Know Iloilo On Foot

ILOILO CITY | A Day at the Museo de Iloilo

It was a pretty long walk around the Iloilo center, and seeing old building with people, and people vehicles making their way along the streets of the city. And in middle of the day under the heat of the sun we took refuge, and some took with us historical, and cultural learnings inside the Museo de Iloilo.
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ILOILO CITY | The City Streets & Structures

Iloilo City, I tell, is one of those places I visited that made it seem like I fit in — that I’m no alien. Even when their dialect is a new to me, as I was to their streets, it did not sound difficult to comprehend it’s context. And in the few days I was there, it felt like I could call it a second home.

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12 Basic Rights of Air Passengers


Here is a helpful infographic of the summary of the Rights of Air Passengers from DTI. It is based on DOTC-DTI Admin Order No. 01 or the Air Passenger Bill of Rights. You can actually save the image on your mobile phones so you can easily look it up if you feel there’s the need to.


DOTC-DTI Joint Administrative Order No. 1, s. 2012
PDF Format of this infographic

2014 | Year That Was In Lessons

If there’s one memory I would like to remember 2014 with, it would be traveling with someone with unspoken agreement of taking turns in sleeping while on transit. For someone who traveled by herself most of the time sleep on transit is a luxury only a worrier can afford when with company.

But apart from travel, and all these travel blogging, 2014 was also about being  not too wrapped up in the blogging world, and to share other stuff that I do in the hopes that Pinay Travelista become a corner of life on the road, and meaningful living at home. Here are some things I’ve learned from instances, and people who made the year colourful:

Go after Your Dreams

Chase your dreams like you would your breath after a fast run. Do not get intimidated with fear when you met it but use it to your advantage to push you even more. And when you think that dreams are too big, or nonsensical than the ones on some lists you read somewhere — remember that your dreams, and it’s success is yours alone. So do not get too heart broken when people lash out on your plans but..

Give People Space To Fight Their Own Demons

Because knowing yourself is not some virus that you can infect people with. The least one can do give some space for them fight their own demons. There’s no use to getting angry, or mess a perfectly fine day when someone is having a fit. Let them have it, let them tire the negativeness out, let them sober, and let them grow, and know themselves more. Because we..

Don’t Burn Bridges, Just Don’t Go Crossing Over Them Again

We do not give up on people no matter how f*cked up the goodbyes were, and how silent it is at the other end of the line. I do not believe that burning bridges gets us anywhere but using up negative emotions of trying to end some relations. Because however hurt, or disappointed we get, we MUST admit at there was a time we enjoyed life with whoever it is at the other side of the bridge. And because I try not to let negative emotions rule too much of me that I’d rather we celebrate who we are today because of who we were, and were with in the past. Just do not forget wisdom when you come across past bridges again. Some bridges are better off left uncrossed again. After all, one needs to..

Respect Oneself

Because loving yourself is too too self-indulgent. And because it tends to blur out the fine line of enjoying life, and losing respect in yourself. Remember that respecting yourself is knowing what you’re worth, and what you rightfully deserve. And when a life’s dance turns sour — we move, we sway, we leap — it’s what keeps us grounded, and puts people in their rightful places in our lives, and us in theirs. After all you can’t demand people to respect you, if you don’t yourself, and don’t of others. What I’m getting at is that..

The World Is Not All About You or Anyone

So stop making it all about yourself, or about someone else. We all have a place in this world no matter how overpopulated the world has gotten. Be a bigger version of yourself by being the game player like everyone else. Let people in instead of shutting them out, or try not to be too private to a fault. Because there’s nothing sweeter than to..

Allow to be Taken Care of.

There are something that we can do independently but there is comfort knowing that someone has your back, looks after you, and genuinely cares for you. Stop being too miss independent and allow yourself to be cared for. Because we can only take too much of some things, and it;s nice to have someone being the security blanket during those rough times.  And when pushes comes to a shove do not forget that..

Sacrifices Are Not Badges We Wear On Our Sleeves

These are secret victories we hold close because only we, and possible a few others know how much blood, sweat, muscles, and tears you went through to hit a mark. Some gems we find in the rough are best celebrated with the people who genuinely are happy for you – regardless of relation, skin colour, stamps on passports, current status in life, and social media network preference. But you also need to..

Give Yourself Some Credit

Because the little cheerful voice in you can get tired, and can hit the bottom hard when you do not fill up your mojo jar of confidence. Give yourself a pat on the back, kick off those shoes, spotify the whole house dancing on your toes, and give yourself some loving and dance like nobody is watching!

When 2013 was a busy travel year, 2014 was more laid back. I’ve only been on the road to 4 provinces, and 2 countries, enrolled in a cooking classes, & aerial yoga sessions, home-practiced yoga, and made writing stints on print. It may not have been a year of travels —  but life pretty much took my breath away,  had my heart racing, and gave me some great frights of my life. So I have to say that all went well, and all is too well!

2014 | Year In Travel

2014 was not been entirely good to me, but it was with my travels. When I started the year, no travel plans have been made, and no travel destinations was hunting me in my dreams. But I know myself better than leaving it to just that. So there was this one thing I promised to myself, it was lesser travels, more of home life, and a bit of reintroducing myself to fitness, and the kitchen. I know that it was a recipe for disaster, but I am glad that it was a year that did not disappoint.
Siargao Island, Surigao Del Norte
A “no” was out of the conversation. So wanderlusting started when summer came too early. When I thought I did not have any plans of travel that year, I could not say no to an already long standing invite. Siargao was a burst of sunshine that was too early, and too beautiful to have that leaves you  wanting for more.

Bucas Grande, Surigao Del Norte
The weekend after, I got to go back that part of the country again. Bucas Grande at Sohoton is as beautiful, and colourful as the people in it. And I met, and made good friends with the people I went with. The beauty of travel and social media, and how it connects people amazes, and surprises me. It teaches you to be grateful of how short, but well-spent each moments you have with another.
Limunsudan Falls, Iligan City
Then came a month of stress, and of fighting of stress. It was a month realizing that passion came in with interest, loyalty, and selflessness. And that just because everyone is passionate about one thing, doing something about it is another story not everyone is willing to take part of. We finally got to visit the mysterious Limunsudan Falls, and I felt my age in my tired, and sore body after that rough, and long transit going there. There’s a reason why this waterfall is not that visited, and well documented like the rest of them beautiful ones. And I would like to think that there’s this secret shared only between Limunsudan Falls, and I.
Waterfalling Adventure Tour 3.0 + some Mis. Oriental waterfall sidetrip

And when others stepped back with the fear of failing, a few trudged on with the fear of not trying. The annual adventure tour hosted by the blogging society I’m with went on this crazy, and ambitious adventure that covered Ma. Cristina, Mimbalot, Dodiongan, Tinago, and Limunsudan Falls in less than a week. And people, and events gives you a spin, and when all that spinning stops – something surprises you.

Cotabato City + Asik-Asik FallsMay
This was also the month I got to tell another soul that I’ve outgrown a family that helped me grew. Not because I’m too good for it, or that I do not need the company of the people in it anymore, but because others need to step up, and take on bigger roles for themselves too. With finality, and some tears came a deadline I’ve set to myself that can only be stretched with a few months consideration.  And a heavy cloud just flew somewhere else than rest in my heart. So I allowed myself to be cornered to joining blogger friends I’ve already traveled with to an extended waterfall hunt landlocked in the heart of Mindanao. There where the Golden Mosque is definitely postcard, print, and frame-worthy, and the same, I can say, to Asik-Asik Falls.
Iligan + Bukidnon + Davao
late May – early June
When I thought summer had ended, it decided to stay a bit longer, and stretched it out for me. Like it knew I needed more sunshine, even when the grey clouds were setting in for the rainy season. On the way home, I got a message that a friend, J, was on his way to Iligan for a few weeks. He was nice enough to let me off the hook, and decided we can skip waterfall visits. Tiny bits of Bukidnon, and Davao borderline for a subdued, and laid back kinda trip was done instead.
Mui Ne + Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Siem Reap, Cambodia

Finally the major trip of the year came. It came a few months after an invite, and came in an already planned itinerary by a friend. It was a trip that was as interesting as the places we visited, and opposites, and mature as those who traveled. It ruined what traveling, and traveling with friends in an alien world is for me because now I wanted more like it, and can not stop but plan for the next trip.

Baler, Aurora
I got to sleep in for a day only to take another long bus ride when I got back to Manila. How can one get on from one travel to the next with only 24H to recharge, and after nearly getting lost in empty, and dark streets at 2-3AM before that? You spend time with an old friend, and make a new one, both sweet enough to let you laze around and make the most of your visit. Baler was the perfect place to do it.
Iligan City

Hometowns are a let down for people who have not discovered it’s nooks, and crannies in the streets, or mountains may it be.  J decided that his next visit, and stay would be longer that the previous one to resdicover his hometown this time around. We got to tag along his excursions, and it was nice to get to do it with longer rest periods than trying to squeeze everything tightly in a short time. And when I thought travels for the year would end so quickly, I got to revisit, and rediscover Iligan before it did.

2014 may not have been entirely good to me, but it was with my travels and home life. There are heavier responsibility load; some changes in employment roles; loss in the family, and some challenging times in between — but we are passed that. And we will remember in memory of those who left us, make time for those who are important to us, and be grateful for kind of life we left, and made for a better one.

To 2015! May the fierce be with with you!