Year 4 | Steady My Heart

Hey you,

This has been the most steady you’ve been for years this travel blog existed. Every year, you’ve been telling yourself to go slow with travel, and focus on more settled. Because though travel feeds the passion that drives you to “live life” as what the outside world portrays, you have long realized that it has placed some of your non-travel dreams on hold, and somehow those dreams had started to hunt you. How have you forgotten that you had them too?

Travel has driven everything in motion — too fast and too intangible to be measured that all that is left is a list of destinations scratched off; and a whole lot of “what-travel-has-taught-me-” experience. And while it has been self-satisfying, and self-nurturing, this year you felt a pang of imbalance. For years you’ve let the hands that holds your leash give in to wanderlust and forgetting to find a steady foothold on permanence along the way.

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CDO | Travelers Pod

Every 2 hour travel to Cagayan de Oro can get pretty exhausting when you’re doing some leg work on projects. The other week we went to CDO, and decided to look for an accommodation that is clean, comfortable, and conveniently located. We chanced upon Travelers Pod online which has been operating for quiet some time now, but we have yet to try.

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How to Handle Travel Wary Filipino Family

Dear Reader,

I grew up in a family that have always loved to travel.  But when I started to take traveling regularly, I would be a hypocrite if I would say it came easy. Remember when you were told, you have to put up sh*t until you’re taken seriously with what you do, and what you like to do. Traveling was like that for me too.  So, how are you going to tell your parents that you’re off to see the world, one trip at a time?

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CDO | Win Min Transient Inn at Agora Bus Terminal

Travelling from Iligan City to Davao City by bus always takes the  energy out of me. On one of my trips to Davao City for a bloggers award, I went to Cagayan de Oro a bit early. I headed to Agora Bus Terminal and decided to get a few hours of sleep at WinMin Transient Inn. Last time I travelled via Agora Bus Terminal, I wondered if it was okay for a female traveller to get a room there for herself without testing the waters of decency, and security. And so I did.

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