Supremo 1 WIFI Action Camera is hot on the market, being one of the cheapest entry level action camera on the shelf. Action cameras are often used in extreme-action videography but being unique we are, we personalized our gadget use to the kind of travelers, and adventurers we are. To some they use action cameras for extreme sports, while others use it to document their slow travels, and others use it for their photo/video taking of every happenings. Despite the different use of action cameras today, everyone wants to get the best out of the action camera they could find and get.


Late last year I was contacted by Digital Frontier to check out Supremo 1 WIFI Action Camera. It is one of the cheapest action cameras on the market, and for some new adventurers or even weekend travelers – they do not want to empty their pocket for an expensive travel gadget. With the adventures planned for that month, I agreed to it and played with the buzz-crazed budget friendly entry level action camera to help you guys decide whether to get one yourself.

Supremo 1 WIFI Action Camera Specs:

12MPx interpolated camera (4MP shooting power)
2-inch HD Preview Screen
Videos at 1080p@60fps or 30fps, 720p@120fps, 720p@60fps
WiFi capable
Compatible with GoPro accessories
150 degrees Wide Angle Shots
Up to 30 feet underwater
Remote Control Capabilities
1000mAh Battery
100 Minutes of Recording/Battery
78 grams
Expandable memory up to 32GB
Control via your smartphone too via an app


Waterproof Case
Water-Resistant Remote
2 Rechargeable Batteries
Portable Frame
Quick Release Mount
Lock Belt
USB Cable
Flat & Curved Mount
3M Adhesive (for mounts)
Wrist Remote

It came in a day before my actual trip, and before leaving I made an unboxing and inclusions walk-through video where you can see the inclusions it went with:

With that said, here is a non-technical and non-professional review of the Supremo 1 WIFI Action Camera:


For an action camera of this budget range of around 3,500+ PhP, it came with 12MP; 150 degrees wide angle shots; shoot in HD at 1080p@60fps or 30fps, 720p@120fps, 720p@60fps, and light weight — it is a perfect entry level action camera for any outdoor adventures! You can go ahead and edit the video for slow motion clips, or however you may like.


Its wide angle shots are great for adventure sports, and outdoors with its 150 decrees wide angle shots. You can also use it for indoor shots when you find a proper lighting. It can take a photo of the whole room if you wish.


It comes with its own waterproof case that can withstrand up to 30m deep dives. I also tested it out during the South Cebu Kawasan Canyoneering, and it held up pretty well on impact from high cliff jumps. Carrying it around was also not a problem because it just weighs 78g.


It comes with a wrist remote (not waterproof) that you can use to take photos, and videos with. Or you can can download iSmart mobile app. The instructions on how to use the remote, and how to set up the app is on the user manual. I did have a problem using my wrist remote – it was not working for me, and some of the viewers on the unboxing video above also said theirs were not functioning. I was okay that it was not functioning because I used the Supremo1 mainly for video recording which I directly use the camera buttons to record videos. For those of you who are having problems with your wrist remote you can always use the iSmart app. You may also want to try the suggested mobile app other Supremo1 users use which is the iSport app if the iSmart does not work for you.

Check out this UNEDITED video from our South Cebu Kawasan Canyoneering using the Supremo 1 WIFI Action Camera:

Here is another video using Supremo 1 WIFI Action Camera for the underwater shots:

And took it out to visit Dodiongan Falls as well:


It comes with a 2-inch HD preview screen that you can look through when you’re taking your shots. I do not use the iSmart App since I mainly use this for video. The preview screen is really helpful in making sure that I got want I need to shoot within frame.


The pack does not come with a micro-memory card. You have to purchase it separately. I suggest that you get 32GB memory cards, especially if you plan to shoot in full HD. It comes with 2 batteries of 1000mAH, and can also do continouos recording of 100mins (1H 40mins) depending on shooting conditions.


I really do not mind the lesser photo and video quality of Supremo1 compared to the popular brand of action camera out there, after all it is an entry level camera. I had to do some minor video, and photo enhancement to make the quality work for me. The minor enhancements I did were video stability, lessening brightness, adding contrast, and saturation. If you like to check out how the video quality looks WITHOUT enhancements, and edits, check out the unedited Kawasan Canyoneering video above. For the very budget friendly entry level action camera that already has 12mp, record in HD, with adventure gear accessories, and WIFI ready – I must say it is a good deal. I use Supremo1 to create videos that would look good on mobile, and desktop computer quality videos. I do not mind doing some minor enhancements on the videos, and I do not use it for commercial purposes that I need high quality videos out of it. If you ask me if I could compare it with other budget-friendly action camera in the market, I’m afraid I could not. I have not tried any other budget-friendly entry level action cameras to compare it with. But like I said for an ENTRY level budget range action camera, I really find it a steal.

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  • wow only 3,500+ PhP? I’m using SJ500 and it’s pretty much like GoPro. I’m planning on upgrading soon! Thanks for sharing this post! 🙂

    • I’m not sure if its an upgrade if you’re currently using SJ500 though, since Supremo 1 is an entry level action camera too much like SJ500.

      • Jr

        Hi mam what app po gamit nyo to edit and insert ng music? Thanks

        • Hi Jr, I edit with video editing softwares on laptop talaga. But I also use iMove app, and VivaVideo Pro version if I feel like editing on mobile or ipad for really short videos.

  • i am really looking for a supremo review.. thanks for this!!!

    The Girl with the Muji Hat

  • T Acc

    Remote is not waterproof. 🙁 meaning I cant use it during snorkeling or swimming. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • zJeraflor zBurlas

    where can i buy?

  • Carl Gomez

    Hi. If the remote’s not waterproof, how did you use it po in the canyoneering? Thank you po. #curiouslangpo

    • Hi Carl, No the remote is not waterproof, I had to use it in its waterproof casing and had to manipulate it using the buttons. May Power, and Capture buttons naman, so it was not difficult. I made sure to set it up on video mode, kasi video lang yung kinukuha ko from Supremo1. All the still images/photos we had from Canyoneering were from the GoPro Hero 4.

      • Writz Allyn Yuag Guangco

        Hello po, how do u suggest on shooting still images under water or some pure selfie? What if low batt ung smartphone ko and the remote is not functioning? Is there a shutter button on the jackpod just like some selfie sticks?

        • I dont know if the have jackpod with remote for Supremo 1 Writz. There’s shoot button on top of the device and I think that’s the best way to take selfie shots without smartphone or remote. Uhm, di ko natry mag-selfie shot using this kasi eh. But you can record a video and screen capture it from there, I guess. Make sure you have few seconds na di masyadong magalaw para clear yung shot.

  • spaceboner

    Kimstore in Ebay have this with a monopod for 4380.00 which is a good deal no less. should be fine for everything under the wide open sun but I guess quality is no good in low light scenarios? bummer that the remote is not waterproof though.

    I’d be honest but i just skimmed through the article looking for the wifi functionality? can you use the phone or a tablet as a viewfinder with the device, or transfer direct to a tablet or a phone the videos and photos captured or is the wifi reserved for using the ismart App?

    I might be expecting too much for the price but I hope you could tell us though.

    • Yes, quality is no good in low light scenarios. It has wifi functionality using an app as a viewfinder and to take photos as well. WIFI functionality is on the post, you can read more about it there.

  • Ate my screen po ba ang supremo to review the pictures?and Kailangan po ba talaga sa computer or laptop para ma transfer ang pictures? Dun po ako sa kimstore pero there not responding pa tell now.

  • Ate my screen po ba ang supremo to review the pictures?and Kailangan po ba talaga sa computer or laptop para ma transfer ang pictures? Dun po ako sa kimstore pero there not responding pa tell now. 🙂

    • Hi Matess, yes may screen to review photos. You can transfer naman yung photos via the app that you use to your phone, and upload from there. I hope that helps.

      • Anong app po if iphone? 🙂

        • Try mo po isports app on iPhone Matess.

          • anne obtinalla

            Ask ko lang po kasi sa Isport cam naviview lang po ang video how about the pictures? pahelp po. thank you

          • ate kailangan po ba talaga ng shutter to take pictures?wala po bang timer? 🙂

          • Hi Matess, unfortunately wala siyang timer.

  • Jeric Rivera

    may problema po ang supremo ko. hindi ko po alam kung bakit. kasi po parang na stuck sya. na o-on ko po yung device, pero andun lang sya sa “video mode”, wala na syang nagagawa after ma buksan. di sya nag o-off, di rin nalilipat sa “camera mode”, di rin nabubuksan wifi nya. nagtataka ako kung bakit ako lang yata nakakaranas ng problema ni supremo? sa dinami dami kasi ng review wala naman ako nakita na negative.

    • Aw, Im sorry to hear that Jeric. Natry mo bang o-contact yung shop dahil sa defect?

    • Andi

      Hi. Ganyan din nangyari ngayon sa cam ko. Is there any fix?

      • Jeric Rivera

        Done contacting technical support, make some space sa memory card, try to reformat using card reader to computer, also try insert your memory card in your cellphone and delete files para magka space na. Yun lang po ginawa ko.

        • Andi

          Thanks for the info, Jeric. Same suggestion from Kimstore, buti na lang mabilis sumagot yung tech supp nila. And gumagana na ulet siya 🙂

  • Erickson Juan

    Ate Lisa.. anu kaya mas mganda? Supremo 1 o SJ4000?.. prang ung sample video nyo ng Supremo 1 mejo blurred at hindi sharp ung kuha.. di ko po sure..

    • Hi Erikson, di ko natry yung SJ4000 to make a suggestion. Try mo rin to watch in HD sa videos if that helps, nakaset din kasi yung YouTube on low resolution sometimes.

  • Liz Pangcatan

    Hello Miss Lisa, may I ask what is d contact email ad of digital frontier wher u purchased ur supremo? thankS!

    • Hi Liz, digital frontier is a marketing agency, they sent this one to me, but you can purchase on from Kimstore online.

  • Jhay Ann Santos

    Hi, I just started using my Supremo1 last weekend. I downloaded the iSport Cam app to preview my shots. I just noticed when you view photos taken in the app, the photos appear to be cropped, hindi na sya wide angle shot. I wonder if this can be fixed? BTW, my remote is working. But I prefer padin kasi yun nape=preview ko yun shots.

  • waj

    paano ko po siya iuupload sa IG? hnd na rrecognize ng IG ung vid nya

    • Hi waj, I have not tried uploading it to IG, I think din kelangan to convert the file muna to mp4 kasi yung default file ng Supremo is .mobi. You can find file converter on the internet

  • Michelle Domanog

    Hi Miss Lisa. Ano pong app gamit nyo to edit the contrast sa video?

    • Jadz Sigmund Suing Belisario

      Based on experience, I used Sony Vegas Pro for editing videos po.

  • Jettie

    how do you charge this one off or no?

    any indicators if the battery is full?

    Sakin kasi ilang minuto lang ( di nga halos tumagal ng isang oras )

    feeling ko defect tong nakuha ko

    • I just charge it a good 2-3 hours kasi wala din indicator.

    • Juan Berting Artajos

      Up. pa answer naman po.

  • Serin Trazona

    Thank you for this review! Been curious about this one ever since I saw it on Kimstore.
    I also love your travel videos. Reminds me of my sister. Keep it up! 🙂

  • Polo Algo

    I also got mine from kimstore. The only drawback is when im using it at night, lights from different sources has glare, Wonder if there are adjustments for night use. Day use is awesome.

  • CearraT Perez

    Hi! how would I know if the battery is full na? Thank you.

    • Jadz Sigmund Suing Belisario

      We have a Supremo 1 we bought it yesterday at Kimstore, as far as I know, di na iilaw yung orange led nya sa side kung saan naka connect yung USB cable

  • Hello Lisa. Nice read. By the way, what’s the app that you are using for editing the videos? Thank you.

  • Juan Berting Artajos

    ilang hours po sya chinacharge? at panu malalaman kung full charge na po?

    • Jadz Sigmund Suing Belisario

      We have a Supremo 1 we bought it yesterday at Kimstore, as far as I know, di na iilaw yung orange led nya sa side kung saan naka connect yung USB cable.

  • Rhen

    Hi ma’am i have a problem with my supremo cam..i bought the cam 2weeks ago..nong una naoopen ko pa ung cam by using power button and wrist remote but after ko icharge ung cam tsaka ung wrist remote di ko na maopen ung cam until now..its been 1week already..please help me!thank you in advance..

    • Hi Rhen, amybe you need to send it back to the supplier or where you bought it. You might have gotten a defective unit.

  • Dhen Tribiana Ta-ay

    Ask ko lng po ano po pwedeng gawin kpg hindi masearch ung wifi name ng supremo? Thanks!

    • Try turning it off, removing battery, and putting it back again and turning it on.

  • Joanna Concha Roldan

    Ask ko po san pde bumili ng extra battery for supremo1… Na drain n po ata un existing battery ko… Di nag pa-power on khit matagal ko nman na na charge. Hope u can help me po. Thanks

  • Brian Sacro

    how do you fixed “Get Wifi Info Failed” when yoou press wifi button?

  • Krz Black

    Warning… the waterproof casing is of very poor quality. My friend and I used our brand new Supremo 1 action cam on a Coron Palawan snorkeling activity. In less than one hour salt water seeped through the casings of our gadgets. We trashed two (2) units of this action SCAM within a few minutes from unpacking the items from its box.