Conquering Fogged Up Osmeña Peak at Dalaguete, Cebu

After our Kawasan Canyoneering Adventure, we wanted to trek the famous Osmeña Peak. We extended our stay at Badian, South Cebu, and stayed at Matutinao Beach Resort for the night. We decided to head the next day to Osmeña Peak at Dalaguete, Cebu! It was a tiring, b*tt-numbing ride on the habal-habal for nearly TWO hours! The road that connects Badian and Dalaguete, Cebu is in good condition but when you enter Dalaguete and heads towards Osmeña Peak can be a bit brutal to your behinds. It was also a bad idea to wear slippers but with wet footwear, we had no choice but to pray that the rain clouds would not rain on us. Here is a quick share of the Osmeña Peak  experience!

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SOUTH CEBU | Exploring Tumalog Falls

Oslob has now become a tourist destination at South Cebu. Locals, and foreigners flood Oslob for the whale watching activity, cultural tours, and outdoor tourist destinations. You can easily travel from Cebu City to Oslob but it would be great that you stay if you plan to experience everything it has to offer. We researched for checp accommodation and places to stay before our travel dates.

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SOUTH CEBU | Deep Blue Waters of Kawasan Falls

The last stop for Kawasan Canyoneering was the Kawasan Falls. I’ve read, and seen a lot of photos of the waterfalls, and I have to admit that I was doubtful of some photos because it looked totally enhanced. If you’ve seen this waterfalls on photos already but haven’t been there yet or you feel the same way before you saw it for yourself — you’ll totally get what I mean. Why is the water basin Crayola Battery Charge Blue colour?! Uhm, yes, Crayola have cool colour names.

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