BATANES TRAVEL GUIDE | How To Get There, & Things to Do

Batanes is one of the top travel destinations in the Philippines and one of the recommended travel spots in the country, hence this lengthy but helpful Batanes travel guide. Batanes group of islands is made of 10 islands and islets scattered on the crazy open sea waves between Philippines and Taiwan. Situated in the north, it is the country’s northernmost frontier and known for its howling winds, and home of the gentle and warm Ivatans.

Of the 10 islands, only 3 are inhabited, namely Batan, Sabtang, and Itbayat. Batan and Sabtang are characterized by its famous rolling hills, rock formations and beaches while Itbayat, the largest island in the group and northernmost inhabited island of the Philippines, has uniquely an elevated shoreline.

Helpful Batanes Travel Guide

BATANES TRAVEL GUIDE | How To Get There, Things to to Do, & Where to Stay


Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Sky Jet and Air Swift have regular commercial flights from Manila and Clark to Basco, Batanes.


The primary mode of transport is a tricycle.

Many tours in the island is done by travel/tour agency. This is a recommended set-up if you’re a large group or a family or people who do not want to be bothered by logistics. We toured with Wakay Batanes Travel Agency. They took care of our flight details, itinerary and transportation for us.

For large groups you can also rent a van is preferred transport that costs 2,000-3,000 PHP per day inclusive of driver and/or tour guide).

For budget and/or solo traveler who prefers to tour Batan Islands by themselves, a tricycle can be hired for 300 PHP/day or you can rent a bicycle for 300-500PHP/day, or motorbikes for 100PHP/hour or 800PHP/day.


Batanes was a dream destination I thought I would never get myself to take because I thought it was ridiculously expensive. With careful planning it is not impossible. For Batanes prepared tours, I suggest Batanes Wakay Travel and Tours. They booked our flights, prepared our Batanes “winter” trip for us – accommodation, transportation, along with tour guide and itinerary. It was a no-hassle trip, affordable and we really enjoyed the warm and informative tour guide we had.

Batanes Wakay Travel and Tours:

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Things to do at North Batan, Batanes

  • Basco Idjang
  • Chadpidan Boulder Beach
  • Fundacion Pacita
  • Japanese Tunnel
  • Mount Iraya
  • Naidi Hill Lighthouse
  • PAGASA Station
  • Santo Domingo Cathedral of Basco
  • Tukon Chapel on the Hill (Mt. Carmel Chapel)
  • Tukon Windmill
  • Vayang Rolling Hills
  • Valugan Boulder Beach

Things to do at North Batan, Batanes

  • Alapad Hills
  • Blank Library
  • Chawa View Deck
  • Diura Fishing Village
  • Fountain of Youth
  • Honesty Coffee Shop
  • House of Dakay
  • Mahatao Shelter Port
  • Mahatao Town
  • National Museum Batanes
  • Racuh a Payaman (Marlboro Hills)
  • San Carlos Borromeo Church of Mahatao
  • San Jose de Ivana Church
  • Sitio Song-song Ruins
  • Tayid Lighthouse
  • Uyugan Town

BATANES TRAVEL GUIDE | How To Get There, Things to to Do, & Where to Stay


Sabtang Island is accessible by faluwa a the traditional local boat that can withstand the big waves, and strong winds in Batanes. The locals use for transportation and to ferry produce, and merchandise to and from Sabtang Island.

Schedule departures: 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM and 11:00AM to 12:00NN
Jump-off: Radiwan Port of Ivana
Travel Time: 30-45 mins
Fare: 75PHP (one way)

Schedule departures: 5:00 AM and 1:00 PM
Travel Time: 30-45 mins
Fare: 75 PHP (one way)

If you are going to Ivuhus Island, you may charter a boat in the village of Sumnanga for as low as P300 round trip, for a small boat that can fit two passengers.

Things to do at Sabtang, Batanes

  • Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint
  • Chavayan Village
  • Dequey Island
  • Ivuhus Island
  • Nakanmuan Naturan Arc
  • Morong Beach
  • Malakdang Lighthouse
  • Sabtang Town
  • Savidug Village
  • Savidug Idjang
  • Sumnanga Village


Itbayat can be reached by plane from Basco or by a faluwa ride from the Port of Basco. The waves can get crazy going to Itbayat, so you might prefer flying to Itbayat if you’re not comfortable going on the boat.

Northsky Air flies from Basco to Itbayat although the schedule is not regular.
Travel Time: 10-15 minutes
Fare: Around 1,300 PHP

MB Veronica, MB Ocean Spirit and MB Itransa have daily departures except during Sunday. The boats leave early, around 5AM. Boat departure depends on sea and weather condition.
Jump-off: Port of Basco
Travel Time: At least 2 hours 30 mins to 3 hours.
Fare: 450 PHP (one way)

A motorcycle tour for two of Itbayat Island costs around 2,000 PHP per day including guide,  and if you do not know how to drive a motorcycle, tricycle is at 3,000 PHP good for three.

Things to do at Itbayat, Batanes

    • Agosan Rock
    • Kumayasakas Underground Stream
    • Mount Riposet and Mount Karaboboan / Mount Santa Rosa
    • Nahini Votox (Torongan Hill and Idjang)
    • Port Mauyen
    • Rapang Cliff
    • Siayan Island, Mavulis (Y’Ami) Island, Dinem Island, Ditarem Island and Misanga or North Island
    • Torongan Cave, Northern Sarokan Cave, Eastern Sarokan Cave, Do’tboran Cave and Pevangan Cave

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