CAMIGUIN Transportation Guide | How To Get There & Directions

Getting back on the road was my break from the stress that I was carrying around my back for some few weeks then. So when I got an invite from a good friend to visit Camiguin, I was quick to say yes. Okay. So she has been inviting a group of us to visit the island but we could never agree on a date, so the timing was  all too perfect to distress that I travelled with no itinerary but only a map of the island and memory to serve me right — by myself.
Camiguin is an island province in the Philippines and is one of the backpackers destination places that is off the northern coast of the Northern Misamis  Oriental. It is the second smallest province both in population and land area — and one of my favorite islands. Visiting Camiguin for the nth time has been more of a laid back catching up with a good friend thingy for me. Seeing how far life has progress and the comfort that Camiguin is still the Camiguin I remembered from my previous visits was a thumbs upper.

Directions, and How to Get There Details for  Camiguin:
***Fares may change depending on approved rates. 
*** POST DATE: January 2012
       UPDATED: April 2014


      ::: Private Vehicle
               Travel Time: 1H 30mins

      ::: Bus: Northbound (Iligan) – Bulua (CDO) Bus Terminal
               Travel Time: 2H
               Travel Time Interval: 15mins.
               Fare: Regular      150Php
                        SP/Senior  115Php

1] Flights/Ferries Bound for Cagayan de Oro:
      ::: From Manila  Travel Time
               Flight: ~1H 20mins
               Ferry: ~30H
      ::: From Cebu  Travel Time
               Flight: ~30mins.
               Ferry: ~16H

 2.a.] From Laguindingan International Airport to CDO City Proper ( READ HERE!)
                  CDO City Proper – Agora Bus Terminal
          ::: Taxi: Travel Time: ~10mins;  Fare:  ~120Php
          ::: Public Utility Jeepney: Lapasan Route
                Travel Time: ~20-30 mins. depends on traffic ^^

2.b.] From Pier to Agora Bus Terminal
          ::: Metered Taxi/Van: ~150Php
          ::: Public Utility Jeepney: Travel Time: ~20 mins. depends on traffic ^^
2.c.]Bulua Bus Terminal – Agora Bus Terminal
      ::: Public Utility Jeepney (within the terminal): Tavel Time: ~20 mins; ~15Php
      ::: Taxi: Travel Time: ~15 mins; ~120Php

      ::: Bus: Agora (CDO) – Balingoan Bus Terminal
         – Take either  Butuan, or Surigao bound buses
                 Travel Time: 2H;  Fare: ~150Php

1.] Balingoan Bus Terminal – Port Area
      ::: Motor:  Travel Time: <3mins; Fare: 7Php
      ::: On Foot
                   Travel Time: <5mins.
                    Fare: Carbon Footprint Saver ^^

      ::: Ferry Boat
                    Travel Time: ~1H – 30mins. – 2H
                    Travel Time Interval: 1H
                    Last Trip: 5PM
                    Fare: Regular               170Php
                             SP                      145Ph
                             Senior Citizen     135Php
                             5-11 y.o. Child     85Php
                    Terminal Fee: 2.25Php

So I swallowed my pride on having “photographic” memory, using that as my guide to remembering details on my trips. This time, I took with me a little white notebook and a pen and constantly taking notes along the way. LOL. I never got it with people who take down notes when on the road — until I became one. Thanks to a random conversation/interview I had with a travel blogger friend. Hope this one helps guys.