CAMIGUIN | We Meet Again Island Born of Fire

It has been a forgotten-number of years from the first time I stepped on its sandy beaches, swam in the waters of the Sunken Cemetery, laid quadrants on its land areas, strategically placed mist nest to catch fruit bats and some innovative ways to catch insects and some sorts, and dry pressed some leaves and other plant parts from Camiguin. Yes. Camiguin Island used to be my playground — the open laboratory of experience and learning. I could draw Camiguin Island at the back of my hand and greet locals as if I see them everyday. I’ve loved every trip I did in this Island Born of Fire.
It is one island I could never get too much of. So I set off to visit and check out Camiguin, this time not with knowledge-hungry-but-chaotic-Bio-studes packed bus — but all by myself. 
My trip to Camiguin was a weekend warrior thingy I did — out of the blue, pushed by stress and more stress that I accepted a long standing invite and quickly packed my bags and went off somewhere. Here’s what not to do but end up doing productively

Camiguin Island, Tourist Map

Attractions, Distractions and Destination Spots in Camiguin:
Click on the highlighted links below for detailed posts with directions and rates.
Because I had to see more of the churches than just the Old Church Ruins. Churches are one of the old structures any place would have. Visiting parishes is like taking bits of glimpses of the locals’ life.
I had to see familiar places. The ones I only get to see on postcards and travel brochures for some time now. The ones that held memories, laughter, hopes, and dreams. I had to travel back in time and partly relive those moments.
For the love of water, I had to check them out. I may not have taken a swim at the cold spring resorts (with lack of time – boooo!) but I was rooting it all out for the hot spring.
I only get to visit Katibawasan Falls, the few more I reserve for my next visit. I wanted to stay longer and trek the mountains that I just marvel at the grounds. Duty called and I had to answer. I will have a date with Mt.Hibok-Hibok one of these days.
***Tour Guide Rate for Mt. Hibok-Hibok starts at 1000Php/group
Proudly standing beside the highway. I could not get enough shots of them. Yes. They drained out my batteries. LOL! But nothing beats the old but still standing structures that were witnesses of time.

But I was advised not to cross the waters. My hosts were concern with the bad weather that it was better not to island hop. After which, they made me promise to come back. Now, how was I to decline?^^
***Rates will be 400Php per outrigger boat/6 Pax
  • White Island
  • Mantigue Island
And because I refused to leave Camiguin without getting to know more of it. I went off the familiar road and trusted the local guides to take me somewhere else. The result was priceless! Yes, I may be easy to please and entertain but, then again, the locals had already won my heart.
Listed above are but a few to go around and get to see at Camiguin. The best way to tour the island is have a great big “round” around it, as the locals would say. It would be best to get a map with locations of the destination spots you want to visit.

Multicab (Driver : Tour Guide)      1, 500Php/day
Motorcycle (Driver : Tour Guide)      600Php/day
Motorcycle for Rent                          400Php/day
These are the suggested rates for transport tour fees. Multicab seats 6-8 people and all rates are good for 8 hours rental.

I stayed over at a friends house during my stay, but here’s a list of Camiguins Accommodations with room rates, facilities offered and contact infos that may help you and your company. I hope it will come in handy.

Detailed post with rates/fares and directions on how to get to Camiguin: CLICK HERE

Kabila Marine Sanctuary
+ A visit and stay at Camiguin should not be less than 2 days. There’s so much of Camiguin to check out that you might not have enough time.
+ Bring your sunblock lotions and bathing suits ofcourse.
+ Hey! There are great diving spots there too. Bring your snorkeling gears and pack other diving essentials.
+ Your dry packs will come in handy. It will be nice to confidently island hop knowing your gadgets are safely dry.
+ Cameras with extra batteries is a must. It will be a whole day of frolicking under the sun. Better be equipped with extra camera life or be sorry.
+ Should you be traveling solo, don’t forget to bring your tripod. I had funny epic fail shots when I asked the driver to take it. LOL.
+ Trust your hired driver. They usually are the ones who, not only knows the place better, but can make you have the grandest time you’ll ever have. Tell them your itinerary and ask them if there’s anything else you need to add and must not miss.

For Pasalubongs: Vjandep Pastel and island souvenirs

We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.
-Anais Nin

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