MANILA | Intramuros + Luneta Park

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What if you had a free day, and a willing date to tour you around, where would you go? Weirdly, I chose a walking tour, and it was what I got. A heavy breakfast was prepared while Justin, and the rest of the family listed places I may want to check out. He wanted to just drive up to somewhere else but my flight, and his required flight hours left us only a day to tour around. We had a good dose of walking in between hunting a parking spaces in the most iconic tourist destinations in Metro Manila – Intamuros, and Luneta Park.

We started our day visiting ST. JOSEPH PARISH CHURCH. Okay this is probably the only one on the list that is not located in Manila but we had to stop by before heading to Intramuros. Located 10 kms. from the center of Manila, the St. Joseph Parish Church houses the Bamboo Organ in it’s old walls, and structure. It has a museum, and a souvenir shop that you might like to check out. It took us a bit longer than we intended to stay, it turned out Justin was an eager museum rat as well.


Our first visit at Intramuros was the MANILA CATHEDRAL. Formally known as the Manila Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica serves as the seat of the archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila. Located at Plaza de Roma in the Intramuros the cathedral was originally a parish church owned and governed by the diocese of Mexico in 1571, until it became a separate diocese on 1579. There was a renovation going on at the time of our visit so we did not get to stay there long. We just took enough time to check out the facade before heading down the cobbled streets of Intramuros.



One that caught my attention along our walk was the MEMORARE MANILA MONUMENT. The Shrine of Freedom was erected in dedication and memory to the war victims of the Battle of Manila. It is located at the Plaza de Santa Isabel, also known as the Plaza Sinampalukan, located at the corner of General Luna and Anda Streets in Intramuros, Manila.


“This memorial is dedicated to all those innocent victims of war, many of whom went nameless and unknown to a common grave, or even never knew a grave at all, their bodies having been consumed by fire or crushed to dust beneath the rubble of ruins. Let this monument be the gravestone for each and every one of the over 100,000 men, women, children and infants killed in Manila during its battle of liberation, February 3 – March 3, 1945. We have not forgotten them, nor shall we ever forget. May they rest in peace as part now of the sacred ground of this city: the Manila of our affections.”



SAN AGUSTIN CHURCH. San Agustin Church originally known as “Inglesia de San Pablo”. It is the oldest stone church in the Philippines built in 1589. And declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Site in 1993.

We went to BARBARA’S for lunch because his mom says it’s where I’m supposed to be taken. And in the heat of noon, the tiredness of our feet, and the quiet growls of our stomachs found welcomed in the warmly lit room, dark wood, and white linen covered table tops. Ofcourse there was live entertainment to go with food, and the sound of conversation added to the ambiance’s charm.


We waited until the sun was not as harsh as we walked, and explored INTRAMUROS. When I was asked on how I wanted to spend my day, I opted a walking tour, and even slightly brushed off the offer for a company. I knew Intramuros is too much for just one day to fit, if I must enjoy it in an unhurried time. So we rested a bit before continuing on a Fort Santiago Tour in the afternoon.

FORT SANTIAGO. This iconic, and dominating structure was first built is a citadel first built by Miguel Lopez Legaspi for the established  city of Manila. It is the one of the most important historical sites with many people losing their lives during the Spanish Colonization of the Philippines, and the site where the country’s national hero was imprisoned.

The PRISON CELL OF JOSE RIZAL gave an eerie feel. I could already tell that my cousin was a bit tired going around, and following me from one room to the next, and we still had a long day ahead.

We then headed out to the BALUARTE DE SANTA BARBARA that protects the entrance to the Pasig River. And in the corner we found ourselves  peeking through tunnel gates, and darkness looking back at you. A cross, as well as a marker stands In Memory of the Victims at Fort Santiago, and neither Justin, and I stood there too long. On our way out we followed the last steps of Jose Rizal before we head out to our last destination.

The guarded bronze-granite RIZAL MONUMENT at LUNETA PARK is not merely a statue but it is also where his remains is located. It is one of the most famous sculptural landmarks in the Philippines.

When in Luneta Park also check out RIZAL’S EXECUTION SITE. It is obscured Rizal’s Monument. At the time of the visit, some part of the park, this specifically, was under renovation, as well as the musical dancing fountain.


The INDEPENDENCE FLAGPOLE that stands 150 feet, and is the highest flagpole in the country. Though I had to ask a friend the exact location of KILOMETER ZERO which is also located within the park – just in front of Rizal Monument. It serves as the point from which road distances from Manila is measured. You will also find the Burnham Green, and further another block towards the coastal area is the Manila Ocean Park.

East of Rizal Park, you can also check out one of my favorite statue, which is the STATUE OF THE SENTINEL OF FREEDOM that depicts Lapu-Lapu. He was venerated by Filipinos as the first national hero for being the first native who resisted Spanish Colonization, and I like how he stands proud with the sky as his backdrop. In the area you will also find the DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM, as well as Museum of the Filipino People, and Relief Map of the Philippines.
If you’re the type who lean towards anything historical, and cultural interest, you might like to check out these on the list. Though I must admit that those are not complete, and if you can find a better resource maybe you can share it with us as well.
2] List of Institutions 
3] List of Historical Markers

It was a long, and tiring day of which I’m thankful that my cousin was sweet enough to take me out. But Intramuros should be thoroughly explored, and a day would not justify it. Luneta Park as much as it is a tourist destination is also a place of leisure. Maybe one of these days I’ll have enough time to waste it there. I’d say it’s one of the interesting places to do my favorite activity – people watching! Oh the stuff, and the inspiration you get from watching people. So if you have a day, or two and no plans to spend it at, why not give the familiar places a try.

INITAO | Lasang Secret Adventure Park

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Pardon this very late post. I’ve been in trance between wakening and hibernation. No. I don’t do or call it beauty sleep — for the love of sleep, more than beauty, I call it hibernation! LOL! But there was a weekend intended to spend time with travel blogger friend Doc Wendell that took me out of my weekend bed covers. He delivered a talk during the Business Compendium for the MSU-IIT students. And ofcourse, we had to be there too, but was mostly looking forward to a Sunday off for Initao.

The Lasang Secret Adventure Park is located at Initao, Misamis Oriental and is part of the Initao-Libertad Landscape and Seascape Protected Area. My fond memories of this area was during our sampling days in Biology, armed with sampling bottles and canisters, and other quintessential stuff “biologists” would bring. This was a baby’s crib for us, we had a few overnight stays, spelunking adventures, and at lot of skin rashes for me — but we learned a lot in this fenced up sanctuary. 

Lasang Secret Adventure Park is Misamis Oriental’s adventure surprise for its’ visitors. The protected area is split by the national highway, as the road curves along with canopy of trees framing the highway. and despite the high speeding vehicles passing by, an adventure and commune with nature is a stop-by midway between both cities Cagayan de Oro and Iligan.

So we went into the adventure park that offered spiral staircase, a canopy walk, and a zipline to cap it off. Priced at 250Php, it was not bad. It was the virginal zipline for Doc Wendell, we were okay to not push through had he not wanted to. But he braved up and went for it. It was epic to see it in his face trying to push the idea out of his head until the harness and line faces him. Lasang Secret Adventure Park was fully operational last August 15, 2009 and is managed by the Region 10 Provincial Tourism office.  

There was a short trip through the protected forest. It was informative of the our guide to show and point out some interesting flora and facts about. And yes, Jam and I were, oh-ah — bio geeks alert. I would’ve liked it more if we were walking on the ground than on the walkway that leads up to the bottom of the spiral staircase. Then again, placing that walkway also helps in preserving and lessens visitors disturbing the area.

A few steps we came upon the brightly colored red spiral staircase. It was a nice sight as the foliage takes up most of the spaces around it and only pockets of sunlight would pass through. Doc Wendell went on ahead while I stalled Jam and Alex every once a while to take eye level shots. If you’re afraid of heights or easily get seasick, piece of advice: DO NOT STOP. If you do, you will actually feel the staircase move and sway with the movements you make and the wind hitting the structure.
The spiral staircase has 74 steps, five rounds, and lands on the first pad 100ft. above the ground. There are 5 suspended walkways, 3 of which goes to one direction which are 30, 60, 120 ft length. You have to walk  back on these 3 to the main pad, and off to another 2 walkways which are 60, and 100 feet in length to end up at the zipline launch pad. And yes, I stalled the group, yet again, as I would stop at the middle of the walkways to get some shots. Blogger mode turned ON — hmft! I was scared, truly was, but had some exhilarating moments of realizing how far up we were that I just had to take in the moment, and get some shots of it. Don’t we all do that? =)
The zipline was short but I always get jitters just before the lunge off the launch pad. I would have this constant battle of whether be pushed off or let myself jump off the pad or basta! I just hate that part. LOL! Before I took the zipline though, I did ask if the line can be controlled, and if it was okay that they give me a short stop midway. And they said, yes! So somewhere in between the launch pad and the landing area, the ground far from my feet, the canopy above my head, and dangling midair– I yelled, STOP! Just to get a few seconds or so or more for some shots! I knooooooooooooow!!! Ahahahahaha.. I don’t like suspended on a line, but the adrenaline and the excitement pushes you to do some crazy stuff.
This was a simple trip out that taught us to push fears away, get scared but face it still, laugh anxiety off, and take a bit more from the experience. Not all ziplines are the same, and not all experiences gives you the same level of adrenaline — this one taught me, it’s okay to get scared, and sometimes some crazy stuff pushes that fear off. 

+ Look for monkeys! We didn’t get to see one, but was told there are some on the premises.
+ Brave up! and take more from the experience!


“People tend to think that happiness is a stroke of luck, 
something that will descend like fine weather if you’re fortunate.
 But happiness is the result of personal effort. 
You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, 
and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it. 
You have to participate relentlessly.” 
~ Elizabeth Gilbert

MANOLO FORTICH | Drenched Ziplining & Rolling at Dahilayan

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The Dahilayan Adventure Park is known for having the longest dual zipline in Asia (to date). The park is strategically located at a slopes of the Mt. Katinglad with a deep ravines at it’s side ideally paving a direction for the ziplines. 
Dahilayan, when we went there, was gloomy with a little threat of rain pour. By the time we’ve gone around the Forest Park and gotten ourselves ready for the ziplines, it was looking pretty badly. And it gave a sour taste on my mouth. I’ve been to few zipline services that declined a ride when its raining. I was not happy with the fluffy grey clouds.

It was good that good news was given to us, we could — conquer Dahilayan Adventure Park Zipline raining!
It was a quick fitting of the harnesses for us. And as soon as we were ready for the first cable line, tadaaaah!!!, as if on cue, rain fell. We got some rain to spice up the ride for all of us. 
The first two lines were 320m and 150m cable line zip down a lower part of the Mt. Katinglad Range. The rain did more than soaked us, it also added up to the excitement factor for all of us.

Ziplining the 840m cable in superman position was a total adrenaline rush! It was indeed a long ride because I was entertaining funny thoughts in my head halfway through it. LOL! With rain beating down on your face, it was hard to scream and keep your eyes open. I had to stop screaming to wipe rain water off my face along the line. LOL! Total panira ng (spoiler of the) moment.

 As if that adrenaline rush was not enough, I got to pair up with my cousin Dave for the Astral Zorbit Ride. It is an inflated hollow ball that straps in the passenger at the inner sides of the ball at the knees, waists, arms and you get to hold on to a hand handle.

It lasted a good few seconds, with us secured inside the ball as it rolls around the Zorbit path downwards. Talk about hamster’s life for a few seconds! LOL!

Good thing Dave and I had strong stomachs to hold on to our gastric contents. We just screamed out till our vocal chords could take it.

Rain did not stop us from having fun at Dahilayan Adventure Park, it’s just a matter of mind over matter. In this case, we dared not let rain drench our spirits down. Cheers to a fun-filled Dahilayan Adventure!

+ Wear appropriate clothing. Manolo Fortich is known to be the Baguio in Mindanao as it gets really cold. Bring jackets or sweaters, and extra clothing if rain soaks you.
+ They actually allow camera’s during your zipline rides at the passengers request, make sure you get to strap it on tightly and hold on to it firmly. Should it rain, it’s best to carry a waterproof camera.
+ Enjoy the ride/s and have fun! It’s not everyday you get to scream at the top of your lungs and people are okay and encourages it. So take advantage!

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“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. 
There is no end to the adventures we can have
 if only we seek them with our eyes open.” — Jawaharal Nehru

MANOLO FORTICH | Happy at the Gloomy Dahilayan

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Popping ear sounds and drop in environmental temperature tells me, I am back to the familiar terrain of Bukidnon. This time we took the other path from the forked road at the rotanda to lead us to Manalo Fortich.
Manolo Fortich is 40km from Cagayan de Oro, where the popular tourist adventure destination is located, the Dahilayan Adventure Park.

The national park is 4,700 ft. above sea level and is endless bounty of nature and adventure fitted as one. It has the longest dual zipline in Asia (to date), and offers other adventure activities such as ATV, Zorbit, and Tree Top Adventure. They also have restaurant, cafe, picnic areas, and a forest park that is fitting to any age group, and gathering.

The PineGroove Mountain Lodge and Restaurant sit atop of a hill with ceiling high windows for a view of the Pine Tree tops.

 The facilities are well kept, with cottages for a meal outdoors and a view you’d wished to not forget.

Entering the Forest Park is a welcome greeting from an life-sized Indian Chieftain figure. Inside the forest park are tons of life-like figures of Indians, animals, and a playground fit for the young and young at hearts.
Imagine our excitement finding these life like figures to our merry making. 
My brother and cousins were at their element. Trying out everything in the park like some kid finding a new playground to themselves.

Ofcourse. These are guys, and I can hardly keep up with them. Into physical activities, they tried out the play rides! We didn’t know if there was any age restrictions for it. They did like any other kid would do. Play hard and crazy.
The sky was grey and sad when we got there. The air added to the chills we got with us not dressed up for it. But still the beautiful Forest Park Cafe was a stand out. I just love it’s dark wood structure jutting out from the greens, with the pine tress framing it at the sides.
Some nooks gave a private garden appeal for overnight stays on the suites of the park. 
With the little light we had, and the fogged and grey backgrounds, this place still held a serene and homey feel to it. Makes you wanna get curled up in blankets with a hot choco drink and a good book.

+ Wear appropriate clothing, the weather changes drastically over this region to a bearable light rain shower. But the biting cold might get to you.
+  Bring your kids, family and/or your friends with a kid at heart with you. 
…They will love the place and you will love looking at them running around — LITERALLY! LOL
+ You must try Ian’s nuts!!!! Literally!
… *grins* Ian’s Nuts: Guyana Chestnuts comes in peeled and unpeeled packs. Get the unpeeled pack, it’s always fun to peel nuts with all the talking and stuff. The taste is fairly like any chestnuts, a little less nutty and a hint of sweetness to it. I tried looking for it in my hometown Pasalubong shop but could not find one. Best you get some there for home.
+  Bring umbrellas with you, for some surprise rain showers in the afternoon.
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There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.
 There are seven million.” ~Walt Streightiff


ILIGAN CITY | Paradise Resort and Eco Park

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Situated at the upper portion of the Mimbalot Falls, the Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco-Park at Brgy. Buruun, Iligan City, has come to be as one of the destination hot spots in Iligan City. The then-family-owned-private-resort was developed and opened it’s gates to the public and is promoting the eco-adventure lifestyle to it’s clients.
It is accessible via the Talipapa Road the very same one you take when you’re bound for Tatay Resort, Maze Parks and Resort, and the famous Tinago Falls. Can’t get any better than that, does it? But wait, there’s more. LOL! ( For a second I sounded like a TV ad or something)

We were greeted by the Iligan Paradise Reort and Eco-Park Manager, Mr. Jopet Gerona no less. Yes, the nurse-entrepreneur (kudos!) had stepped in on the family business in managing the resort. I knew the guy from Iligan Medical Center College, and he is as articulate and as accommodating as he was before making sure everyone was comfortable as he showed us around the facilities and services they offer.
The eco-park is spacious with enough cottages to accommodate large guest of families, friends, or a travelling pack. They have ATV Rides (200Php/30mins), Kayak Single (100Php/hr.), Kayak Double (110/hr), and Kayak 3Seater (120Php/hr). I was looking forward to the eco-adventure facilities they have.
CABLE CAR (110Php)
A cable car good for 3 persons runs from one side of the resort to the other side, and then back. Ma’am Bing of Adventures In Life and Xy-za of Purple Slipperz
 took the ride with Francis of Simply Francis.
You get to cross over the gorge and have a view of the cascading waters of the Mimbalot Falls at a corner with luscious vegetation. You get to catch the same view of the falls if you take the Zip line or the Superman as it makes it’s way across the gorge.
ZIPLINE (110Php)
I took the Zipline wanting the same view of the falls, but rather be suspended on the cable with harnesses.
The first station was under construction as they are extending a second story for additional zip station and landing pads.
There’s me! 
What I like about their zipline is the soft stop you get instead on the big thump when you reached the abrupt halt.
They also have an Indiana Jones and playground for kids to run about and have fun. The fee is good for the whole day, and the kids would love getting on the single parallel lines doing the Indiana Jones swings.
EURO BUNGEE (120Php/3mins)
Here is my feeble attempt at Euro Bungee, also known as Bungee Trampoline. I was looking forward to trying this one out, that I watched over videos of it on You Tube. Taking on the adventurista in me, I packed all guts and braved up to be the first to do the Bungee Trampoline.
Braving on a smile! In Truth, my facial muscles were scared stiff! LOL!
This was my first time to try this. 
 They have to take the weight of the person to compute for the elasticity needed for them to be catapulted up. The colored rubber lines has it’s own counter weight. As soon as the crew fitted you with the harness, they would then, one by one, attach the rubber lines, according to the weight of the person.
Do NOT by all means make the same mistake that I did — Wearing shorts!
It was harness + skin contact + gravity + pressure = friction = abrasions on my thighs = Awww!
But I had SUPER loads of fun!!! 
I guess there’s always casualty at war, a few skin cells in this case was okay.
Being catapulted in the air was exhilarating.
LOL! But going back down the trampoline made the butterflies fluttering wildly in my stomach!
Here’s a short vid taken by Maam Revilla with me on the Euro Bungee. LOL! I can’t stop laughing at myself.
Here’s one, DEFINITELY, for the blog! *grinning*
+ Make sure that you visit Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco-Park on a clear and sunny day. That way you can avail on its rides and services.
+ Recommended rides and services —> take the Euro Bungee! *grins*
+ Bring your own provisions, they have a store/canteen but it may not have what you need or want. 
+ Bring your cameras ofcourse!
+ Take the whole family, there’s something for everyone

Entrance and Service Fees of Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco – Park:

Contact Details:
Iligan Paradise Resort Facebook Fanpage: HERE
Contact Number’s : +63-905-61-42728 or +63-942-679-8818 
Operational Hours: 8:00AM- 5:00PM
Entrance Fee:     25Php (adult), 15 Php (Children)
Service Fees:     Kayak Ride: 110Php (1seater); 120Php (2seater); 130Php (3seater)
                          Euro Bungee: 120Php/3mins, 5mins lng sana
                          All Terrain Vehicle Rental: 200Php/30mins
                          Zipline: 110Php; Superman: 130Php
                          Indiana Jones and Playground (60Php/kid/whole day)
***Rates may change depending on approved rates. (Date Post: August 2011)

Directions / How to Get to Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco – Park: (Map: HERE)

City Proper to Brgy. Buruun

1. Take the Brgy.Buruun jeepney line (Travel time: ~15 mins.; Fare: 20Php)
—> and ask the driver to drop you off at Talipapa Market (Map: HERE)
—> Take a Habal-Habal and tell the driver you’re heading for  Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco – Park (Travel Time: 7-10mins; Fare: 25-30Php)
—> Ask for the drivers mobile number, just incase you might find difficulty in getting a ride back to the main road.
***Fare Rate may change depending on approved rates. (Date Post: August 2011)
2. Taxi (No metered taxi available. Passenger and driver agreement on fare rate)
3. Private Vehicle
It is in the compelling zest of high adventure and of victory, 
and in creative action, that man finds his supreme joys.”
 -Antoine de Saint-Exupery 

ILIGAN CITY | NPC Nature’s Park Zipline

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Let me start off by saying, I am not afraid of heights, I just don’t like looking down the ground when I am high up there. LOL! I was adamant on taking the zip at NPC Nature’s Park having done so before. I, regretfully, left my shoes at home as I packed, unpacked,and then repacked my stuff after thinking what to bring (a routine I’ll, one day, share to you).

You see, NPC Nature’s Park Zipline has strict rules about the proper footwear — close fitting shoes, and I was wearing open shoes then.. So, after everyone has decided to take a zip — I went along with them. We signed on a waiver, rented gloves and close fitting shoes they have available. After everyone was prep up for the zip, we then took a short walk to the bottom of the trail that leads to the first station of the zipline. 
The walk up the trail is steep but the concrete stairs with metal railings makes it easier to climb up. Pace yourself when you get to this part, since it is steep and that it might take few breaths out of you. This area is covered by trees and shrubs at both sides, you can tell that you’re ascending at a side of a hill slope.

You will then hit a stop-over rest point. The climb up the stairs is 5-8minutes short but it will leave you panting if you’re not used to it. The guide will the ask you to remain standing 2-3mins. before sitting down for another 2-3mins at this rest point. The guide was stern, aptly saying, “Para dli ka makuyapan” (So that you won’t faint). The rest point has tables and sitting, it could hold a large company of adventure seekers if you’re planning to come in large groups.

After a few minutes rest, we set of ~2mins. walk to the first station. The zip station landings securely sits on large and very old trees. The guides would hook our harnesses on the beams or safety wires on the trees for safety purposes. If you’ve visited the first time the ziplines opened, you might want to go back for another visit. Their landing standing stations are already made in metal and you can actually see what is below your foot.
The first cable line was a 2 person zip. I came in third to take it, with me is another visitor from Zamboanga and is studying at MSU-IIT, who wanted to try out the NPC Nature’s Park Zipline.

The second landing station was on top of the tree. Kinda gives you a glimpse of Tarzan’s life on the tree tops — minus the harnesses ofcourse. Since the landing is made of mesh metal, you can actually see the ground through it.
The tree would sway when a gush of wind blows at it. Looking down below you would see miniature vehicles and people on the ground. The view of the waterfall at this standpoint is amazing.

The second cable line, you get to zip on it alone. I couldn’t help but look down at people walking around. When nearing the landing, lift or flex your legs up to avoid hitting them on a the landing pad. You should also lean back a little, to avoid hitting your face on your arms or the harness when you’re brought to a halt.

By the time you to the third landing and cable line, you get the hang of it already. On this line, you get to cross the stream to the other side of the bank passing by the rapids.
When you get to fourth station, you have to climb down at the lower level of the station to get ready for the fourth and last zip. On this station, I was asked to jump off by myself, I on the other hand had doubts about that. I wasn’t brave enough to jump on the zip line. So I ask if it’s okay to take a small jump — more like a little bunny hop off the station. LOL!

On the last cable line, Richard had a way with it. Crossing the stream back to the main bank, he executed maneuvers — talk about flexibility and dare-devilness.

Thank you NPC Nature’s Park Zipline crew for accommodating us. We had fun zipping on the lines. We hope to see more of adventure sport facilities in the future. And yes, you might see us back there.

+ Wear close-fitting shoes. The crew are strict with that.
+ You can rent close shoes there for a fee, fingers-crossed they have one in your size.
+ Leave cellphones and other stuff that might accidentally fall from you hands or pockets
+ It is best to bring compact cameras. But SLR’s are also good since the view from the stations are great. Make sure you sling them up at you back to prevent it being hit or sandwiched by your harness and body
+ Lift up or flex your legs when you get near the landing pads to avoid hitting your legs on them.
+ Lean slightly back or the other side of your hands/arms and the harness to avoid hitting your face on them when you hit the stop pads they have on the line.

*****Fares may change depending on approved rates (Post Date: Aug 2011)
1] Take a Public Utility Jeepney: Buruun line ( Fare Rate: 11Php, Travel Time: ~10minutes)
—> Ask the driver to drop you off at the NPC or Mabuhay Vinyl
2] Private Vehicle
—> Take the Macapagal Avenue, just after the bridge turn left. You won’t miss it.
3] Taxi
—> NO metered taxi in Iligan City
—> Passenger-driver agreement on Fare Rate

NPC Nature’s Park Entrance and Service Fees:
*****Fares may change depending on approved rates (Post Date: Aug 2011)
Operational Time: 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. (daily)
Zipline Close for Maintenance: Every Tuesday
Entrance Fee: Children/Senior: 20Php
Regular (Adult): 30Php
Shuttle Bus (for visitors without vehicles): +10Php
Zipline: 200Php/pax
+ Closed Shoe Rental: 50Php
+ Gloves Rental: 10Php
Canteen Table Usage Fee (if you’re not a customer): 20Php/table


Photo Credits: Adventures In Life, Explore Iligan 9200, Iligan Inquisitor, Simply Francis &; Travel Jams

“Life is either a great adventure, or nothing.” – Helen Keller

ILIGAN CITY | Visiting NPC Nature’s Park Guide

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If you’re an Iliganon, you must have visited the National Power Corporation — on fields trips or at the now NPC Nature Park it’s boast of. If you’re a visitor, then, this is one iconic tourist spot you should dare not miss.

We started off by registering on the log books before entering. Complete names and residential addresses are required. Mr. Elvin Sanso of NPC Nature’s Park gave us a tour. We were lucky to have him answer to our queries about the park, it’s maintenance, and the animals in them.

NPC’s Nature’s Park is ideal for family and friends out for a nature trip. They have lined up cottages you can sit along and have a meal for free. But please, do tend after your company as they don’t have maintenance crew always about in the place.
They have the wishing well and another spot to hang around while the rest of the people took to themselves in wandering.
The park is known of the animals they host. they have several in their care. Our tour guide happens to be the resident biologist and cares for both flora and fauna and the maintenance of the place. One that they care for is the Ostrich park, right before you enter into the park.
They also have Crocodile Park, with five crocs and several over reptiles inside the seclusion.
They also have swans and ducks. This fowl just laid eggs and was gathering them in a bunch to nestle over them.
They also have Orchids farm at the corner where the greenhouse is located
Beside it is a butterfly sanctuary that Sir Elvin was helpful in pointing out the different species of butterflies they have. Not only were we enjoying going around but listening information is educational. I can only but imagine little primary school students going around with large open eyes trying to see and grasp everything they could. 
They have an array of animals in the park to go around and see. There will be an additional Deer and Wild Boar parks on the other bank, crossing over the bridge and raging waters below. As well as the construction for an Aviary. They have yet to finish the construction for these additional features of the park. 
We met Ruby, the monkey from the picture, who was donated by it’s owners when they migrated. The park also receives and is happy to hear from anyone who are willing to donate or to leave a pet to their care. 
It was blazing hot by the time we got near the Ma. Cristina Falls. 
On the weekends, Ma. Cristina Falls is at it’s best when they open the gates and let the water rush through and down the falls.
We had lunch at the canteen. Since we got to pack our lunch, we only had to pay usage fee of the tables we used. It was a nice lunch with hungry and tired bloggers but the sounds of rushing waters with the stream just beside us was relaxing. We were taking a breather, so as to say, before taking the zipline  that NPC Nature’s Park has for it’s visitors.
Hello NPC Nature’s Park! I am back again on the grounds of the backyard I wish to have. the last time I visited the place was showing friends from Ozamiz City aound. This time, I am with IBS bloggers and you can not find any better companions than people who share the same interest in exploring a place and enjoying every minute of it.

+ For field or educational trips, send a letter of request to the NPC Nature Park management. Request for a tour guide and specify the number of people in the group/company.
+ If you are a walk-in visitor. Ask if Sir Elvin is available to accommodate you.
+ Be conscious of your actions — don’t leave paper or plastics behind.
+ If you’re bringing kids, please don’t leave them unattended. The park is generally safe, but children may venture off to small nooks and corners and may get hurt.
+ There’s an available comfort room at the park. Please use it like you would in your home.
+ Bring you cameras, and tripods with you. You might want to take a group picture and no around will be able to take the shot it for you.
+ Bring water canisters, it gets hot and you might need to hydrate.
+ Bring your trusty umbrellas, the sun may get so hot that you need a shade going around the park.
+ You can bring your own provisions, but a Canteen below the waterfall viewing deck is already operational and you can buy from them.

Directions/ How to get to NPC Nature’s Park: (Map: HERE)

*****Fares may change depending on approved rates (Post Date: Aug 2011)
::: Take a Public Utility Jeepney: Buruun line
      Travel Time: ~10minutes
      Fare Rate: 11Php
       —Ask the driver to drop you off at the NPC or Mabuhay Vinyl
::: Private Vehicle
      Map: HERE
      —Take the Macapagal Avenue, just after the bridge turn left. You won’t miss it.
::: Taxi
      NO metered taxi in Iligan City
      —Passenger-driver agreement on Fare Rate

NPC Nature’s Park Entrance and Service Fees:

*****Fares may change depending on approved rates (Post Date: Aug 2011)
Entrance Fee: Children/Senior: 20Php
                       Regular (Adult): 30Php
Shuttle Bus (for visitors without vehicles): +10Php
Zipline: 200Php/pax
           + Closed Shoe Rental: 50Php
            + Gloves Rental: 10Php
Canteen Table Usage Fee (if you’re not a customer): 20Php/table


Living on Earth is expensive, 
but it does include a free trip around the sun every year.” 
– Unknown


ILIGAN CITY | National Power Corporation Natures Park

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National Power Corporation Natures Park, is one of the largest nature parks of the Philippines. It is open to locals, backpackers, and tourist for a nature trip one will definitely find it hard to forget. The NPC holds Maria Cristina Falls , is a major tourist spots in Iligan City. Being a city with more than 20 waterfalls that sits on it’s terrain — it boast the iconic Ma. Cristina Falls, Iligan City is known for. On it’s grounds is the long standing primary source of electric power for the city’s industries, being harnessed by the Agus VI Hydroelectric Plant (HEP). Now, NPC has developed it’s surrounding land area into recreational facilities for the visitors to enjoy nature at it’s grandest.


They house Ostrich and Crocodile Parks, and you also get the chance to see snakes, monkeys and other exotic animals at that. To add to the list the park has in store for you is a butterfly sanctuary with a coi pond, and luscious garden, and beside it is an orchids garden, both enclosed within a greenhouse for the green thumbed visitors to enjoy. Bus loads of children have visited this place for field trips and the likes. Not only is it recreational but educational as well.

The nature’s park is ideal for any company of different walks of life, or of any ages. Be it family out for a weekend gathering, friends getting away from the hustle of life city life, or lovers taking some time off to be together. You don’t get to relax that much often in your routines in life — but here, it’s a break away from work, school, and the stresses in everyday living.

In it’s landscape is a line of cottages for a break from the heat and a place to eat , relax and enjoy the place. You can pack a small meal for the family, friends, or for a date, since you can’t find any stores that carry any provisions. Just be sure to tend after yourselves. Not much of their maintaining staff are around to tend after you, and the place is so beautiful, it would be an insult to mess it up.

Ofcourse, a trip to NPC Nature’s Park is not complete if you don’t make it to the top of the viewing deck to see the magnificent waterfall. It’s a long walk and a couple of stairs to take, since the coaster ride only takes you at the bottom of the building. But I must say that even for the faint hearted, it is but worth every step. You then get to that building corner, the water-falling-crashing-sound behind it, the first peek and down the curved walkway leading to the viewing area. 

You just wanna run down and say those “oohhh… ahhhh… woooow…” words. 

That’s exactly the feeling you get.

It can take any lonesome traveler breathe away with it’s majestic pride of water downfall. It is sometimes called the “twin falls” as the flow is separated by a rock at the brink of the waterfall. It is a landmark of Iligan City, located 9.3 kilometers away southwest of the city proper at the boundaries of Brgys. Ditucalan, and Buru-un. Well-known for its natural beauty and grandeur, the 98 meters/320 water drop for a waterfall is one sight you will definitely remember .

It’s almost melancholic to look at it, but then again at the back of your mind you would think — here is a beauty that sits undeviatingly wonder lighting up every single bulb, charging every drained out cellular phones, powers up every computers, turning on every television on a 600km radius, or more, or so… So when you’re in town, do visit this spot, and take my word for it, you’ll love it.

Pinay Travelista Notes: 
+ They also have this cave with bats, it is not yet accessible for the public, and we dare not go near it. If you’ve ventured near a cave with bats in it. You’ll know exactly why. From the noise they make, and the eerie feeling of darkness, to the foul smell they have — it’s best check it out but to stay away.
+ The Park also has this Adventure Park that has a Zipline from the canopy through the woods, down across the other side of the river bank,l and across back the other side again. It has 4 lines to “zipped on” and it goes for a fee of 200Php/person. You get to zipline across the rushing waters ofrom the waterfall.
+ Wear close and tight-fitted shoes when doing the zipline.
+ Bring your cameras of course!!!

National Power Corporation Natures Park
Location: Map: HERE
Agus 6/7 HEP Complex, Tourism Triangle Boundary, Ma. Cristina, Buru-un, Iligan City
Coordinates: 8°11’3″N   124°11’58″E

How To Get To Iligan City:
Directions from Iligan City Proper to NPC Natures Park:
Public Jeepney: Brgy. Buru-un Line (fare: 10Php)
Public Utility Vehicles: Taxi (fare: 100-150Php, depending on agreed fare with the driver)
*****Ask the driver to drop you off the NPC. You wont miss it, it’s right on the bend after the Buru-un Bridge
*****For those who will be traveling via jeepney, you have to walk a few 15-20m to the the main entrance.
*****Fares may change depending on approved rates

Entrance Fee:
Regular: 30Php
Student/ Senior Citizen: 20Php
*****for those backpackers or those with private vehicles, a coaster is provided for you and your party. It may take awhile to wait for it though, since they only have one coaster to serve everyone.
*****Fees may change depending on approved rates

Adventure Park Zipline Fee:
200Php/person for 4 stations/lines
*****Closed fitting shoes are required. However, there are close shoes you can rent for safety purposes.
*****Fees may change depending on approved rates

A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.” 
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