EVENT | Waterfalling Adventure Tour 3.0 Recap

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On it’s third year, Iligan Bloggers Society together with both private, and public sectors of Iligan City invited bloggers, and digital influencers to visit, and experience Iligan City! The Waterfalling Adventure Tour is an annual waterfalling tour for bloggers, and social media influencers to experience the best of Iligan City, and share it through their network. There was pre-event online meet-up for the Waterfalling Adventure Tour 3.0 organizers, and participants in a scheduled  Tweet-date before the actual trip, and tour itself. This tour not only utilizes the participants blogs, but also social media avenues to broaden the reach of the campaign.

DAY 1 | I had to excuse myself from joining the first day excursion. Jam, and I had to finish some errands for the next day’s activity. And when the clouds covered the sky, I knew that the Dodiongan Falls visit would not turn out easy. So when we met up with them, they related how the water level rose, and how angry the waters fell from the waterfalls. here is one of the shot taken by Iligan Ko. They only did a quick visit, and went back as soon as the water levels started to rise. On the WAT, it was the first time Dodiongan Falls was seen in photos with this much water falling down from it. The participants shared their accounts over dinner at Tatay’s Grill that night. They wanted to go out, and experience more of the city but was advise to take some rest for an early, and tiring activities the next day.

DAY 2 | The second day was the make it, or break it part of the event. We either get to Sitio Limunsudan to meet the tribe, and get to see the Limunsudan Falls, or not all. We woke up early, and have briefed the participants of the long  travel, and the expected rough roads ahead. We worked with the military to help us with the supplies we carried for our year community outreach, and for transportation as well. This year we decided to bring school supplies to the children in the school, and having everyone in one transport makes it easier for us to look after everyone. But when we expected just one military vehicle, we were actually greeted with three! Turns out the local government are also sending some food supplies to the community, and they decided to do it at the same date. You do not really need a military escort if you’re planning to go to Limunsudan Falls. But it is smart of you to contact the local tourism, or if you have a contact at the community. After the ritual, and ceremony we went off to another 15-20 minute ride, and 15 minute trek to see the waterfalls. when we got back to the community, we were greeted with a humble presentation by the Higaonon tribe in full brightly coloured outfits. Before the rain fell went back for another grueling, wet, and dusty ride to Iligan City.


DAY 3 | The third day we visited the Tourism Triangle: Mimbalot Falls, Ma. Cristina Falls, and Tinago Falls. It was all swim, and play for us. We made sure that we had enough time  explore Mimbalot Falls, hang out at Ma. Cristina Falls, and swim at Tinago Falls!


WAT 3.0 ended with a culmination night at this warm event place with good food at Villa Sabarre! Follow, and use #ExperienceIligan to check out the event, as well as more posts of Iligan City.

 Waterfalling Adventure Tour 3.0 by the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. will not be possible without the support from the following partners Iligan City GovernmentIHARRA , and Iligan Chamber and event sponsors:

With the support of: Keepsakes Iligan |  | Adventist Medical Center- Iligan | NPC Nature’s Park | Bob NYUSA | The Good Type | Margeuries House of Goodies

Please check out Waterfalling Adventure Tour 3.0 for the whole storyline of the event.

ILIGAN CITY | Another Waterfall Chasing Event

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Welcome dinner, and meet up with the blogger guests, and hosts


So we start off a new adventure with new set of adventure seekers, and waterfall chasers. Iligan Bloggers Society’s Waterfalling Adventure Tour is at it’s second year of inviting digital influencers, and bloggers to visit Iligan City, and tour around the different accessible waterfalls to help cement the city’s online presence through online activities.
Enjoying the Timoga Spring Resorts. Free-flowing spring waters in all pools.
Coming down from the Kalubihon Falls, Iligan City
Post dinner at Silvestro’s Bistro at The Strip
On foot, and covering the Diyandi Festival 2014 Kasadya Streetdancing
Pinoy Travel Blogger IBS WAT 2.0 Participants
A very tight family picture of the IBS WAT 2.0 at Jasmine Pensionne Home

More posts, and photos to come about Iligan, and the adventures, and gastronomic experiences of these people!

Waterfalling Adventure Tour 2.0 by the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. will not be possible without the support from the following partners Iligan City Government, IHARRA, and Iligan Chamber and event sponsors:

Unilab, Trusted Quality HealthcareJollibee, Bida ang Saya
With the support of: Greenwich Iligan | Jasmine Pensionne Home | Kopi Luwak | Keepsakes Iligan | Gerona Town Center | Aruma Coffee Lounge | Tedt’s Diner | Iligan Paradise Resort | Linamon’s Best | Piaya de Iligan | NPC Nature’s Park | Third Team Media  | JCreations | New Horizon | Perfect Wedding  | Jesbey’s Diner | Delecta | Bob NYUSA | Hon. Frederick Siao | Hon. Michelle Sweet
Please check out Waterfalling Adventure Tour 2.0 for the whole storyline of the event.

EVENTS | Social Media Influencers Summit 2013 Speaking Engagement

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Maybe I was still dizzy from the medications I took for my flu that afternoon. I, mentally, kicked myself for not booking a flight for Cebu because I wanted to try out something I have not done before – solo. Maybe it was a bad call to be adventurous when I was traveling for a talk for Social Media Influencers Summit 2013 last March 16, 2013 at the J Center Convention Hall, Mactan City, Cebu. 

By sunset, I still have not started with my presentation for the talk. I needed a break from work, and for wandering thoughts, and a call from J was a comfort. But near sundown, my presentation was progressing like the darkness that envelopes the fading light.

Cebu City was waking up when I got there. I was still grey, but the flickering lights signals a sleepy city readying itself to a busy day ahead. I was excited. I quickly made a dash to hail a cab, and have my stuff deposit at Center Suites only to find that Johnn had left without me. Good thing, I could still catch up with them at SM Mall for the spontaneous invite for a freediving session at Kontiki they were having that day. My presentation? Half-baked still, but I was not worrying. Weirdly.

By midday, I had to excuse myself from having all the fun that we were aving, and had to work on my presentation, and catch up with my work hours. A few hours alone in a room of four, I finally got to meet power-blogging-couple from Iloilo Jane and Tim. 
They were quick to say that I should have not ordered room service but I was starving then. That early dinner cost me added calories when we later met up with our host party, the Cebu Bloggers, and a dinner at Castle Peak Hotels. As the night progressed, later did I found out that I would be rubbing elbows, and exchanging words with some of the influential bloggers in the country — I thought of my presentation, I need to run through it again before I had to call it a night. Losing face in front of a crowd was not in my checklist.

L – R : Tim & Mary Jane Nobre, Jonha Revensencio, Me, Brenna Bustamante, and Vic Madriaga
Photo by: PhilippineTravelogue.com

I thank the organizers, in behalf of Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc., for inviting me to talk about the One For Iligan social media campaign initiated by IBS, Inc. Thank you for allowing us to share our social media campaign success story. Thank you acknowledging our efforts, and the opportunity to share how compassion can move people to do the best of the given situation — at what they are good, and useful at.

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EVENTS | Weekend Trip for Social Media Influencers Summit

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More than the traveling, and penning the experience down in this virtual capsule of memories, microblogging with the use of social media networks has been helpful for me in sharing travel moments. But social media network, and it’s dynamics is useful not just in travel blogging, online businesses, or on making a living when managing accounts for clients — but also for other cause beyond ourselves.

The iMedia Online in cooperation with Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. organized the first run of the Social Media Influencers Summit with the theme “#TrendingForward”. Set for a weekend, on March 16, 2013, I am yet again off for a weekend trip, and this time it will be at Cebu City.
Keynote speaker will be Maria A. Ressa, along with other speakers of different fields, and areas “to share best practices from top industry leaders, set ethics and standards for users, and promote social media responsibility.” Iligan Blogger’s Society, Inc., my hometown blogging society, will be a part of this summit, as One For Iligan online advocacy story will be told there. When the T.S. Sendong caused floods, wrecked communities, and took lives in Iligan City, and how social media became a medium for information sharing, rescue, and donation drive. I will be the story teller for that advocacy, and honestly, I still have not finished my presentation yet.  o.O
It’s been awhile that I’ve traveled for blogging, or social media use related events, but I’m looking forward to see Cebu City again, and some friends there!

ILIGAN CITY | Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0

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When August arrived, I was already setting eyes on September. It is hard to plan any travels within that 2 month frame. As soon as September came — it became a busy month, and literally partying on the streets of some sorts somewhere in the city. Meet Iligan City, my hometown, that celebrates it’s festive fiesta for the whole month of September.
Diyandi Festival is the month-long celebration of the feast of Sr. San Miguel, the patron saint of Iligan. It was never always called Diyandi though. Last 2004, a resolution was passed and approved establishing Diyandi Festival as the tourism name of Iligan. One thing about Iligan is that, it is a hodge podge of culturally diverse people — so, it is a cultural celebration at that!
It has been a busy midyear for Iligan, and Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc., invited bloggers from blogging societies to join us for five days on the peak of this one month celebration. Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0 is the first year run of a waterfalling activity of the City of Majestic Waterfall. Hitting 5 waterfalls in 5 days, and sandwiching food trips, and witnessing events in between — it will be draining, but definitely one experience to go for.
It involves trekking, swimming, more swimming, and even more  trekking, (an exaggeration but you get the picture right?) and the some adventure rides, some tours in the city, and cap it off with gastronomical feasts. It is, definitely, right up my alley. Working on the itinerary was a headache! How do we maximize both time, and logistics without having to compromise experience? Fit it all in 5 days with this flexible itinerary, setting expectations for some strenuous days, required physically fit participants, and promised to deliver a great way to Discover, and Experience Iligan!

ILIGAN CITY | Restructured Face of Iligan by TS Sendong

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It has been a month since that morning when I woke up with the sun peeking from the clouds. It rained continuously the days before that. And the night before was no different. Rain poured and strong winds howled. I was asleep for I loved to curl up with rain battering on  the rooftops. But that was a month passed, when rain has been a comfort for me and, maybe, to some people too —- things are different now.
Tropical storm Sendong (Washi) struck Iligan City and Cagayan de Oro City. On the night of December 16, 2011, its strongest at around 11P.M. – 1 A.M. the following day, when everyone was asleep and innocent of such danger. Typhoons are never an occurrence in Iligan City as it is naturally barricaded with mountain ranges — or so what Iliganons thought. There’s always a first in everything. TS Sendong was the first typhoon that hit Iligan City, and it took more than what anyone could have imagined — residences, establishments, public infrastructures, took away and rob people of the lives they used to have. By the morning of December 17, 2011, the sun shined on a blue sky at the devastated Iligan City.

It took me a month to actually blog about what happened in full confidence that I will be able to finish and publish it. It has been hard to write about the destruction of Iligan when Pinay Travelista was inspired by the roads and adventures of this city. I have more than a few drafts about the Sendong but it was too depressing to have it published. Gwapito did say that, “not all blog posts are happy posts”, and that it is okay even if it was and is depressing. But I could not find it in me to inject depression on people who already feels distress over the matter. All I could do was to continue on through the campaign ran by Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc that started at the very same day a month ago. One For Iligan started as out as a call for One Dollar for the Victims of Sendong in Iligan City. Social media and networking proved to be undauntingly supportive, after all this is their bread and butter — and it did not fail.

Click to View; For More Photos: CLICK HERE
The outpouring of support and overwhelming donations came in — sharing it was task not to be toyed with. It was like having an army at your back eagerly helping you out. Volunteerism spread like wild fire. People who had the time offered their days to help distribute the donations and services to affected areas and evacuation centers. Local Government Units, Non-Government Organizations, groups, and families sacrificed their comforts to help and share what little to the generous resources that they could share for the victims of Sendong in their own respective ways. Care and concern for others well being is emanated through heroic, selfless, and backbreaking acts.
   Click to View; For More Photos: CLICK HERE
Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. received a call for donations for affected areas that were still not accessible by land. In the hinterlands of Brgy. Rogongon, relief operations were flown and delivered to the area via the Philippine Air Force UH -1H (Super Huey) Military Transport Helicopter. The aerial view we had of the hinterlands showed why the massive uprooted trees and amount of soil was coursed through the Mandulog River that caused destruction on the highly residential low areas of Iligan City. It was as if a giant had unleashed his anger and scratched on the faces of the mountain sides – tearing trees, grasses, and soil off of it.

Click to View; For More Photos: CLICK HERE
Checking parts of Mandulog River from an aerial view was scary. The widened river glistened from above, not from white waters but from gravel of the river bed now exposed and bared, without its’ topsoil. The contours would show how strong the current was and how massive the volume of water plus soil and debris was carried downstream during that fateful eve. Iligan City was and is scarred by TS Sendong and it will take a while to get back on normalcy.

Click to View; For More Photos: CLICK HERE
With the threat of rain, we headed back to the camp. I was the only passenger seated on the floor with no seat belt on in the open chopper. The other male passenger asked if I had flown in such before, I answered “No, this trip is my first time to do so”. I guess he could tell that I was enjoying the ride — for I was the eager-to-fly passenger, shutterbugging (taking photos) to my hearts content. But I actually was scared and a bit heart broken — not for the flight but because of what I just saw during the experience. But the smiles you get from the people you extended help, encouraging nods from other volunteering groups and organizations and from the pats on the back from the people who supported you is worth it all. 
Click to View; For More Photos: CLICK HERE
I see hopeful faces who will remember this grey period of Iligan. They will know the extent of loss and pains  everyone will and has gone through to move on and get back on their lives. It has only been a month and my hopes are up on the scales. It may never be the same in my hometown and in the lives of those who lost loved ones and the lives that they are now rebuilding. Iligan City, yes a bit bruised, and scarred by Sendong but will rise above it all.
Bangon Iligan! Sidlak Iligan!

“The ultimate measure of man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, 
but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

NOTE: Blogger is also the Web Content Manager for Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc.  Photos from One For Iligan above is taken by same blogger and compiled at IBS Fanpage Photo Albums together with works of Lovette Jam | Travel Jams for the One For Iligan Campaign by IBS, Inc.


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Reposted from the ILIGAN BLOGGERS SOCIETY Inc.
 Maayong Iligan in this season of giving.
Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. is humbly requesting your generous help for the victims Bagyong Sendong of Iligan City.
Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc.  is accepting donations in kind for the victims of Typhoon Sendong in the city. We encourage the following items for donations: canned goods, noodles, bath and laundry soaps, toothpaste, rice, used clothings, slippers, and cash donations.

DROP OFF POINTS for different LGU’s and NGO’s in Iligan City:
  • St. Michaels’ Cathedral
  • DXIC Radio Station
  • City Hall 
  • Rizal Park 
  • Calda Pizza Iligan City Branch 
  • Post Office
  • Paseo Drive


DONATE VIA XOOM (for International Donors)
1. Login to Xoom.
2. Use Send Money feature.
3. Email us for the recipient details
DISCLAIMER: ONE FOR ILIGAN Campaign by Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. is ONLY accepting donations thru PAYPAL, UNION and BPI BANK ACCOUNTS stated above, and personal delivery or hand-over to official IBS, Inc. members.. Any money/cash transactions to other accounts goes through other volunteering groups/organizations not accounted for by Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc.
Your Donations will be read and shown at: www.iliganbloggers.com
Daghang Salamat.
You can contact the following point persons for your donations and other inquiries.
LISA (LAI) MARIE MIRASOL | Pinay Travelista
(IBS, Inc. Web Content Manager)
ALEXANDER SINGCOL | Iligan Inquisitor
(IBS, Inc Board of Trustee Member)
For more Updates on Iligan City status after Typhoon Sendong:
Daghang Salamat Sa inyong dako nga kasing-kasing..

GEN. SANTOS | Philippine Blog Awards 2011 Mindanao Awards Night

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I was looking forward to my first ever    Philippine Blog Awards 2011 Mindanao experience, and my blog happens to be nominated for the Best Travel Category. And ofcourse — to meet fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers, Sir Avel Masala , Olan Emboscado | The Travel Teller, and Renz Bulseco | The Traveling Nomad. It was a surprise to see Berniemack Arellano | Habagat Central again, and Nina Fuentes | Just Wandering was there too. I use to just read their blogs and exchange comments with them at the Pinoy Travel Bloggers/Bagets group — and I was excited to just meet them.

Here are the list of the Philippine Blog Awards 2011  Mindanao Winners:

Beauty & Fashion: Chamimay on Flats | www.chamimayonflats.blogspot.com
Food & Beverage: Eat’s Terrific | www.ormanmanansala.com
Lifestyle: Lessons Of A Dad | www.lessonsofadad.com
Personal/Diary: Anything Goes.. | www.sdumalay.blogspot.com
Photoblog: Lantaw | www.lantaw.blogspot.com
Technology: Geeky Faust | www.geekyfaust.info
Travel: The Travel Teller | www.thetravelteller.com

With Olan Emboscado | The Travel Teller who won the Best Travel Blog for PBA 2011 Mindanao! 
Woot! Woot! We just meet earlier that day, and eto na yung photo I had with him! Ahahahahahaha.. Hope to travel with you and other PTB’s too. Congratulations again Olan and to all Philippine Blog Awards Winners. Cheers to great blogging!
More Photos:  H E R E

GEN. SANTOS | Soccsksargen Blogfest 2.0 Experience

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Maayong GenSan!
..is the greeting we received as we arrived at General Santos City after cramming up and tying the loose ends after closing the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011 organized by Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. With some of the Iligan Bloggers and I, were up for a trip down south to participate and in full support for the Soccsksargen Bloggers for the Soccsksargen Blogfest 2.0 and the Philippine Blog Awards 2011.

I, for one, wanted to experience how it is for the Sox bloggers to host an event — with these, by the way, the funniest and most entertaining  blogging society and we were in it for a treat!

Soccsksargen Blogfest 2.0 

Apologies for getting this post out too late. But I keep on going through my photos over and over again and seemed to get stuck there. That was how a great of an experience it was for me – I kept going back for the memories through the photos. I was super entertained every minute of it.

It was interesting to know how a foreigner could fall in love with a place and would call it his home. Mr. Bob Martin certainly fell for the Mindanao charm and settled in Philippines. He took us back to the time where internet in Mindanao was still “primitive” and we were all laughing at the memories of it.
Mr. Manolo Quezon III asked “Are you blogging for readership or for making a change?”. It really struck me as we gain readership, I believe at some point you get to use that to your advantage — and by that I mean, blogging for advocacy. After all, people read your posts and gets to follow you. You owe it to them and to yourself, and to the Highest Being that you use that purposely and productively.
We “become broadcasters in a sense” as was said by Mr. Jack Madrid. As we use social networking platforms to share and express our experiences, thoughts and opinions, and a little to so much of ourselves online. Before internet was a READ ONLY content, which has now evolve to READ and WRITE as Web 2.0 emerges. Soon, he says, the internet may become READ/WRITE/EXECUTE because the possibilities is endless.
And the host city, Gen. Santos City Mayor, Hon. Darlene Custodio took the spot as she shares the Computer Literacy Program that establishes computer laboratories to public elementary and high schools within the city, which really impressed me. This will provide adequate computer training services for public schools to attain sociological balance between the rich and the poor, in terms of knowledge and skills in information technology. Need i say more? I was speechless! This, indeed, will level out the plain for the products of both public and private educational institutions in these terms.
Photo Credit: Alexander | Iligan Inquisitor

Raffy Tima from the GMA Network came and shared the Think Before You Click call for responsible use of social media. Online everything is but a click away and it has the power that could make or break the person. But as they say, “with great power comes great responsibility”, use that “power” to an advantage and benefit for others that needs it all to well. Use it wisely.

I was most looking forward to the famous Mae Paner of Juana Change, who takes on current issues and deliver it straight below the belt for the people that needs the  finger pointing. Bold, frank, insulting, and honest, her videos are must watch and are mediums to change the corrupt system in the government, institutions or any issues that needs probing. 
Sir Abe Olandres of YugaTech Philippines gave an interesting show of the must-have gadgets a blogger should get and the specifics these should have. His job, I believe, would never fall as job, given that he gets to use the latest gadgets in town of which his critique on them are sought for. 
United States Ambassador to the Philippines Harry K. Thomas, Jr. gave a message through a video for all the participants of the event before Deputy Press Attache Ms. Cynthia Cook gave her talk. Bloggers has a role when it comes to spreading the information online. They have acknowledge that power and has maximize the potentials of social media networking through bloggers in their cause and events.
Aileen Apollo of Philippine consultant for Google, Inc. introduced the Google + and it’s outstanding features. Google + allows people to “share what matters with the people who matters the most”. 
Flow Galindez talked on blogging for advocacy. With his Red Whistle and World Wide Fund for Nature campaigns encourages bloggers to hone in on their skills in sharing and spreading words and actions with blogging as their mediums to contribute to change.
I had a blast at Soccsksargen Blogfest 2.0! I’ve learned a lot from the talks of the speakers and was super entertained and welcomed by the Sox bloggers! Cheers to you all for the success of the event!
“Write in white heat. To write in the heat of eat and to edit in cold blood.”
-Manolo Quezon III 

GENERAL SANTOS | Blogfest Soccksargen 2.0

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Everyday and blogger is born, and the emergence of blogs and social media is prepping up to a hype level and now is the best time to embrace it!
(ENTER: Blogfest Soccksargen 2.0). On it’s second year, after the the successful Blogfest Soccksargen 2010, the presentors Gen.Santos.com, GandaEverSoMuch.com, with the Soccksargen Bloggers brings a better and bigger gathering of bloggers, online media and social network enthusiasts in Southern Philippines.
And as if that is not enough — it will be a road trip together with Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. !

Reasons to Join In Blogfest Soccksargen 2.0:

1] BLOGFEST. I’ve been new to joining in on blog events and so far, I’ve been loving the talks and learning I got from them. Definitely looking forward, specially with the roosters of speakers lined up for the event! I am also excited to meet bloggers I only know online.
2] PHILIPPINE BLOG AWARDS 2011 (Mindanao). Because it’s a first for me. And I got nominated *hiding a squeal* and I know people who are nominated as well.
3] FOOD COMA. A term I got from Eileen | Possibly Pinay, when you reach the I’m-too-full-I-knew-I-should-have-not-ate-but-food-was-too-tempting result. LOL. I dream awake of Sashimi Night! I know, I should watch my weight, LOL, I just watch it — literally! LOL. And General Santos is the TUNA CAPITAL of the Philippines! How and why else could I say no?!
4] TRAVEL COMPANY. It will be our first to travel in a large group. It used to be just Arlene | Joys In Life, Alexander | Iligan Inquisitor, or Xy-Za | Purple Slipperz and I. Now majority of the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. core group will be on the road together. So go look for interesting travel buddies to keep you up company on the long travel.
5] ROAD TRIP. I don’t need to expound on that.  It’s a long travel, and we’re hoping to have fun and to stop by and visit places along the way.

Philippine Blog Awards 2011 | Nominated & Four Feelings Felt.

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 I, honestly, did not see it coming!
But I was dancing like crazy after reading the news online, that I wished my siblings was with me. I was REALLY, REALLY, REALLY tired from duty, got mad about something, and I was already not calling it MY day. 
And then, I got the news that I am one of the Nominees for the Best Travel Blog for Philippine Blog Awards 2011 for the Mindanao leg. I did not buy it. But when I read the list of nominees at GenSantos.com — it kicked both reality and wits out of me — seeing my name on it!
I thought it was a prank, for crying out loud! LOL!
The Philippine Blog Awards is an annual recognition of the best and brightest bloggers in the country. And for this year, the PBA 2011 (Mindanao) will be held the evening after the Blogfest Soccksargen 2.0 at General Santos.
Ofcourse, I’m going. I am totally excited, since, it will be the first road trip with majority of the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. core group. The first meet with some Pinoy Travel Bloggers, my first Blogfest Soccksargen 2.0, and Philippine Blog Awards — and be nominated in it.
And  I, honestly, did not see this coming!

So for someone who just tried travel blogging for a challenge and actually finding the thrill and the love for it. For someone who once read and followed top Pinoy Travel Bloggers like a stalker would. *in all good and geeky stalking kinda-way, that is. LOL* And for someone who has to find some strength and courage to get out of the box and half-listened and then ignored the nagging fears. To be nominated, REALLY, with all HONESTLY is a feat on the humble start of Pinay Travelista.
Here’s the sudden wash of feelings I felt after the shock phase I got:
WARNING: Too personal, it might get mushy.. LOL!
1] I thought: They will go or have went THROUGH my blog?! —EMBARRASSMENT said hello.
I could feel the less than 5month old Pinay Travelista blogger in me. It’s like blood rushing through my face and a blush only the screen monitor could see. Ironic for a blogger right, whose voice is out there, and yet hides behind her blog, right? I knooooow.. *wailing*sniff* But I can not help it. 
2] After a few page refreshes [see?! ]: I was honored and I met JOY!
Like the time when my sister Audrey | Maldeetuh Ramblings and I had tried to hide giggles and laughter, so much — it sounded like rumbling. And our papa had threatened us a good spanking because he thought we were having a cat fight or something. LOL! That kind of joy! The one that can’t be contain! Because I felt like Pinay Travelista was TOO young to be on that list. But she was. And I’m happy that she she is.
3] I was quiet: Then.. .. .. I was visited by HUMILITY.
Xy-Za | Purple Slipperz must have had a vote of confidence to nominate it, I thought. And maybe, just maybe, there’s something more to just my love to share the experience on the road and adventures. And that there may have been more nominated blogs on this niche. And even when I felt I am a just the “gulo-gulo” finalist, for Pinay Travelista to be recognized even as such — I guess, I am on the right track. Which humbles me, and that makes me wanna better myself in this craft. Not just better it, but to take this on and make a difference in the little that I could. I’ve always believed that there’s more to travelling, and blogging — there’s also you and someone reading the post. I believe you owe it to them to not only share your experience through your blog but to sow little somethings through what you’re writing. It is never just writing. There is always more to us putting words together, and I find it romantic like that.
4] and, finally, EXCITEMENT came!
Because IBS have been planning this for the longest. As soon as we wrapped up Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011 being the lead proponent for the event, we danced around for the big travel break ahead! And I’m looking forward to the Blogfest, Awards Night, and Sashimi Night! And now, this hyped up my excitement more, to be one of the finalists up for the Best Travel Blog (Mindanao) spot. FAT chance, I know. But I’m too happy to be nominated to even dwell on that.
Congratulations to all nominated blogs!
To get that email notification to confirm nomination was — Hmmmm.. Really???!
To fill up the nominated blog confirmation email — Why not, chocnot.. … …
To be one of the finalist — .. … … .. .. no freaking way!
Ofcourse! I only said that to myself so no one else could hear. LOL!
Congratulations to all other Philippine Blog Award 2011 (Mindanao) Nominees
My cheers for your nominations goes to fellow Iligan Blogger Revilla | Adventures In Life for Personal, 
Marie Irene | Mindanaoan for Lifestyle , 
and fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers Wendell | Journeys & TravelsRenz | The Geek Travels

On Travelling and Globe

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Travelling though exciting can also be daunting sometimes. Packing and placing the essentials in your bags can come as easily as the act of eating itself. It can be done with eyes closed and it can get to be a second nature — that is if you’ve been travelling for some time already. Another worry one has to consider is leaving the routines, your whereabouts, or keeping your networks informed of your travel plan. 

I’ve been super lucky with Globe telecom for constantly innovating the means to communicate. Gone are the days that cellular phones are just for call and SMS/MMS, they offer more and defines telecommunication in a much broader scale. I get to connect with my social media networks as if I brought a computer with me in my travels. 

It’s always great to be connected with family, friends, and work even when you’re out having fun! You get to share your travels. To top it off, you get to have freebies and some discounts from Globe and/or their services.

When Globe finalized their co-presenting the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011 on October 29-30, 2011 at Iligan City — my heart just skipped a beat! The Globe’s presence in this summit proves that they not only hold the reign in mobile communication but has also entered in the mobile internet to keep you updated in your social media networks. That means you get to go online on your mobile, anywhere, anytime — where you see fit! 

Globe has been generous enough to not only help Iligan Bloggers Society realize this event, but they want to extend their generousity to the participants of the 5th Mindanao Bloggers Summit by covering the registration fees! For a blogger, you get to travel a lot — for fun and passion for it, and sometimes, for seminars and summit to upgrade your knowledge and circulate in the blogosphere. Treats like this are too sweet to let pass.

If you’re joining to become a participant, register now, or for those who are interested to sponsor, contact Iligan Bloggers Society, and don’t miss out on this chance.

This is an exclusive promotional post for Globe Telecom  for the  Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011.

On Travelling and Getting the Cool Flight Deals!

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People would always ask how a travel blogger does the travelling. Some would always equate travel with expense and without any returns. So why travel? someone asked. 
There’s more to travelling than just getting to the destination and arriving at each itinerary on your list. Some travel bloggers has a different say to why they travel and what is, is there. For me though, it’s getting the deals, and planning the adventure that pumps up the excitement for the travel. And most of the time, travel for me is half the destination and half the getting there and surviving it. Travelling is also only a fraction of saying ” I’ve been there”, but mostly it is the ” Now I know”, “What I’ve just learned”, and the “It opened my eyes”. 

Here are some tips on getting some travel time for a less budget:

1. Plan your travel WAY ahead of time
Choose your destination/s and plan the length of your travel — and STICK to it. Plan months or even a year ahead, it gives you time to plan and prepare for that one trip you’ve been dying to have. Some of the advance bookings are discounted and you might just chance upon a flight promo sale.
2. Try the Social Media Networking over the traditional
On this new age of technology, businesses and companies have been smart to open and take advantage of the online market. LIKE, FOLLOW, and ADD those groups, pages, and accounts of airline companies, travel agencies, or hotels. Look out for discounted rates and promos, and you’ll surely want to travel more.

3. Blog hop/surf Online.
There are quiet a number of people whose lives are into travelling. The best thing about them is that they are multi-skilled individuals and maintains a blog or two or more. Check out their blogs and you can get the best reads on personal experiences by these people —- the Pinoy Travel Bloggers.
4. Check Online Contest
Airphil Express is one of the budget airlines who is generous to share the experience of travelling. They usually have online contest that I would check out every once in awhile. You will never know that your lucky stars are smiling at you.

5. Be Updated on Local Events

Some local events are co-presented by companies that might be your ticket for a free trip. Check out the partners and sponsors of these events and you will surely know what surprises and prizes are up for grabs!

Take one of this years biggest blogging event, the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011 on October 29-30, 2011 at Iligan City. One of the best things about it is that Airphil Express is a co-presentor being one of the major sponsors for the event.   Their participation is a clear proof that they are committed to make their presence known in the southern part of the Philippines. The youngest fleet among budget airlines now takes its promotions to greater proportions by sponsoring flight tickets for some of the speakers and for some lucky participants. Yes! You read that last line right! They want you to experience their services as you take on travelling with them. 
Some lucky participants will get the chance to win round trip tickets.
Whether or not you are into blogging, Airphil Express has surprises on it’s wings. So always be on a look out for great deals. Travelling on nearly half or more of your expected budget is a challenge, but it is also a thrill to achieve it.

If you’re joining to become a participant, register now, or for those who are interested to sponsor, contact Iligan Bloggers Society, and don’t miss out on this chance.
This is an exclusive promotional post for Airphil Express for the  Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011.


ILIGAN CITY | Diyandi Festival

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Iligan City opens September with an Opening Salvo every September 1 of every year since 2004. It was on that year that a resolution was passed, and approved to establish Diyandi Festival as the tourism name, and identity of the festival of Iligan City. This city celebrates the feast of patron saint Sr. San Miguel on September 29, and goes a full month of September with merry making, and events happening every street corner.
Welcome to Iligan City, a city of culturally diverse people, and the home of the Majestic Waterfall, Ma. Cristina Falls! Every September we party, and celebrate diversity through showcasing our history, traditions, and modern day interest by, and with Iliganons of different walks of life. The festival is fitting to it’s definition, which is to “celebrate”. Banderitas are hanged on the main streets, bringing festive colors in the city sceneSo when September sets in, Iligan City is in full celebration until the end of the month.
OPENING SALVO | September 1
This officially opens the month-long Diyandi Festival. It will be attended by city officials, and will also unveil the theme carried by the Diyandi Festival for that year. Welcoming guests, and visiting, and some rounds of production numbers will be given, and shown o give a taste of what will be happening for the whole month of September.
PAGKANAUG | September 20
Nine days before the Feast Day of Sr. San Miguel, a novena is said everyday, and has long been a religious practice by Catholics. Nine days before that, a traditional ritual of Pagkanaug (to transfer down), is practiced by taking the image of Sr. San Miguel from it’s pedestal located at the side of the altar. Devotees of Sr. San Miguel crowds, and packs the St. Michael Archangel Cathedral to witness it. It marks the start of the 9 day novena, and ends on the Feast Day on September 29.

Kasadya Street Dancing is one of the main attraction of the Diyandi Festival. It is merry-making, and dancing on the streets before throngs of people, and judges strategically located on the along the long route from the Port area, to the Buhanginan Hills. It will be at the largest open amphitheater of the country — Anahaw Amphitheater that the contingents battle it out on the showdown to win the top winning spots.

MS. ILIGAN | September 28
The gates of the MSU-IIT, and the doors of it’s Gymnasium will open for thousands of spectators cheering for their favorites for the Ms. Iligan. The coronation night will be a spectacular event for these ladies as they vie for the crown of Ms. Iligan, and be the ambassador of beauty, and goodwill for the whole year. 

FIESTA | September 29
A procession is done at 7AM, where the image of Sr. San Miguel is taken to the streets in procession. Devotees would join in the procession, chant, and fiercely shouting “Viva! Sr. San Miguel!” that is very contagious, even onlookers would join in. After the mass at the Cathedral, you can go around town, as people celebrate Fiesta in their houses inviting family, and friends inside.
Happy Diyandi sa Iligan!



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Sept 9-10, 2011

Rolly Magpayo [www.rollymagpayo.com], an award winner travel & landscape photographer and GMA Television Art Director

VENUE: Maria Cristina Falls, Mimbalut Falls, Tinago Falls and Beach Area in Iligan City.

REQUIREMENT: Digital Camera, preferably DSLR

Fundamentals of Travel Photography
Fundamentals of Landscape Photography
Equipment and Techniques
Post Processing Techniques

Participation Fee: P3,500 
Inclusions Meals & snacks, Transportations & Entrance Fees to Venues, Certificate, Lifetime on-line support, free monitor color calibration, Workshop Workbook, and PDF Photography e-books…

Pls. inquire: 
Alan Santos 09088926080, 09228366160; 
Pat Noel 09193209944, 09427009788 
Robert Booc – Kodak Express Gaisano Mall


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As it is the beginning of the gruesome start of La Niña, Red Cross appeals for funds to support their disaster preparedness program and to provide ongoing relief efforts for affected communities.

You may wish to post this flyer in your office/school bulletin board. You can download a copy here.

ILIGAN CITY | Petronas Running Forward Fun Run

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Petronas Energy Phil. Inc. together with Iligan Sports Commission
and Iligan City Road Runners Asso.
 Invites everyone  to the PETRONAS Running Forward: Sixteen Years Fun Run.
In celebration of Petronas 16th Anniversary, they host their first fun run and invites everyone who are physically fit to participate in the event on June 20, 20011.
3 Distance-Divisions and Registration Fee:
3K (Kiddie) = 50Php
3K  (Adult)  = 50Php
5K  (Adult)  = 75Php
Only the first 500 registered participants will be entitled to a free singlet.
Do register early to grab your free singlet and race bib.
Petronas also invites the professional and/or amateur photographers
to take their best shots during this event.
Registration is at 300Php, and a line of prizes that awaits you.
So what are you waiting for? Register ahead and we will see each other at 
Petronas Running Forward Fun Run.

Official Registration Form: HERE
Rules and Regulations: HERE
Race Map: HERE

ILIGAN CITY | A Successful PhilHealth Run: One Run for Health

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I heard about a run through Facebook updates by Barbex Films
to carry on the campaign to fight against violence to women and children.
 (Watch Video Here: V1V2V3)
And as soon as a friend came up to offer a registration form,
I took on a chance to register early.
The poster was pink! and looked great!! And it hit me that it was for a cause!!!
I had to register ahead that way I can psyche myself. *Whoooo*
The PhilHealth Run was an event for a cause — for health
 and for abused women and children.
A part of the registration fee will serve aid in health insurance
 for 17 beneficiaries from the Mc Auley Sisters of Mercy – a center for abused women & children. 
Philhealth, a national health insurance, together with One 92 Organization,
a group of  Secondary Education Batch 92 from different schools of Iligan City, 
moved as one to organize and mobilize this run with rest of the sponsors.
There were three categories to run in: 3K Kiddie, 3K, 5K, and 10K.
I, having done previous run on 5K, took 5K hoping to have a shorter time finish.

After the run, everyone was at the Rizal Plaza to for the raffle draws 
and giving away of freebies.
Other activities were Philhealth Run photo contest, hand painting
 and photo taking at the Advocacy wall.
They set up stalls with food and beverage after the run. 
Loads up carbo, perks us up, and keep our bodies healthy and tummies happy.
 The freebies was great. Aside from the wrist baller we got along side our singlet and running bibs, we got to take home Enervon Prime, Enervon and Conzace Multivitamins, and Summit Mineral Water. And for the kiddies, they got Growee Multivitamins with water tumbler, alcohol in spray canister, and child friendly medications.
My praises goes to the organization of the event and the sponsors of this event. You thought of strategic areas to put up medic assistance and  water stations — hands up to Red Cross, traffic enforcers, and water stations people. Thanks for keeping us safe, and hydrated. Philhealth and One 92, Iligan City Gov’t and officials, the institutions, organizations, and business establishments had done a super great job!
We got to run, helped along the way, had loads of fun. 
Congratulations to the organizers and the participants of Philhealth Run!
Kudos to everyone!
Photo Credits to Kayex V
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ILIGAN CITY | Pinoy Big Brother S4 Auditions at ILIGAN CITY!

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Iligan City, Philippines is one of the venues for auditions for ABS-CBN Pinoy Big Brother Season 4!!!

Yes, Pinoy Big Brother Fans and reality show fanatics, PBB will have auditions in Iligan City for Northern Mindanao Pinoys.

 If you fit the age range of 18 to 35 years old, with a character and personality Pilipinas and Pinoys all over the world will surely love to follow in the PBB reality show — then you have a chance to be chosen as one of Kuya’s housemates.

 As far as Surigao, Bukidnon, Pagadian, Dipolog, Marawi and the neighboring cities and municipalities of Iligan City Pinoys are invited to audition.

Iligan City has welcomed ABS-CBN to hold this audition on JUNE 10, 2011.
The audition will be done at the St. Michael’s College Auditorium (Main Campus), Quezon Ave., Iligan City (Map Here).

The roads within and near the vicinity will be blocked and closed, the night before at around 9P.M. The audition will start and gates will be open at 6 A.M. and will close until everyone lining up for their audition has been seen, interviewed, and screened.

The Iligan City Gov’t has entertainment and other activities in store for everyone.
It’s going to be a long wait in the lines but with your friends
and the excitement within you bubbling up,
it’ll  be worth every second of the wait.

 So pack up your bags, call up you friends, get yourselves to Iligan City and don’t miss out on a chance to becoming Pinoy Big Brother’s S4 housemate.


Iligan City Pinoy Big Brother S4 Audition
Audition Age Range:      18-35 years old
Audition Venue:               St. Michael’s College Audtiorium (Main Campus)
                                                Quezon Ave. Iligan City
                                                (Infront of St. Michael’s Cathedral)
Audition Date:                  June 10, 2011
Audition Time :                Starts at 6 A.M.


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ILIGAN CITY | One Run For Health

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We ‘re invited to Run/Walk with for the Cause of providing 5 years health insurance for 
17 beneficiaries from the Mc Auley Sisters of Mercy – a center for abused women and children.
Registration fees at:
P200 for 3Km Kiddie Run (12yo and below) & 3Km,
P250 for 5Km run
and P350 for 10Km run

June 11, 2011, Saturday

This will be the kick-off event of the Local Government
for the triple Linggo Ng Iligan celebrations for Araw ng Iligan,
National Flag Day and Independence Day.

Registration Sites are ALL Dunkin Donuts outlets in Iligan City and the PhilHealth Office.

Be counted!