CAMBODIA | Hello there!

Siem Reap, Cambodia
September 2014

After the long bus ride that took us from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, a short stop at Phnom Phen, we were finally at Siem Reap after a butt-numbing transit. By the time I laid on top of my sheets, I was reminded to send out a message, or proof of my still existence. Taking all the energy left in me, I posted a Facebook status saying, “Andito na po ako” with geotagging. Not very creative, and of obvious absence of pure joy but the transit took all the excitement to explore Cambodia out of me. I needed rest.

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{ Sole Diaries } Challenge Accepted

Iligan City
June 2014

A few weeks ago I got an email from Globe (along with other bloggers all over Mindanao) for a social media campaign to find the cool spots, interesting hang-outs, and best eats in the city. The thing was, I had to quiet down from blogging for awhile until I get it done, and for the meantime share my finds through social media. Here I was on one of the days I went out hunting for a place where people crowd at. It was a good challenge that had me gained a few pounds, some bonding moments with friends, and newly acquired taste for new eats from some of your suggestions! Thank you for helping me with this adventure! If you missed this, I will be blogging about it over the weekend. You can follow my steps through the social media accounts I use, and the hashtag #WonderfulMindaNOW.

{ Sole Diaries } | Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

#ExperienceIligan | Waterfalling Adventure Tour 3.0
Limunsudan Falls, Iligan City
May 2014

I decided to take sunshine with me on our second day of WAT 3.0  – well, uhm, just because. I packed Zem Gear for the 15 minute trek because I don’t want to ruin my flats from HalFootwear. We had to get off the truck, and walk on the bridge, and had to watch it make a stream crossing on submerged bridge because the one we were standing on may not be able to hold the truck’s weight. And yes, there I was, a girl must wear, what a girl must wear (whatever that means). The weather was not as sunny as my shoes were. Around lunch, the skies went dark grey, and we hurried back to the city proper just in time the rain fell. Ofcourse, we were all drenched in rain at some point, but having visited Limunsudan Falls made it all worth it.

{ Sole Diaries } Common Room In The Middle of the Sea

On Transit | Iligan – Cebu
February 2014
Siargao Island Trip

Every morning I reminded myself to book a plane ticket only to end the day knocked-out from too much work done. So I found myself taking the ferry instead, the no-brainer transit from my hometown to Cebu. That was 12H overnight trip where I stayed up most of the hours, and checked any suspecting humans near my lower bunk. So I was territorial when tired. Traveling solo is stressful when yourself awake at a time you shouldn’t.


{ Sole Diaries } Finding Common Grounds

#TravelMindanao Project | Pre – White Water River Rafting
Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental

November 2013

Maybe friends are like stars that may come from different constellations but they shine the brightest during nightfall, and twinkles frivolously like the rest. That one does not have to second guess what they are thinking, and/or feeling because they know — because they, too, are like that anyways. Well, most of the time that is. Oh, how similar interest shortens distance, and builds friendships! Our shoe sizes, foot types, and gaits may differ, but I’m really glad my soles found interesting, and good travel company in yours.


{ Sole Diaries } Enjoying Iloilo

Iloilo City
May 2013

There’s something about Iloilo City that draws me to it. On my first visit we hopped from one old house, to a historic church, to the busy streets, and open spaced leisure area. I knew then that I would be going back to it some time in the future. And as I right this, the little bug in me that yearns to experience independence is tugging at my more adventurous side. So I pray that things will work out for a few months, to maybe a year, and will get to visit Iloilo again. Hopefully longer than just a week that I did when I was there.

{ Sole Diaries} A Date With Self At A Museum

The Cathedral Museum of Cebu, Cebu City

Post-Sinulog Festival 2013
January 2013

Maybe growing up in a large family, and always surrounded with good friends allows me to take look for another form of comfort with myself as a company. After traveling from Dumaguete City, Apo Island, and Siquijor, we found ourselves at Cebu City to witness the Sinulog Festival, and I finally had a few times to break off from the group I was traveling with. To find some me time. A time that I do not have to worry if I’m boring, or wasting somebody else’s time but my own. Do you feel that too? That sometimes you run off to be by yourself? Or is it just me?

{ Sole Diaries } Three is to One

Iligan – Ozamis – Dapitan – Dumaguete
Transit with the Boys
January 2013

Why I decided to travel with these guys was a sweet memory that I have now forgotten. He was a college heartthrob, he was everybody’s best guyfriend with words as sharp as a knife when called for, but as sweet as cotton candy anytime when you need it, and he was the younger brother who bakes a mean chocolate cake everyone never had, and I was just in it for the experience.

{ Sole Diaries } Romanticizing the Old with the New

Cagayan De Oro City

October 2012

I do not know why I love visiting churches. This was at Saint Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral, and my first time to go around, stop by, and appreciate Cagayan de Oro on foot. More than religion, and faith is the history that is etched on it’s walls, and it’s age that is shown on the patterns on it’s tiles. So I romanticize the old, with the present, but only because these old structures are but the only witnesses of those years that is left standing today. Maybe it is that, that, somehow they are but windows of the lives of the people that had gone before us, and the sacrifices that they may have done for those living today.

{ Sole Diaries } Solo Side Trip

Dapitan City
Post – Hudyakka Festival 2012
June 2012

Sometimes everyone needs to veer off their paths, and do a spontaneous short side trip! When you find yourself between travel high, and the impending visit of reality’s routine — just before you’re greeted with the familiar pot-travel depression — you run, somewhere, anywhere. Lengthen your time, stretch out what you could, and pack in how new experiences as you can. Maybe it is that feeling that I am okay to not wait on anyone, and just go off. Even if it means just me, and my backpack on the road.