Finding Affordable & Stylish Passport Holder & Travel Wallet

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Level Up Your Trips Abroad with Smart World Travel WiFi

Flying abroad for the ultimate getaway this summer? Level up your experience with Smart World Travel WiFi, which lets you stay online while traveling abroad, giving you ready access to helpful online  information, practical travel apps, and all your favorite dose of social media and digital content, making for a much more engaging and enriching trip. Continue reading Level Up Your Trips Abroad with Smart World Travel WiFi

Types of Travel Apps You Need to Install on Your Phone

Traveling can be stressful but with mobile phones bringing information and online services anytime, anywhere, it is a lot more bearable. Travel is one of the area that greatly benefits with information, and travel services made possible in this portable gadget. Here is a helpful list of the kinds of types of travel apps you need to install on your phone, and some examples of some of the ones I use. Continue reading Types of Travel Apps You Need to Install on Your Phone

Samsung Reveals the New Galaxy A Series Smartphones for 2017

Elegance in its purest form. Crafted with minimalism in mind for maximum enjoyment the Galaxy A Series 2017 Smartphones is flawless to provide a remarkably seamless design. It is a design that is a delight to hold. Sitting perfectly level with the rear casing the absence of any camera protrusion allows for uniformaly smooth and symmetrical design from all angles. Continue reading Samsung Reveals the New Galaxy A Series Smartphones for 2017

Stay Connected in your International Travels with Smart World Travel Pocket WiFi

Leading mobile services provider Smart Communications is making your overseas getaways a lot more enjoyable and worry-free with the Smart World Travel WiFi. Smart World Travel WiFi is a portable WiFi hotspot that lets you stay connected in over 100 countries for as low as P390 per day.  you can now stay connected in your international travels with this  travel pocket wifi from Smart. Continue reading Stay Connected in your International Travels with Smart World Travel Pocket WiFi

Booking a Home Away From Home With Airbnb

Founded in August of 2008 and based in San Francisco, California, Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world — online or from a mobile phone or tablet. Continue reading Booking a Home Away From Home With Airbnb

Smart Launches Starmobile 4.5-inch PLAY Click Smartphone Kit

Unrivaled mobile services provider Smart Communications has partnered with trusted Filipino smartphone brand to introduce the country’s most value-packed big screen Android phone, the Starmobile PLAY Click. Continue reading Smart Launches Starmobile 4.5-inch PLAY Click Smartphone Kit

Travel Gear | Smart Bro 4G Pocket WIFI Unboxing & Review

The nationwide launching of the #SMARTBro888 at Cagayan de Oro was an energy-filled event. Smart Bro 4G Pocket WIFI is a new promo for the prepaid Smart Bro 4G Pocket WIFI. Some areas in the Philippines still do not have LTE connection but with updated services, 4G connection is now available in most places! Continue reading Travel Gear | Smart Bro 4G Pocket WIFI Unboxing & Review

10 Essential Travel Apps I Never Travel Without

We travel to enjoy ourselves and take it easy, but the process of getting from one place to another can sometimes be stressful enough to take all the fun out of an adventure. Luckily, smartphones are here to rescue us! Along with it are travel apps that helps us navigate and organize our trip. Long gone are the days of purchasing travel guides and hiring pricey travel agents; you can book your flights, accommodations and excursions all on one website. Some enterprising travel aficionados have taken it a step further and created smartphone apps to streamline our lives so we can let go and relax!

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Supremo 1 WIFI Action Camera Full Review

Supremo 1 WIFI Action Camera is hot on the market, being one of the cheapest entry level action camera on the shelf. Action cameras are often used in extreme-action videography but being unique we are, we personalized our gadget use to the kind of travelers, and adventurers we are. To some they use action cameras for extreme sports, while others use it to document their slow travels, and others use it for their photo/video taking of every happenings. Despite the different use of action cameras today, everyone wants to get the best out of the action camera they could find and get.

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Asus ZenFone 2.0 Laser 5.0 Smart Phone Review

Last year’s favorite smartphone just got more incredible. The Asus ZenFone 2.0 Laser 5.0 smart phone is now hitting the market by storm. Smarter than the average smartphone on its budget range, you would think that it deserve to be on top of the expensive range of smartphones. Last month I was ask to check out the new Asus ZenFone 2.0 Laser 5.0 smart phone, and give an honest review about it for a traveler’s point of view.

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Zem Gear 360 Ninja Split Review

The ZEMgear 360 Ninja Split was my first minimalist shoes thanks to Zem Gear Philippines. Its a feather-light star of ZEMs barefoot collection, and I tried and tested this adventure lifestyle shoes and used it during the travel advocacy, and adventures around Mindanao — #TravelMindanao.

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Evernote App: One of the Best Apps for the Travel Writer In You

Many of us have grown quite accustomed to life with a smartphone. We’re constantly taking photos of our food, of the streets outside, or of the bright Christmas decorations we happen to ride past in our travels.

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WITHLOCALS App | Connecting People & Culture

Planning for a Vietnam trip had me land on Withlocals that offers authentic experience for travelers through local hosts. Quickly I read through how booking a date would get me to share a meal with local hosts, and get to interact with people who are total strangers to me but definitely would be looking forward for my visit. Wouldn’t itf be nice if visitors, and tourist would get authentic local experience during their stay in the Philippines?

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Sandugo River Crossing Sandals Review

It took me awhile to decide which appropriate footwear for an activity I obviously love doing — river trekking, and waterfalling. After checking a few on, and offline, Sandugo River Crossing Sandals was a standout. I didn’t need more prodding, I got myself a pair.

Background: I have clumsy feet, and I do not trust them at all. Until now, I can never get away without mini accidents mishaps during adventures, and trips.  I even trip with slippers on on a paved walkway — that is how clumsy one could get. I have come to work around it — you never let that stop you, if you love something that much. 
What I needed: Since the activity will require crossing streams, and rivers, I decided an open footwear would do nicely. So I knew it would be best to get me sandals with sole grip fit for any terrain, and snug fit even on incline or declining slopes. I hate it when there is not enough support, and hold that my feet slips out of the  anterior of the footwear.
Price: 695PhP

“No-frills all-weather design make them as useful for urban jaunts as they are for outdoor adventures.”

Sandugo sandals are originally created for demanding activities that requires trekking in different terrains. Their line of sandals have become the brand’s best example of its extreme toughness and reliability. 
What it is:
The Sandugo River Crossing Sandals is an all terrain sandal that was designed with having to get your feet wet along the trail. It is one of traditional design but innovative features. A 1 week replacement warranty, and 3 months service warranty is guaranteed for this product.

What I like about it:

~ Toe-strap design helps prevent the feet from sliding off at the anterior portion of the footwear — especially when going downhill/stream.
~ continuous & adjustable straps for easy fitting.
~ The outsole is contoured like the sole of our feet is, and it grips surface too.
~ The arch support is comfortable.
~ Affordable outdoor sandals.
~ Tatak Pinoy!
What I did not like about it:
~ After trekking for a while, the topsole’s surface kinda give my soles discomfort from the surface friction. I sometimes wash my feet in water to relieve the discomfort,  lessens the dryness, and wash away dusts. Wrong move, I know, but I could not help it. My friends say my soles need callus. Toinks! Expect my friends to be so not helpful at all.
~ The anterior portion, where the toes rest, is wide. It does help in protecting my toes, and adding surface hold specially on footholds, but sadly, I nearly tripped (3 times) on that feature. My gait patterns are okay, but there seem to be something wrong with — my feet, and their ability to trip, slip, and get me in trouble.

Despite me slipping (only once) with these on, the Sandugo River Crossing Sandals, and I survived the Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0 by Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. It has been my constant companion for outdoors of this type since. Much as I have natural cushion behind there, I do not want my accident-prone nature be the reason for any future medical condition. So expect, still, to see me take off any footwear, get nearest to the ground when I think any accident is bound to happen. A cliche,” better be safe than sorry” still fits this one. How about you, what do you require for outdoor footwear?

P.S. For those who prefers close fitted shoes, a guy friends’ take Sandugo Helikon Sandals review will be up soon. 

Disclaimer: A non-sponsored review for Sandugo SandalsSandugo River Crossing Sandals.

Trying out Firmoo Sunglasses

I never travel without sunglasses with me. Most of the time I am outside, and the sun’s glare can be harmful to the eyes that I always sport sunglasses on. Sometimes I travel with them, and forget to bring my prescription glasses in process, and that was a travel discomfort learned the hard way. Sunglasses can be helpful, especially during my migraine attacks that would usually last for days to a week. Given I do not let that stop me from enjoying the outdoors, sunglasses are helpful.

Blogging friends shared that Firmoo launched it’s Free Eyewear offer to first time buyers, and I decided to try and signed up for it. I had difficulty on tracking the package though, but the customer service sent an email to remind me that the package has arrived at the local post office. Sadly, the local post office in Iligan City is not as efficient on timely delivery. The email notifications I got from Firmoo was helpful for me to stop by, and pick up the package that has been sitting there for a month.

“This is a pair of unisex acetate full frame eyeglasses. These adorable frames are modern takes of aviator frames. They are a little smaller than the traditional aviator frames, however more suitable for daily wearing. Proper size of the frames are compatible for single vision and progressive lenses. It will be perfect whenever you are reading a book, watching TV or driving a car. Total weight of this gorgeous frame is only 18 grams, adding extra comfort to have it on your face. Colors are available in matte black, black inside with clear inside, black outside with blue inside and stripes in brown and clear. These classic frames never go out of fashion.”

Lightweight and Perfectly Fits.

I had doubts at first because it is REALLY lightweight at 18 grams. Some of my sunglasses are a bit heavy than the one I got from Firmoo. But the fit was perfect for my face, and that the weight actually makes it less straining on my nose bridge. My friends who got their prescription glasses on the online shop says that the lightweight eyewear actually feels as if they are not wearing their glasses at all. Which sold me out because I am browsing over the online shop to get me a pair for my prescription glasses.

Modern Styles.

I was excited to pick this one up for their modern take on the aviator shades. The frame, and lens size is not too big for my face and it does have ample coverage from the glare from the sun. I’m loving the frame, and it;s stripe design, and the fit is just right for me — I’m getting the same one for with my prescription. I think it would be just cool to have it as my prescription glasses, but I have to visit my doctor for that one first.
Eye Protection.
The frame I got is not for sunglasses, so they asked me if I want it in a shade. I wanted it for my prescription glasses at the first place but, I honestly forgot how impaired my vision is. Yeps, I don’t keep track of my I prescription, I let my doctor do that. So instead, I got to choose the color ( blue, brown, grey, green and purple) and the correct shade, or percentage in 20%, 40%, 60% or 80%. This one I got for 60% in brown. They offer different types of lenses depending on your preference, and the strength of your prescription.
Online Ordering.
It was my first time to order eyewear online.  Firmoo made it easy for their customers. There are selections of variety of eyewears on this online shop. And it is complete with frame dimensions so as to help the buyers choose the perfect fit, and size.
It came with a sleek black soft storage pouch, a leather-covered hard case, a cleaning cloth, and a glass repair kit and extra screws. 
Here’s the maintain method Firmoo recommends when using their product:
Use ultrasonic cleaning to shake out the dust
Twist off the screw, take off the lens and use professional cloth or paper to clean
Do not use cosmetics. It is easy to make the eyeglass frame fade
Gently folding the eyeglass frame from the left
Do not take off eyeglasses with a single hand. It is easy to make the eyeglass frame deform
Do not put the eyeglass frame under the sunshine for a long time
Cover the eyeglasses with cloth when you do not use and put into the glasses cases

If you want to give it a try, just try the FIRMOO FREE Eyewear for first-time buyers! 
Disclamer: An honest review for a sponsored product for Firmoo Global Optical Online Store.