FOOD | Missy BonBon Delight

After hours with my mom at the mall, I had to call a time out. A bit tired from all the walking around, and carrying the bags for the both of us — a tiring day that waved the calories goodbye. I called for a break and headed for Missy BonBon! Good thing there was enough tinapay (bread, and pastries) there for my mom, while I jumped for joy in comforts inside head (so people will not think I’m a child trapped inside an adults’ body — LOL!) with all the variety of gelato to choose from!

Hello there calories, I thought I lost you —- we meet again! Missy Bonbon has opened a branch at Ket Kai Mall at Cagayan de Oro. It has pretty fast WiFi connection, and usually my tambayan (hang-out) place when I need some break time from my mother’s super shopping powers.