Looking For Backpack Tips

I am so looking for backpacks these days. And, sadly. I don’t have go to person on how to get a nice bag. I am not into this stuff until I challenged myself to get out of my comfort zones. So yes, here I am looking for bags to stash in my must-bring travel/adventure stuff. Get on the road and have fun and be comfortable doing it.

I came upon the blog of PossiblyPinay celebrating her 1st blog year! Yepey for that! And I’ve checked out her other post and saw this nics shopping for backpack tips. It is totally helpful!

Her bag main features really hit it off for someone who doesn’t know a thing 
about backpacks or shopping for it! LOL!

  • Giant main compartment —-> Check for space available to your needs.
  • larger external front pocket (behind the smaller one, duh), preferably with an organization panel (for small items like cards, keys, pens). The pocket needs to fit usually needed items like wet wipes, phone, camera, tiny kikay kit. —-> Make sure to have secured opening/closing.
  • 2 external side pockets or “water bottle pockets” as I call them, located on both sides of the bag, preferably with an elastic or pull-tie on top.  —-> SUPER MUST! I would also recommend to get a bag with this feature. It gives you free hands from water bottles/jugs.
  • 1.5 kilos or lighter in empty weight (just the weight of the bag and nothing else). If it’s a backpack that converts into a trolley, anything under 4 kilos is amazing.  —-> This was TOTALLY helpful. I didn’t know the standard weight a bag should weigh when empty. So it is a handy info for me.
  • Double zippers for the main compartment with that little hole in the middle so you can lock it with a luggage lock; bonus points if the bigger front external pocket has double zippers too.  —-> Better be safe that sorry.
  • small external front pocket for documents, itineraries, passports, boarding passes, departure/arrival cards. —> and that small compartment to just shove your boarding passes.
Thank you PossiblyPinay, it was really helpful to get these tips from you. And yes, I’ve joined in on your “Possibly Pinay Year 1 All-out Majorly Anticipated Celebratory Festival and Raffle Party“.