My Heart’s Travel Companions

It is mid-March, and the heat is at a bearable scorching level. Take that from someone who loves the brown tanned color on her skin and refuses to let go of that. I’ve always known, I was a summer child. I’ve always believed that we live for the summer. Even as a child, summer was about vacations, trips to the beaches, and unending foray with my siblings.
I want you guys to meet the 2 that makes up the 3 lasses of the house. Because summer is never summer without them.

Current Location: 
Windy City of the Land of the Free.
Choice of Travel Bag: 
Overnight large bags to small luggage + sports body bag

Honeylou. The eldest of the seven children of this big, loud, and “thermo” nuclear family. LOL. She takes one state at a time when she wants to, and when the need to get on the road arises. She once entered a beauty pageant and won the crown when our Papa said we shouldn’t, braved island hopping, weekend warrior trips with her college friends and to only share the details after, has this generic list in her head of must-bring stuff for travels, and eventually lives with a ready-to-go packed bags to date.

Our Mama started us learning the life on the roads with our trips to her province. Ate Honeylou kept us in buddy-system, and knows which kid was with whom, who carried the bags, and points out which seats for us to take. My travel perception and practices are greatly influenced by her. She is happily married and, every now and then, travels with her the man who won her heart — her soulmate. 

Current Location: 
Lion City where lions never live.
Choice of Travel Bag: 
Backpack + some girly bag
Audrey | AUDREYISM. She realized I was already into blogging but I called it “online journal” —- Ew. I know right? She never stopped pushing me to blog ever since. The maldeetuh of Maldeetuh Ramblings, she now blogs at the migrated and still in transition, Audreyisms and swears she is not a wordsmith. She would hide her writing from me and if she could help it, and not let me read any of her stuff at all. But her thoughts and simple play of words are addicting. For the sake of argument (Audrey) that she (you’re) not my sister, I would still read her (you). Some good stuff are a worthy read even on crumpled table napkins
Although only year and few months older than I, I was and still am a little (ahem) taller than she is. She is petite and would get away to be the youngest sister, but her small frame could not contain her feisty character. She braved searching for work far from home by her own, on her terms, and asked only for prayers to help her get by. She kept on moving a few distance more since, and comes home to recharge every once in a while. Like her blog, she is seriously thinking of going in transition on her line of work. But like any travelista, the world screams for her visits, and she gives in to it every time.
I have my travel inspirations and eternal summer sisters — the sandy shores, and wild growing forest greens, and the old provincial buses are never the same without them. I’ve learned some of the travelling practices that comes natural for me now, like to:
     + Have this ready to go packed backpack.
     + Never leave a pair of swimsuits behind. — you’ll never know when you need one!
     + Never go wrong packing a dress or two. — for the dates with random strangers. Weeeeeh?
     + Keep hydrated.
     + Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.
     + Trust the inner woman’s instincts. — kasi meron daw ako nun. Chos!
     + Get-away for the weekend, just because.
     + Laugh  your mistakes off but learn from them.
     + and constantly be thankful of what life brings. — counting your blessing will, attract more!
Though we take travelling and the roads differently now, I’ve been lugging them around in every adventures in my heart. Akala niyo na kung sino itong travel companions ng puso ko ano? LOL. For now, it has been my summer sisters, my brothers, and mama and papa that I take when I get on the road or face a new adventure. I call them my heart’s travel companions.
Matanong lang, who does your heart travels with these days? =)
I wanted to feel the sand on my feet again,
 so I decided to go away for the weekend.