Of #TravelMindanao

We were joking about setting up a trip around Mindanao when we found that we enjoyed each others company during the Iligan Bloggers Society | Waterfalling Adventure Tour 2.0 | #ExperienceIligan. It was nothing serious, but being the travel-thirsty people that we were are — the joke was made a reality when we started planning for a roadtrip around Mindanao.
I wish it there was an interesting story behind the #TravelMindanao travel advocacy. But no, there isn’t. Just a bunch of crazies who wanted to travel around the always misunderstood island Mindanao, and influencing people to do the same.


We figured that the project in itself was massive in it’s undertaking, and potentially big in influencing social media, and online users. We launched the project in the same pattern as #ExperienceIligan but on a wider, and bigger scale. #TravelMindano has  foresight of getting the attention of travel enthusiasts, weekenders, and vacationers to try visiting, and traveling to travel destinations in Mindanao.
It is social media call for action — to TRAVEL to MINDANAO.
It became more than the people behind it, or the project in itself — it became JUST Mindanao. We hope that people would use the hashtag, and to share the call for action, and get people to travel to Mindanao, or around Mindanao. Because this giant of an island has a lot of travel destinations, but it does not get too much attention because of the negative stigma it has with the peace, and order in some areas. We get it, but you can not forsake the sum of the whole for the little part of it. What we are saying — there is more of Mindanao worth traveling to.


How do you sell out a misunderstood island that has the natural resources, is culturally diversed, and a tourism, and travel destination potential? Well, travel to it. *winks*  Below are some of the travel destinations that I got to travel with team, and there are more posts, and updates from the rest. Check the travellers behind this, they are some of the coolest travel blogging personalities I met!
Visit the www.travelmindanao.org, and follow #TravelMindanao in social media sites to check out what we did on a +30 days on the road! Better yet, join us with this travel campaign by sharing your photos from your travels anywhere in Mindanao using the #TravelMindanao hashtag — we promise to give you love back in return!