ILIGAN CITY | Tourism Triangle In a Day Plan

You didn’t not know it, did you? That Iligan City has a Tourism Triangle, and you’ve went to these tourist spots but you didn’t know that they are geographically located in angles of each other making an imaginary triangle shape.  I, too, for some time, until I was told of it — made me want to visit them again. Iligan City Tourism Office has called it at that, The Tourism Triangle of Iligan City. And I am bound to visit […] Read More

BUKIDNON | Monastery of the Transfiguration

I have a few travels that I am able to save photos to share it to you guys. One of these is that of the Transfiguration Monastery in San Jose, Malaybalay City in Bukidnon. It is known for its pyramid chapel and happens to be a popular destination for both tourists and pilgrims. For people who want to pray and for those who are seeking peace of mind and calmness of soul and spirit can visit this place for a […] Read More

Looking For Backpack Tips

I am so looking for backpacks these days. And, sadly. I don’t have go to person on how to get a nice bag. I am not into this stuff until I challenged myself to get out of my comfort zones. So yes, here I am looking for bags to stash in my must-bring travel/adventure stuff. Get on the road and have fun and be comfortable doing it. I came upon the blog of PossiblyPinay celebrating her 1st blog year! Yepey […] Read More

OZAMIZ CITY | Cotta Fort and Shrine

The Cotta Fort at Ozamis City is, now, a historical landmark, it housed a Japanese garrison during World War II and was damaged during the April 1955 earthquake, it was restored and is now open for visitors and tourists. I did asked my cousin who resides there, what possible spots I could stop by before heading to Oroquieta City. This was one of his recommendation. The Cotta Fort is a walled fortress presently used as tourist attraction being dated back […] Read More

OZAMIZ CITY | Knowing and Visiting Ozamiz

I was so tired from my Hindang Adventures that I was adamant on taking travelling, but that was my maternal grandparents death anniversary — so I had to go. I only agreed to travel if my mom and I would stop by the Fort Santiago of Ozamis City. It was my first time to visit the Fort Santiago even if I’ve traveled down this road since my toddler days.  My mom hailed from the Green City of the Philippines — […] Read More

ILIGAN CITY | Dodiongan Falls

Two days after Hindang excursion I got to visit Brgy. Bonbonon, Iligan City. The Brgy. Bonbonon is the host barangay of Dodiongan Falls, which is 14.5 km from the city proper — distance and leg cramps from Hindang Cave trail didn’t stop me.  The visit was unplanned and had adventure written on it at every angle. LotLot invited me to join her visit the falls as they make a delivery to Brgy. Bonbonon. It was a far-from-city-proper barangay and somehow she made […] Read More

OZAMIZ CITY Transportation Guide | How To Get There & Directions

Misamis was an Old Spanish town, which existed as far back as the Spanish era and was conquered strangely not by force of arms, but through faith by some Jesuit Missionaries. Though obscure, the origin of the name “Misamis” is believed to have been derived from the Subano word “Kuyamis” which is a variety of coconut. During the years the name persisted as an inference of geographical location and upon the advent of the Spanish settlers. The word “Kuyamis” easily […] Read More

ILIGAN CITY | Hindang Falls

Hindang Falls is approximately 20km from the city proper and is accessible through Brgy. Hindang. As we set off our Hindang Adventure our second itinerary was the Hindang Falls, and I was eager to get my feet wet and check out the falls. I was not disappointed. Not one bit. The trail going to Hindang Falls is better than Tinago Falls. It was short with a 7-10mins trek and manageable trail. It also brings in a surprise factor as the trail […] Read More

ILIGAN CITY | Spelunking at Hindang Cave

One of the scenic and must-to-go spots at Brgy. Hindang, Iligan City is the Hindang Cave. A ~1hour ride to get you to this barangay in the hinterlands from the city proper and a 2-3hour uphill trek to get to Hindang Cave. The trail is good for the experienced trekkers and for people who are physical conditioned for it. All I can say is that I was not cut out for this trek but am happy I’ve done it and came out unscratched. […] Read More

ILIGAN CITY | Ambitiously Trekking the Hindang Cave Trail

It was a friend who asked if I’ve ever been to Hindang Cave or Falls, and because that I haven’t — searched for previous posts regarding both — but I couldn’t find any!  Which saddens me. Then frustrated me. And made really want to go there.  How could anyone not write about something when random people have been raving about it for some time now? After planning it for 2-3 weeks — directions to Brgy Hindang was the problem. Once I got over that, I was in […] Read More

ILIGAN CITY | Attractions & Directions To Brgy. Hindang

Finally! How to get to Brgy. Hindang I’ve been trying to get someone to point me the directions on how to get to Brgy. Hindang for awhile now. I’ve mustered up confidence to write emails to people and offices just to get details on directions. Fortunately, I know the people who maintain the email address of Iligan City Tourism Office. So I was off Brgy. Hindang to visit the Hindang Cave and Falls after a 2-3 week planning for a Hindang Nature Hike with […] Read More

ILIGAN CITY | Hindang Adventure Planning Mode

 I’ll be on an eco-adventure with a few blogger friends  this weekend. I’ve been on an Iligan City waterfalls series for some time now and I’ve only covered three, yet, of the 23 waterfalls that Iligan City hosts in it’s terrain: the Ma. Cristina Falls, Tinago Falls, and the Mimbalot Falls. Here’s one to add to that. I know there are a few accessible waterfalls around Iligan City, but I’m trying out the big ones first, ika -nga, this is for the show! LOL! […] Read More

How To Plan a Travel Adventure

Any good adventure should parts-planned and parts-leave-it-all-by-faith, that is how I look at travelling at the tips of your fingers. here are some prior to actual travel that can help you get started on answering to that travel itch that you’ve been getting these days. 1. Select and Research a Destination. This is where it all starts. From all the places and activities you want to go and try out, you get to narrow it in one destination (or may […] Read More

Healthy Saturday Routine

I’ve been taking jogs early mornings when I saw that Iligan City Rizal Park was full of people, one summer  Saturday morning. My mama told me that there’s a Saturday morning program for a healthy exercise routine open for everybody. The Saturday after that. I was there. With my mom.  And a friend. I got hooked ever since! Hataw Na Iligan is an ongoing program of Councilor Marlene Young for and with the public. This is to promote healthy living and […] Read More

EL SALVADOR | Tallest Divine Mercy

The Archdiocesan Shrine of the Divine Mercy at El Salvador, Misamis Oriental is a MUST place to visit as it being the tallest Divine Mercy in the world. Around 30 minutes drive from Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines, this shrine sits atop a hill with 9.8 hectares of landscape that allows one to meditate and solemnly pray. It has an additional parking space to safely park vehicles out of traffics way, a land area total of 11.8 hectares. To this […] Read More


As it is the beginning of the gruesome start of La Niña, Red Cross appeals for funds to support their disaster preparedness program and to provide ongoing relief efforts for affected communities.You may wish to post this flyer in your office/school bulletin board. You can download a copy here.

ILIGAN CITY | Aruma Coffee Lounge

Iligan City is now slowly teaching it’s residents the love for coffee and growing array of choices you have to satisfy that craving. It has generated a few coffee addicts — I, admittedly, am one of them. There’s this one favorite quaint coffee shop that I seriously fell in love with, the moment I set foot into the interiors of the ARUMA Coffee Lounge.  Located at Preface Building which timidly sits along De Leon cor. Burgos St., Poblacion Iligan City, […] Read More

i HEART iligan city

Dear Iligan City, To be honest, it took me awhile to realize that I was born and raised in a treasure-mount that you’re humble of. Only then when I went around Iligan City streets, immerse myself with your people, dive in the Iliganon culture during the festive Diyandi Festival, and get lost in wonder in your nature, did I finally gotten to know you. Your history, people, and culture defines you — — you cut it out for everyone! I […] Read More

ILIGAN CITY | Mimbalot Falls

  It is a breathtaking place to commune with nature and leisurely spend time swimming in its’ pool basins or having a picnic on its tables. I’ve been lucky enough to live in Iligan City where urban and nature gracefully dance in sync together. That I get to run off somewhere a few minutes off and finding myself in this pocket of wonder nature has given to us. One of the 23 waterfalls of Iligan City is this pocket of wonder — the […] Read More

ILIGAN CITY | National Power Corporation Natures Park

National Power Corporation Natures Park, is one of the largest nature parks of the Philippines. It is open to locals, backpackers, and tourist for a nature trip one will definitely find it hard to forget. The NPC holds Maria Cristina Falls , is a major tourist spots in Iligan City. Being a city with more than 20 waterfalls that sits on it’s terrain — it boast the iconic Ma. Cristina Falls, Iligan City is known for. On it’s grounds is […] Read More