Warm & Cozy Stay at The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay

It was my first time to visit Baguio City, and I have always found myself drawn to it even when I know it is a crowded city with high tourist traffic. I am never a big fan of large crowd, ironic may it seem for a traveler. I have always found joy in the remote, and beautiful places I would find myself nesting at and calling it a home for a few days stay. The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay […] Read More

Baguio City | Filling Brunch at Cafe By The Ruins

Arriving at Baguio City late in the morning, we decided to have brunch instead of just getting a light breakfast which we are used to. To be honest, we haven’t planned and set up our Baguio City itinerary prior to the travel. We did, however, found one recommended food place to go to for food as soon as we get there – Cafe By The Ruins.

How to Pack Light Without Sacrificing Style

Lately I have been traveling in two week periods. And when others consider that a long travel already, I am comfortable at calling it in between short and long travel. However, I hate carrying massive luggage and heavy backpack so I do not pack heavily for a two week travel. Here is how to pack light without sacrificing your style.

Transportation Guide | How to Get To Baguio City

Baguio City is one of the top tourism destination in Luzon. It is located ~250 kilometers from Metro Manila at a 1,450 meter above sea level elevation. With it’s high altitude Baguio City is called the Summer Capital of the Philippines . It is a favorite travel destination for local, and foreign tourist with its cool weather, and for the famous flower festival, Panagbenga Festival. It is no wonder that how to get to Baguio City is easy thanks to several […] Read More

Budget-Friendly & Cheap Accommodations in Puerto Princesa

Traveling is expensive no matter how hard you try to taper down expenses. After all it’s money going out of your pockets. Puerto Princesa is one of the top travel destination in the Philippines, and it does cater to travelers who are trying to curb down their budget. You’ll find affordable backpackers accommodation that can fit in your travel budget. Here are some budget-friendly, and cheap accommodations in Puerto Princesa.

Philippine National Museum – Quezon, Palawan Branch

Not a lot knows of the existence of a Philippine National Museum – Quezon, Palawan Branch. But there is one, and everyone who visited the Tabon Caves Complex at Quezon, Palawan has stopped by this museum as point entry. Quezon is approximately 148 kilometers away from Puerto Princesa City, the provincial capital where the Tabon Caves Complex is located.

Plan Your Next Escape at Discovery Suites Manila

When it’s time for a getaway, you need not go far to experience bliss. Stay right where you are – Discovery Suites Manila has so much in store for you any day of the week. Discovery Suites Manila is the preferred address of business and leisure travelers. It balances the convenience of a spacious residence with the personal touches of a hotel.

A Quick Palawan Provincial Capitol Complex Visit

Palawan Provincial Capitol Complex is a dominating dome-shape building on one of the busiest intersection in Puerto Princesa. On my first visit to Palawan few years ago, I did not have time to stop by the Palawan Provincial Capitol Complex . I’ve read about it on blogs and travel guides but it was always just a  mention and not a full blog post. So I was naturally curious about it.

The Interactive Palawan Heritage Center in Puerto Princesa

If you have extra time to spare, you might like to visit the Palawan Heritage Center. It is an interactive museum in Puerto Princesa City that showcases the rich culture and history of the proud Palawenos. You will find this within the Palawan Capitol and easily accessible, and located in the middle of the the city proper.

Couple Travel: A Quick & Short Guide

The calendar has hit the dreaded second month of the year when there’s the over emphasis of couples and coupling. Travel and travel dates have always been a great way for couples to spend time and/or get to know each other. But what if you’re a young Filipino couple who comes from conservative Filipino families?

The Dark Stories of the Puerto Princesa Plaza Cuartel

Plaza Cuartel is one of the historical tourist destination every visitor of Puerto Princesa. Located along Taft street in Baranggay Liwanag, adjacent to Immaculate Conception Cathedral and Rizal Park is a small park of a great history.  Plaza Cuartel has a colorful history because of the events that happened here during the World War II.

Puerto Princesa | Seaside Microtel by Wyndham – Palawan

Part of a successful international chain of hotels, expect comfort and convenience when you stay at Microtel by Wyndham in Puerto Princesa City. Also known at Microtel Palawan, this affordable and tastefully designed hotel offers guestrooms, excellent facilities, and reliable services for a better hotel stay.

Afternoon Strolling at Puerto Princesa City Baywalk Park

Puerto Princesa City Baywalk Park

A simple way of experiencing how local leisure is by strolling along the Puerto Princesa City Baywalk Park. It is an open seaside space for strolling, biking, and a place to hang out located just beside the port area at Sandoval St, Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Palawan | Easy DIY Puerto Princesa City Tour

Puerto Princesa City Tour is a popular tourist activity and a filler in any itinerary. Most travel agencies offers city tours to tourists PhP 600 per person rate. It is pretty much a good price for a day worth of going around the city and going around different tourist destinations. For some who prefers to keep budget to a minimal, you can easily have your own DIY Puerto Princes City tour ofcourse.

Puerto Princesa | Clean & Affordable Go Hotels Puerto Princesa

Go Hotels Palawan

Puerto Princesa is also known as “A city in a forest”. It is a small city in an island full of natural resources, and they have made good use of this to attract people to visit the island paradise. Puerto Princesa is the entry city when visiting Palawan province. It not only is the access city of the province it also has a lot to offer its visitors. If you’re looking for a clean and affordable hotel in Puerto Princesa, check […] Read More

Types of Travel Apps You Need to Install on Your Phone

Traveling can be stressful but with mobile phones bringing information and online services anytime, anywhere, it is a lot more bearable. Travel is one of the area that greatly benefits with information, and travel services made possible in this portable gadget. Here is a helpful list of the kinds of types of travel apps you need to install on your phone, and some examples of some of the ones I use.

Samsung Reveals the New Galaxy A Series Smartphones for 2017

Elegance in its purest form. Crafted with minimalism in mind for maximum enjoyment the Galaxy A Series 2017 Smartphones is flawless to provide a remarkably seamless design. It is a design that is a delight to hold. Sitting perfectly level with the rear casing the absence of any camera protrusion allows for uniformaly smooth and symmetrical design from all angles.