Warm & Cozy Stay at The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay

It was my first time to visit Baguio City, and I have always found myself drawn to it even when I know it is a crowded city with high tourist traffic. I am never a big fan of large crowd, ironic may it seem for a traveler. I have always found joy in the remote, and beautiful places I would find myself nesting at and calling it a home for a few days stay. The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay […] Read More

Transportation Guide | How to Get To Baguio City

Baguio City is one of the top tourism destination in Luzon. It is located ~250 kilometers from Metro Manila at a 1,450 meter above sea level elevation. With it’s high altitude Baguio City is called the Summer Capital of the Philippines . It is a favorite travel destination for local, and foreign tourist with its cool weather, and for the famous flower festival, Panagbenga Festival. It is no wonder that how to get to Baguio City is easy thanks to several […] Read More

Budget-Friendly & Cheap Accommodations in Puerto Princesa

Traveling is expensive no matter how hard you try to taper down expenses. After all it’s money going out of your pockets. Puerto Princesa is one of the top travel destination in the Philippines, and it does cater to travelers who are trying to curb down their budget. You’ll find affordable backpackers accommodation that can fit in your travel budget. Here are some budget-friendly, and cheap accommodations in Puerto Princesa.

A Quick Palawan Provincial Capitol Complex Visit

Palawan Provincial Capitol Complex is a dominating dome-shape building on one of the busiest intersection in Puerto Princesa. On my first visit to Palawan few years ago, I did not have time to stop by the Palawan Provincial Capitol Complex . I’ve read about it on blogs and travel guides but it was always just a  mention and not a full blog post. So I was naturally curious about it.

Puerto Princesa’s Historic Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral

One of the popular tourist destinations in Puerto Princesa City is the historic Immaculate Conception of Mary. Located along Rizal Avenue in Baranggay Liwanag, the Immaculate Conception of Mary is said to be the patroness of the cathedral church. Aside from the beauty of its facade, the church’s history is what makes it an interesting place to see.