Where to Look for Kid Actors

Casting directors, producers, and other types of event-planners have it tough sometimes. It can be hard to find the right actor for your role the way it is, even barring any other challenges that arise. But aside from finding the right actors, these people have to find any actors at all, and if you don’t have a huge network to draw from, you might start to wonder what kinds of channels are actually available to you. For instance, let’s say […] Read More

Best Advice for Moving to a New Country

Always wondered how it is to live in another country, trying out the food, interacting with the locals and experiencing their culture? Moving and relocating to a new country is one of the best way in exploring the world and learning about other cultures. You can be moving to further your studies, for a better work opportunity or because you have dreamt of living in that chosen country. Moving to a new country is a big step and can be […] Read More

Covid 19 Update | What the Pandemic has Taught Me

It has been the longest I have stayed in one place, one city, and one country for over a year now. When no one was watching, Covid-19 crept up on us and hit us with this lengthy pandemic. Work was moved from the offices to home, travel restricted, and a momentary disruption of our normal routines. It’s a bitter pill to swallow having conform to all that is unknown and unsure to us. Like everyone, I have been stuck at […] Read More

Enjoy these Museums Around Metro Manila Even during the Pandemic

May 18 is the International Museum Day. However, in light with the pandemic, museums around the country has to close its doors as per the safety guidelines released by the Philippine government. But that does not mean we can not get our dose of art and learnings from these museums. Check out these museums in Metro Manila who are opening their “doors” and welcoming visitors in through online programs. National Philippine Museums Museum Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. brings you […] Read More

Travel Tips You Need To Know Before Your Next Vietnam Trip

One of the popular travel destination in South East Asia is Vietnam. Vietnam is best known for healthy, fresh and light food, its culture, the history & outdoor destinations only tropical countries can boast of. If you’re planning to go to Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Mui Ne and other cities and towns in Viet, here are the travel tips you need to run down with to make the best out of your trip! Don’t underestimate the weather Weather can be […] Read More

Rustic Mornings by Isabelo at Marikina City

After going around Marikina City on foot on our DIY mini-city tour, we decided to have late lunch at one of the highly recommended restaurants in Marikina City – Rustic Mornings by Isabelo. I have seen Rustic Mornings by Isabelo from Instagram photos of nice instagram worthy restaurants in Metro Manila. When my mother-in-law knew that we were spending the day at the Shoe Capital of the Philippines, she also recommended Rustic Mornings for us to try. Rustic Mornings is […] Read More

Travel in the Time of COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The travel industry has slowly crippled due travel ban & notices with the the respiratory disease outbreak caused by a novel (new) coronavirus that was first detected in China. It has now been detected in almost 70 locations internationally. The virus has been named “SARS-CoV-2” causing the “coronavirus disease 2019” or “COVID-19”. Should I cancel my travel? Travel notices given by CDC are based on assessment of the potential health risks involved with traveling to a certain area which CDC […] Read More

Helpful Japan Travel Tips 2020 To Make The Most Of Your Trip

Japan is one of the top tourist destinations in Asia – it’s in everyone’s must-go-to or bucket list. The mix of modern & tradition is best seen in this country and one of the reasons why people come to visit. Is Japan one of your top travel destinations as well? Are you planning to travel to Japan any time soon this 2020? Here are some helpful travel tips you should know to get the most out of your Japan trip. […] Read More

The Charming White Knight Hotel Intramuros

White Knight Hotel Intramuros 05

Exploring Metro Manila, one could never go wrong in visiting Intramuros. Intramuros is the 0.67 square kilometres historic walled area within Metro Manila.  It is also called the Walled City, and at the time of the Spanish colonization, it was synonymous with the City of Manila. What a better way than stay at the walled city itself when exploring it. White Knight Hotel in Intramuros is one of the few hotels located inside the walled city.

Things To Know Before Your Taiwan Trip

Taiwan | Things To Know Before Your Taiwan Trip

Taiwan is now better known as a tourist destination to experience Asian culture with the convenience and comforts of modern city life. It is one of the easiest country to navigate and explore in Asia. Are you planning to visit Taiwan this year? Here are some of the things that you must know about Taiwan before your visit:

Day Trips You Can Try Near Metro Manila

Planning to getaway from Metro Manila without having to worry about missing work the next few days? Try these day trips you can try near Metro Manila, so you can shake off the stress from work or your busy school schedule. Antipolo | Art Appreciation at Pinto Art Museum You need not go very far from Metro Manila to spend an afternoon immersed in art, and nature at the same time. Pinto Art Museum showcases the best Philippiine contemporary art […] Read More

How to Use the New Electronic Gates at NAIA Terminals

How to Use the New Electronic Gates at NAIA Terminals

How to Use the E-Gates at NAIA Terminals Make sure that you have your boarding pass & passport on hand while you wait in line for your turn. Make sure to remove any headware, eyewear, and face masks. Scan your boarding pass by placing the barcode on the scanner area and wait for the verification that your boarding pass has been scanned. Open your passport to the information page. The information page is the Page 2 or the page with you […] Read More

Madison Hotel | Affordable Hotel In Iloilo City

Madison Hotel - Clean and Affordable Hotel in Iloilo City Philippines

Iloilo City in Visayas is best known for its Spanish and colonial churches and old houses. These building stand as if frozen in time and yet functions and blends in the modern Iloilo. It is one of the reason why visitors flock this city in the tip of Panay Island. It was my second time to visit Iloilo and this time I was with my friends who flew in from Cagayan De Oro City to Iloilo for a few days […] Read More

Camping Grounds at Sierra Madre Mountain Resort

Getting out of the busy Metro Manila can be difficult – especially if you have young kids with you. Looking into camping with your family can be a challenge if most of the family members is not used to going on hikes and camping in the mountains. A few months ago, Josiah and I were invited by his workmate and his family for a weekend camping at Sierra Madre Mountain Resort.

The Art Haven Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo

Pinto Art Museum Antipolo Philippines

In the high grounds of Antipolo City, Rizal is the art haven Pinto Art Museum that houses contemporary and cultural pieces for art apreciaters of all age. Located at Sierra Madre St. Grandheights Subdivision at Antipolo City. This museum in Antipolo is a 6 building art gallery. It is built in a 1.2 hectare property that overlooks Metro Manila & houses art peices, a cafe & small shop.

Useful Transport Mobile Apps for Metro Manila

Navigating the Streets of Metro Manila

Metro Manila can be daunting and overwhelming for any who is new or visiting this busy metropolitan. It can be a challenge to go around Metro Manila – not only do you have deal with the complex commute to go from one city to another but also consider the quickest route to get to your destination. Here are the top useful transport mobile apps must-haves when visiting and navigating the streets of Metro Manila.

Where to Stay in Siargao Island | Best & Affordable Accommodations

Where to Stay in Siargao Island | Best & Affordable Accommodations

Siargao Island is situated 800 kilometers southeast of Manila in the province of Surigao del Norte and one of the top travel destinations in the Philippines. This a tear-drop shaped island has a land area of approximately 437 square kilometres with its coastline marked by a succession of reefs, small points and white, sandy beaches. In the peak season, getting a place to stay can be difficult and it is best you secure your accommodation online and earlier than your […] Read More

Having Eggs For Breakfast at Antipolo

Eggs For Breakfast at Antipolo City, Rizal

It was an early Saturday morning when Josiah and I made our way to his parents home. We made sure to not make any plans for that weekend. All we knew was that we were to show Anne Marie, a family friend who was visiting from Australia, the Pinto Art Museum that day. But before we headed to Antipolo City for the museum, we made a quick stop at Eggs For Breakfast to start the day with a hearty meal.

All You Need To Know About Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar

The Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar resort is a lovechild idea by Jerry Acuzar, a developer and businessman who conceptualized the resort from is passion for historical architecture. The tedious and delicate work required in the project took them several years to realized. Initial work start at 2003 and took 7 years to finally open its doors to the public at 2010. The site is built in his 400 hectare land at Bagac Bataan that now preserves and celebrates Philippine-Spanish […] Read More