Asus ZenPower Powerbank

Took me awhile to decide what powerbank to get after the last one died on me. I finally decided to get one. I was hoping to buy one at Cebu but our itinerary was jam-packed and I couldn’t find it in my hometown.

The ASUS ZenPower’s power-packed 10050mAh battery is perfect for fully charging any smart device. It weights just 215g and is no bigger than a credit card. Light weight aluminum outer casing for beauty & strength. It’s ergonomic feel and a smooth, premium finish gives it a look of luxury. The ASUS ZenPower is designed with anodized Aluminum casing to create a device you’ll want to show off. Choose from a range of colors and cases. It is available in Gold, Silver,Blue, Pink, and the classic Black.

As if a mobile phone accessory needs an accessory — this one does. You can also get a protector casing. It is countoured for the perfect fit, ZenPower Bumper adds an extra layer of tactile toughness that’s as vibrant as the color you choose! The case protector is made of tough material but smooth to touch, impact resistance, and scratch protector.

Quickly put life back into all your devices with ASUS ZenPower. It offers high-speed, high-efficiency charging with up to 2.4A output.

What I really like about the Asus powerbank is that it has what they call Exclusive PowerSafe Technology that monitors temperature, smooths both input and output voltages, and guards against short circuits to provide maximum safety while charging. ASUS ZenPower has intelligent technology that monitors ambient temperatures and adjusts the charging current accordingly; delivering safety levels that are higher even than the highest industry standard. Being protected against temperature extremes provides the ideal operating environment for ASUS ZenPower, thereby also giving you some degree of comfort.

Here is the Asus ZenPower unboxing, and testing video I did last weekend.