Booking Affordable Accommodations in South East Asia with ZEN Rooms

Booking Affordable Accommodation in South East Asia with ZEN Rooms

I stayed at one of the hotels managed by ZEN Rooms during my previous Metro Manila trip. While finding a place to stay, the guys from ZEN Rooms sent me an email asking if they can host me in one of their hotels. To be honest I did not even know that they exist prior to their email, and do not know how they operate when  I got booked with them. All I knew was they launched in 2015 in Indonesia and now in 8 countries and undoubtedly the largest and fastest growing budget hotel chain in Southeast Asia. I was sold at the idea I can get an affordable accommodations, and thought it was worth checking out.

It turns out ZEN Rooms is the lovechild of a fellow lover of the travel the CEOs’, Nathan Boublil & Kiren Tanna. Nathan’s constant traveling around the world showed the inefficiencies and lack of expertise of small independent hotels. And Kiren’s experience of waking up in a hotel in Jakarta with a giant cockroach skittering in his basin in one of his travels led him to realize that Southeast Asia may have been a budget traveler’s paradise but vacationers are too often forced to settle for cheap rooms with dubious quality and safety standards.

I stayed here testing out their mission to address budget hotel horror stories. Budget hospitality has been missing for so long in Southeast Asia – (let’s admit it) Philippines, especially. ZEN Rooms partner with local independent hotels, improve their efficiency while pushing the prices to bring value-for-money to the highest level and are located in well-visited areas in the country like Manila City, Makati, and in Boracay to name a few.

Booking Affordable Accommodation in South East Asia with ZEN Rooms

Quality rooms guaranteed
They provide these key essentials: Spotless bed, hot shower, cool AC, and WIFI in your room. The room, depending on which you might book, may or may not come with fully operational and functional kitchen. You can check out the video below on a quick tour on what to expect in the kitchen cupboards.

Booking Affordable Accommodation in South East Asia with ZEN Rooms

The lowest prices in Southeast Asia
You’ll spend as low as US$10/night for a private room good for two people with complete amenities, or  find yourself sharing the room with fellow travellers. The rates you see on their website are ALL-INCLUSIVE. No hidden fees, and you might be surprise to see some deals up for grabs on the site.

Booking Affordable Accommodation in South East Asia with ZEN Rooms

Excellent Service with Eye for Details + Stay 10 Nights = Get 1 Free!
I am a bit surprised at the extra effort the staff go through to make clients feel at home. Please watch the video below for the room tour that I gave. The staff assigned durings my stay was very attentive to my needs and questions. And if you find yourself booking liking their service they also offer the best loyalty program in the market  – 10 nights threshold to get 1 night stay for free! No expiration period!

If you’re planning any trip and you’re still looking for a place to stay and considering booking with ZenRooms, use the TRAVELISTA discount code to get 10% off your stay!


This breakthrough room management model paves way to provide travelers a more affordable accommodation and an alternative to traditional hotel chains.  By the time you have searched for your affordable accommodation as you plan for your next trip, I am done with my appointments for that trip, looked at several apartments, and made my way home to Iligan City  before saying “I do”. My stay at Metro Manila this time was comfortable – surprisingly so eventful, and fruitful, and I have yet to tell you the greatest adventure there is to come!