How To Plan a Travel Adventure

Any good adventure should parts-planned and parts-leave-it-all-by-faith, that is how I look at travelling at the tips of your fingers. here are some prior to actual travel that can help you get started on answering to that travel itch that you’ve been getting these days.
1. Select and Research a Destination.
This is where it all starts. From all the places and activities you want to go and try out, you get to narrow it in one destination (or may two or three) and loads of activities in between. always choose the one that fits the other elements on your planned travel — budget, weather, and security. Researching is also about mentally preparing yourself of what’s to come ahead and expect in your adventure. Read as much about your activities as you can. there are lots of reviews from travelers online that can help you with it.
2. Estimate your Total Budget.
The good thing about today with the invent of technology, you can get just about anything online! Use that to your benefit. check out the present air travel rate, accommodation, entrance fees for adventure parks, and food rates in the area. In your total estimated budget, add at around 30-40% for any excess spending.
3. Plan and Make Your Travel Arrangements.
Arrange your flights and accommodations online and ahead of time. Before booking a flight check out promos to lessen your expense. The earlier you book these the bigger chances you get to have discounts, and even have your host plan ahead with you. 
4. Plan the Things that you Need to Bring.
Don not under estimate the little girl scout because you will always need that little girl in you once in a while. This is where you may need here. Welcome the girl-scout in you to plan and pack the things you need for the travel. I didn’t say “might need” but “need”. Because if you’re a little bit like me. I go for little bags cramped with the stuff I “might need” which I would regret halfway the travel. So plan and always think on travelling light!!!
5. Get your “Paraphernalia’s” Ready.
Get the updated map of the country your visiting, a compass if you’re going on a trail, a Point It Book, cameras and lenses, gadgets and it’s chargers and the likes. Proper storage is a must! Make sure they travel in shock-proof and water-resistant bags/compartments.
6. Always Travel With an Open Mind.
A lot can go wrong even on a well-planned travel. Always be open to new and spontaneous circumstances. Prepare yourself to step out from your shell and immerse yourself in a culture much different from your own. the more you’re open to the new things and stuff — the more surprises you meet and the more you get to enjoy your experience.
“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, 
and instead of thinking how things may be, 
to see them as they are.” – Samuel Johnson