i HEART iligan city

Dear Iligan City,

To be honest, it took me awhile to realize that I was born and raised in a treasure-mount that you’re humble of. Only then when I went around Iligan City streets, immerse myself with your people, dive in the Iliganon culture during the festive Diyandi Festival, and get lost in wonder in your nature, did I finally gotten to know you.
Your history, people, and culture defines you
— you cut it out for everyone!

I would never tire to show people around you. It’s like sharing a secret that everyone must know.Showing them how you would define nature at — Ma. Cristina Falls, you are well-known for, your hidden beauty at Tinago Falls, & little rough edges at Mimbalot Falls.  There’s also the Timoga Spring Pools, and the secluded Taytay, Maze and NPC Natures Parks.

A time spent with you is never ever boring!!!

Pinay Travelista nature tripping

When in the mood for busy city lights and streets, your highly urbanized center has everything for everyone. Those small and big retail/service businesses keeps me occupied. No wonder that there are sprouting budding entrepreneurs and investors taking their spots — you not only have THE location, but also has source for raw materials, man power, and target market. There’s enough for everyone to go about — the family-oriented establishments from fine dining to grilled and outdoorsy type to fast food chains; the night scene for young people, and the just-about-for-everyone go places like the Iligan Citys Weekend Night Market.
Diyandi Festival
To top it off, are the people that resides in Iligan City. The very accommodating, friendly, and colorful – Iliganons. Celebrating the feast Sr. San Miguel every September 29, is a month long celebration and merry-making, with programs and events happening almost every night. It is best to come around this festive month. The Diyandi Festival  Street dancing, where performers would dance in the streets and have a final showdown at the Anahaw Amphitheater is a mustnotmiss-event!

I may not always stand in your rich soils, Iligan City.

But there’s a special place I have for you in MY heart
It’s never unsafe in your grounds, despite what other people thinks about you. My one wish is to have them visit you and see for themselves what I and many more have been CONSTANTLY raving about. 
Your Iliganon blogger, 
P.S.  My little travels ad adventures started with you. Thank you for inspiring me to become a traveler. In you, I saw that treasures are hidden and kept secrets and that the best way to enjoy and fall in love with them is when you  seek them out for yourself.


 “Submitted as an entry to the My Iligan Blogging Contest”