ILIGAN CITY | Dalipuga Falls

Dalipuga Falls is a small cascading waterfall with limestone sediment for a water basin, and ideal place to camp, or have a picnic with families, and friends. You can also access this waterfall from Pampam Falls by following the river trail downstream.

One my first visit, we did not get to stay there long, but on the second one we made sure to spend some time to swim there. I like this waterfall because it can be as private when there’s only you, and your group here. The trail getting there is easy, and you can bring kids along with you during your excursion.


+ Visit the falls with a local guide, the trail is easy but you could, also, easily miss a turn and get lost. 
+ Bring your own provision if you’re planning on staying a bit longer. 
+ Bring the essentials: Swimsuit and Camera — then again locals are not used to bikini-clad visitors. LOL! Any outfit will do. 
+ Waterproof camera would be best, but in the absence of such, dry packs is must. 
+ Pick up and carry your trash back to town and care after yourself.
A.1] City Proper – Brgy. Dalipuga – Dalipuga Falls Jump off  
2] Dalipuga Jeepney Line (Travel Time: 15-20mins)
—> Ask the driver to drop you off the intersection Brgy. Dalipuga Checkpoint/Waiting Shed
3] Take a Tricycle, and tell the driver to drop you off at the Dalipuga Falls intersection
Travel Time ~10mins
4] Dalipuga Falls Jump Off – Dalipuga Falls
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