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One must-stop-over is one of its pride — the Tinago Falls. The site for Star Cinema’s Forever & A Day movie by KC Conception & Sam Mibly. No, it wasn’t Ma. Cristina Falls but this other beauty. It is 13.8km away from the city proper and is accessible through two points, Brgy. Buruun, Iligan City and its neighboring municipality the Linamon, Lanao Del Norte. Tinago is the local word for hidden, being hidden in a deep ravine. Tinago Falls used to have a resort, mini zoo, playground and vast developed land area for a vacation one would truly enjoy with the family. Unfortunately, the resort has closed down and what is now left is a rundown buildings and cottages structures.

But Tinago Falls is still accessible and open for the public through the old resorts property. You can ask any locals for directions and even be accompanied through overgrown grasses and bushes of the old resorts to the makeshift entrance area for an agreed price or for free!

Height drop of 73.152 m (240.0 ft)
It’s a 5-10minutes walk through the property and, trust me when I say that you MUST, call a 5-10minute break, before descending down the stair. Trekking down through the side of the mountain requires an approximate of 500 descending steps called the winding staircase. I actually counted them, my count was 425 steps. Unless I missed or counted 1 for two or three. It is worth every sweat drop you’ll have as the falls just simply takes your breath away. 

A required life vest can be rented for fixed price, coming in a colorful hot pink, bright orange and green colors.  You must bring with you your own provisions, there won’t be any stores that may sell anything that you might need. So if you’re planning for a meal, pack one, and pack a good amount of it to satisfy you and your company. When down in the ravine, the signal for cellular connection is weak, from Globe, Smart, Suncellular, and their partner networks. So do make your calls or send texts messages to important people that you may be out of reach for a couple of hours. Pack you cameras with waterproof cases and tripods. The view will definitely take your already breathless breath away.

+Swim across the water basin to a small cave at the side of the falls. In good weather condition, the current is not strong. But for safety purposes have a couple of strong swimmers with you if you do so.
+Hop on the bamboo raft for a fixed price to get you near the waterfalls, and have someone with good zoom in lenses to take the pictures of you for printed memories.

+Always observe courtesy all the time, to locals and to what locals believe.
+If you brought a lot of food with you to consume, share it to the ones who watches over the property. There is this guy and some kids who stay there and make a living keeping you safe. 

How To Get To Iligan City:
—-Read: Iligan City, Philippines


*****Fares may change depending on approved rates
Post Date: June 2011; Updated: March 2014
From Iligan City Proper to Tinago Falls:
A.] 1] Public Jeepney: Brgy. Buru-un Line
Fare: ~15Php/person one way
2] Take the Habal-Habal/
Fare: 35Php/person one way
B.] Public Utility Vehicles: Taxi (Fare: 250-350Php, from city proper to the highway or to the Tinago Falls Resorts, depending on agreed fare with the driver. It will be very costly.)


*****Fees may change depending on approved rates
Regular: None.
Life Jacket Rental (required): 25Php
Cottages/Tables: 50Php
Bamboo Raft Ride Fee:

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