ILOILO CITY | A Day at the Museo de Iloilo

It was a pretty long walk around the Iloilo center, and seeing old building with people, and people vehicles making their way along the streets of the city. And in middle of the day under the heat of the sun we took refuge, and some took with us historical, and cultural learnings inside the Museo de Iloilo.
The  imposing red wall with replicas, and miniature rebultos neatly arranged, and stares back with a reminder how deep religion, and Christian beliefs is rooted in the city’s history.
Artifacts, and items of decades old sits at the corners, and in large spaces giving glimpses of life pre-war, during the war, and post-war memorabilia found inside Museo De Iloilo.
And seeing the present through the creativity of young artists whose works hangs on it’s walls. Museums are my favorite go to visits whenever there is one in town, and Museo de Iloilo did not disappoint.