MARAWI CITY | Kilometer Zero of Mindanao

I’ve always had this fascination of the road markers that indicates kilometers to or from the center of the place of which I am traveling to or from — much more for Kilometer Zero landmarks. Hailing from one of the largest islands of the Philippines — Mindanao, I’ve been itching to visit this landmark which I’ve missed during my previous visit in Marawi City. The KM 0.00 is the original reference point of all roads in a specific island – Marawi City is the home of the kilometer zero of Mindanao.

Marawi City used to be called Dansalan, and was the capital of the province of undivided Lanao. By undivided I mean, before, both Lanao Del Norte, and Lanao Del Sur was one.  We did a quick stop at this street marker, and got a shot and headed for Mindanao State University – Marawi campus for something to eat. We came a bit off the schedule, and breakfast was still waiting as it was obviously nearing lunch.
The Marawi trip was not part of the itinerary of the Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0. But Christian Sangyogo of Lakad Pilipinas has been eyeing this one as soon as he landed on Northern Mindanao.  It was a Sunday, and everyone was scheduled to have themselves checked out that day for home after 5 days of discovering, and experiencing Iligan City.  But being travelers as they are, wanting to get to places within the vicinity, and make do of the time left — we headed for the Summer Capital of the South. Marawi City, and it’s people was too much of a temptation to go home, and to miss the chance of visiting it.