The Wings Transit Lounge | NAIA Airport Lounge

I spend too much time in airports than I should be. Preferring early morning or early evening flights during my domestic trips, I find myself hanging around the airport during the hours when I should productive. Being an online freelancer, and having a cool boss who allows flexibility in my work hours – I get to bring work around with me. It may not always be the ideal vacation for some – to have work around with them when they […] Read More

Getting Sick on the Road: Medgate – A doctor is just a phone call away

Medgate - A doctor is just a phone call away

Ever had a health scare while traveling, and you could not find any doctor around? My recent health scare was when I travelled to Hong Kong and my blood pressure and heart rate were above the usual which, at the that time  I figured, was because of a medical condition that I have. It was difficult for me to find myself in a country that has different medical procedures for out-patients. Because of my previous experience, I was happy to bump […] Read More

The Pacifico Hotel at Cagayan de Oro City

The Pacifico Hotel at Cagayan de Oro City

Standing six stories tall in the heart of Cagayan de Oro city and overlooking the city skyline and the river, The Pacifico Hotel at Cagayan de Oro City is both striking, and an inviting boutique hotel which is an ideal getaway for leisure and business travelers. On one of a family trip to Cagayan de Oro, we had to stay a few nights in the city for the wake of an uncle.

How to Find Hotel Discounts Using Traveloka Booking App

I have learned my lesson during my early years of traveling to always travel prepared – at least try to. My travel apps on my mobile phone are proofs of that. I always make room for travel booking apps to help with travel planning either for myself or for family. One of the apps I swore by is the travel booking app called Traveloka. It is a mainstay travel app on my phone and the first one I go to when checking out […] Read More

Hip and Spacious GC Suites at Cagayan de Oro

Hip and Spacious GC Suites accommodations at Cagayan de Oro

Cagayan de Oro City is one city I frequent visiting for events, and/or meetings, it is a good excuse to check out different accommodations every time. We tried GC Suites at Cagayan de Oro City was suggested by a friend I was travelling with. There were three of us  travelling together for several meetings. She suggested we stay at this accommodation found at Grand Central Building at Hayes St. Cagayan de Oro City.

Warm & Cozy Stay at The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay

It was my first time to visit Baguio City, and I have always found myself drawn to it even when I know it is a crowded city with high tourist traffic. I am never a big fan of large crowd, ironic may it seem for a traveler. I have always found joy in the remote, and beautiful places I would find myself nesting at and calling it a home for a few days stay. The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay […] Read More

BAGUIO CITY TRAVEL GUIDE | How To Get There, Places To See, & More

Baguio City is one of the top tourism destination in Luzon. It is located ~250 kilometers from Metro Manila at a 1,450 meter above sea level elevation. With a high altitude, it is called the Summer Capital of the Philippines. One can easily get away from the busy Metro Manila for some relaxation in the cool weather of Baguio City. Here is a simple yet helpful Baguio City travel guide to help you plan out your trip!

Budget-Friendly & Cheap Accommodations in Puerto Princesa

Traveling is expensive no matter how hard you try to taper down expenses. After all it’s money going out of your pockets. Puerto Princesa is one of the top travel destination in the Philippines, and it does cater to travelers who are trying to curb down their budget. You’ll find affordable backpackers accommodation that can fit in your travel budget. Here are some budget-friendly, and cheap accommodations in Puerto Princesa.