SOUTH CEBU | Finding White Beach at Moalboal

After our quick lunch and trying out Cebu’s Lechon at Carcar City, we headed to Moalboal. Moalboal is a coastal town in south Cebu best known for its diving spots. Much as we wanted to try diving, and just any other explorations Moalboal had to offer, we went there for some relaxation.

We hunted for a place to stay. Without any plans, and prior research done, we decided to get on a bus and just get there. Since it was a weekday, we decided to look for the Tourism Office or Center at the Municipal Hall which was a walk away from the bus stop.

We were entertained and advised to check out two places where we can find a place to stay. Pingasama Beach at Brgy. Basdiot where diving activities are mostly done, and can be crowded, busy and loud at night with its night life. The other one is White Beach at Brgy. Saavedra which has a good beachfront, quiet and relaxing community, but can be expensive on the side. Room rates ranges around 2,000-3,500PhP. But you go as a group like we did, you can easily split that one up.

After a few visits to accommodations around the area, we finally found one that fits the budget with awesome beachfront. To be honest, it was probably the 4th or 5th resort we visited and checked out. We were looking for accessibility to the beach, and a beautiful beachfront. We stayed there for night and the rest of the day was spent watching the sunset by the beach. There were island hopping as we were told, but we decided to skip that one since we will be headed to Badian the day after.
We walked, enjoyed the beach the morning after we got there. The White Beach has a long stretch of white sand beach dotted with resorts, and cottages along its beach line. Even when it was a gloomy morning, the beach line was still beautiful, and the water was shades of turquoise, and dark blue. Everyone one on the beach were enjoying their leisure stroll, and early morning beach walk. Moalboal to be honest was not a part of my destinations to visit while at South Cebu. But I was really glad we decided to visit it, and stayed there for the night.



Carcar City – Moalboal
– Bus; 1H 15mins; 59PhP
– Bus route: Bato via Barili
– Drop-off point: San Juan Nepomuceno Parish Ruins


Town Proper – White Beach
– Pedicab; 25mins; 150PhP/ whole pedicab
– San Juan Nepomuceno Parish Ruin – White Beach, Brgy. Saavedra
– Additional payment: 5 PhP/pax for Environmental Fee upon entering  Brgy. Saavedra