SOUTH CEBU | Deep Blue Waters of Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls
The last stop for Kawasan Canyoneering was the Kawasan Falls. I’ve read, and seen a lot of photos of the waterfalls, and I have to admit that I was doubtful of some photos because it looked totally enhanced. If you’ve seen this waterfalls on photos already but haven’t been there yet or you feel the same way before you saw it for yourself — you’ll totally get what I mean. Why is the water basin Crayola Battery Charge Blue colour?! Uhm, yes, Crayola have cool colour names.

The waterfalls has 3 tiers and if you’re canyoneering, you’ll be coming from upstream. You will experience first top 2 tiers of the waterfalls before you will see the bottom tier which is more popular from the other two. Unlike other waterfalls I’ve been to, the tiers are separated a few meters by a stream. You can not enjoy all three tiers at the same time, you have to trek up or down stream to get to the other one.

The top tier is the first waterfall and water basin you will pass by from a downstream trek during canyoneering. People would climb at its side and jump to the deep water basin. For those you had enough of cliff jumping you can opt not to jump as it is not part of the canyoneering trail. You can swim towards the other side where open cottages for rent are.


The middle tier is by far my favorite. It has a large swimming area, and a large boulder of rock in the middle of the water basin. You can swim towards it and sit there and watch adrenaline pumped adventurers dive from the top and into the water basin. At this area, you will find food stalls/stores, and open cottages for you to rest and maybe grab some snacks if you happen to bring cash with you.

The bottom tier is the most popular and is the out-of-the-colouring bookscene that you will find. The water basin is wide, and the water is deep. The water basin gives off a blue-green shade which, uhm, is not because of “magic” or of unicorn’s pee. Uhm, Sorry to burst your bubble but scientifically, it just means the area and the falls has high amount of limestone deposits. So you’ll find that the water is not clear, and as the deposited calcuim carbonate in the water reflects light, it gives off this bluish-green colour. So there, the geek in me just inserted on this post on how you can identify water basin sedimentation with water clarity, and colour — even though I still would like to think it’s unicorn’s pee. And yes, no filter is required for your photos.

If you’re not into canyoneering and you still want to visit and check out Kawasan Falls, it is easily accessible from the highway (details below). With the height of Kawasan Canyoneering popularity though, I suggest you visit it on weekdays and not on weekends — AND definitely not during the holidays. It can get crowded by both tourists, locals, and foreigners alike.

Here’s a video from our Kawasan Canyoneering and showing you Kawasan Falls as well:

How To Get To Kawasan Falls:

Via Kawasan Canyoneering Tour Guide, check out a detailed Kawasan Canyoneering adventure tour travel guide here.

Cebu City- Badian, Cebu
1] Go the Cebu South Terminal
2] Take Ceres Bus (yellow bus)
— Bato via Barili route (tell the conductor to drop you at Kawasan Falls intersection)
— Travel duration: 3H
— Fare: 120 PhP/pax
3] From Kawasan Falls intersection (beside Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish Church)
— Habal-Habal: 50PhP/pax one way
— or walk more or less 10 mins (you can easily follow the road without guides)

***The map below shows the Kawasan Falls location.